İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

redevelopment project   (yeniden geliştirme projesi)

The redevelopment project is expected to last until 2030.

The project is the longest redevelopment project in Los Angeles history.

The preservationists called the redevelopment project a "Manhattanization of Hollywood".

major redevelopment   (büyük gelişme)

The campus was part of a major redevelopment of Newport City Centre.

Naomi House launched a major redevelopment of the hospice building in 2014.

The Esterra Park project is "the first major redevelopment of Overlake Village."

redevelopment plan   (imar planı)

A redevelopment plan for the area is under discussion.

The two communities have an area redevelopment plan in place, revised in 2009.

The chairman presents an unveiling ceremony for Cain and Delta City, their redevelopment plan.

million redevelopment   (milyon yeniden geliştirme)

A $64 million redevelopment of the Whakatane Hospital complex in currently under way.

After years of planning, the museum closed to undergo a £1.3 million redevelopment in 2016.

As part of a $60 million redevelopment for the 2011 Rugby World Cup, the Eastern Stands (No.

redevelopment plans   (imar planları)

In the current redevelopment plans, Barrington Street would form a continuous street once again.

The manufacture of luminous watch dials in the building left behind several toxic substances that have thwarted redevelopment plans.

The name "London Docklands" was used for the first time in a government report on redevelopment plans in 1971 and has since been almost universally adopted.

urban redevelopment

Robinson (1972) gives the flavor of urban redevelopment oriented modeling.

This long-term plan will include large-scale urban redevelopment in the area.

There are several that were oriented to urban redevelopment projects where transportation was not at issue.