then recruited

The two then recruited Margot to help them.

Vocalist AnnMarie Milazzo was then recruited to provide female vocals.

He was then recruited to become the assistant manager for AZ Alkmaar in May 2019.

recruited to play   (プレイするために募集)

Scott was recruited to play for Maryland but did not qualify academically.

She was spotted and recruited to play for girls' club, Ngondi Nkam Yabassi.

The athletic Robertson was initially recruited to play safety at North Texas.

later recruited

Wilde later recruited bassist Tim Franco.

The division later recruited a further 500 men from the Sandžak.

Cloak and Dagger are later recruited into the Dark X-Men by Osborn.

band recruited

After many auditions, the band recruited Japanese-American singer Steffanie Borges.

The band recruited James Muller to fill in, but eventually became a permanent member.

The band recruited Duane M. Ramos, with whom it had already worked on "Three Words", to engineer and produce the album.

newly recruited

iv) Conduct orientation programme for the newly recruited Faculty / Resource Personnel.

Skerritt and Hoey reunited with original member Victor Utting and newly recruited drummer F. David Bower.

Eight companies of the 1st Maine were retained in service, with Companies A and D replaced by newly recruited companies.