reducing the number   (数を減らす)

Topical tretinoin is ineffective as treatment for reducing the number of AKs.

Moreover, reducing the number of different interaction types is seen as desirable.

By reducing the number of elements, Hopper creates a slow moving or even still scene.

thus reducing

Data that cannot be read is worthless, thus reducing the incentive for theft.

The contest galvanizes the community, thus reducing street violence and crime.

In some snacks, the food may be baked instead of fried thus reducing the food energy.

thereby reducing   (それにより減少)

Increasing pre-load increases the initial force on the spring thereby reducing total sag.

Thereafter the loss of structure reduces soil’s ability to hold water and resist erosion, thereby reducing yield.

He said IFRS would also "reduce cash transactions in the economy, thereby reducing the incidence of armed robbery".

reducing the amount

The Plus 3 reset PAGE to &1D00, reducing the amount of free RAM available to user.

He was transferred to hospital in April as he kept reducing the amount of his glucose intake.

The activity of protein C may be down-regulated by reducing the amount either of available thrombomodulin or of EPCR.

aimed at reducing

The main changes were aimed at reducing costs.

There are numerous proposals aimed at reducing the risk of patent wars.

has undergone several technical refreshes aimed at reducing escalating maintenance costs and keeping the show looking fresh.

reducing agent

NiB is an efficient catalyst and reducing agent.

It is a mild reducing agent and antioxidant.

is a very strong reducing agent, capable of reducing to .

reducing the risk

There are numerous proposals aimed at reducing the risk of patent wars.

Small piers offer less resistance to the water flow, thus reducing the risk of undermined foundations.

The bent end of the safety pin increases the force required to remove it, reducing the risk of accidental arming.

reducing the size

The process of reducing the size of a data file is often referred to as data compression.

Throughout this time, he was interested in reducing the size of the film projection equipment he worked with.

Samsung's "Super AMOLED" technology addresses this issue by reducing the size of gaps between layers of the screen.

greatly reducing

Small pulleys increase this elongation, greatly reducing belt life.

The knopper gall grows from a distortion of the growing acorn, greatly reducing the fecundity of the oak host.

Since the closure of the mill the Laggan Burn no longer runs into the loch, greatly reducing the water supply.

effective in reducing   (削減に効果的)

They have been shown to be effective in reducing infection rates in both men and women.

These measures are generally considered effective in reducing crime (within those areas).

This amount is effective in reducing blood pressure by 15–20% within 1–2 hours of administration.

significantly reducing

They included: However, the "Flying Batcave" required frequent refueling, thus significantly reducing patrol time.

At this time, Royal law was significantly reducing both the economic and citizenship rights that women had formerly enjoyed.

However, she was left out of the first 15 places in the PAN's national list, significantly reducing her chances of winning a position in Congress.

further reducing

The Vulcan Mine closed early in 1947, further reducing freight and passenger traffic.

Typically, the animal will be properly and fully dressed at a later time, further reducing the net dressed weight.

Iterative updates adjust Q towards target values that are only periodically updated, further reducing correlations with the target.

reducing costs

The main changes were aimed at reducing costs.

Not all the modernisations would be effective at reducing costs.

The upcoming SLM804 laser printer would not come with a processor or memory, reducing costs.

reducing the cost   (コスト削減)

Emphasis was on reducing the cost of materials.

He built the foundation for change in his path-breaking policy analyses like reducing the cost of new construction in New York City.

In 2017, the company opened their fully automated megafactory in San Jose, California, to speed up production while reducing the cost of sensors.

goal of reducing

Government standards are almost always more strict than voluntary standards and almost always have the goal of reducing the hazard.

About $120 million was spent on improving the energy efficiency of the building, with the goal of reducing energy emissions by 38% within five years.

The private group Antofa Segura has continued the campaign against illegal immigrants in Antofagasta, with the goal of reducing delinquency in the region.

reducing agents

Different reducing agents do not seem to affect it.

These solutions are very useful as strong reducing agents.

Antioxidants that are reducing agents can also act as pro-oxidants.