reference point   (基準点)

This reference point naturally takes the name earth or ground.

There was just no reference point in the culture to compare it."

The melting point of gallium is used as a temperature reference point.

makes reference   (参照する)

The Insignia makes reference to the Patron of Paratroopers.

Holmes receives an odd letter that makes reference to vampires.

no reference   (参照なし)

Biographers have no reference even to the manuscripts.

The book has no reference to degrees.

There was just no reference point in the culture to compare it."

reference work   (参考作品)

His book is the standard reference work for antique silver.

The "Zizhi Tongjian" was a pioneering reference work of Chinese historiography.

The book is widely used as a reference work by professional and recreational divers.

frame of reference   (参照フレーム)

Relative frame of reference is a ternary system.

The static conditions are independent of the frame of reference.

The offset is because this argument uses the Earth's rotating frame of reference.

made reference

Another made reference to Edith Tudor-Hart.

The report notes he made reference to being a "sovereign citizen".

Montaigne impressed Hoffer deeply, and Hoffer often made reference to him.

reference frame

In the center-of-mass reference frame, the bat does no work on the ball.

This is because the reference frame, not the vector, was rotated forwards.

One final remark may be made on the existence of a quantum reference frame.

reference books

Several reference books consider her the engraver of some of the works she published.

Collation is a fundamental element of most office filing systems, library catalogs, and reference books.

Translate nearly 40 books, including fiction novels and stories), children's literature and reference books.

reference book

Even now it is still in print and used as a reference book.

It is a valuable reference book.

In 1994, the family was included in the genealogical reference book Nederland's Patriciaat.

first reference

The first reference to the town dates from 964.

The first reference to this appears to be by Pytheas: "see above".

The first reference to the Albanian language dates to the latter 13th century (around 1285).

without reference

She was sent a loss form without reference to personal injuries.

Blake's lyrics have also been set to music by other composers without reference to Parry's melody.

DeMix addresses four data scenarios: with or without reference gene and matched or unmatched design.

reference works

It is known for multi-volume reference works.

Many of his books form the standard reference works on the subject.

Since the early 1930s, the company has promoted spin-off reference works.

used in reference

Previously in Batman #300 the name Batwing was used in reference to a spacecraft.

The term is most often used in reference to men who are actively supportive of feminism.

Historically, the it was the only French place name ever used in reference to this area.

earliest reference

This is the earliest reference to the impostor's end.

This is the earliest reference to cricket in Derbyshire.

The earliest reference to the name appears as "Gallistoun".

standard reference

His book is the standard reference work for antique silver.

Many of his books form the standard reference works on the subject.

The table at the right is a list of standard reference types for the field.

direct reference

The colours may be a direct reference to the bisexual pride flag.

The film's opening sequence is a direct reference to the incident.

It is not known, however, if the title is a direct reference to Holm.

point of reference   (基準点)

"Time" once used the park as point of reference for the city of Chicago.

The dilemma is a basic point of reference in technology assessment debates.

Lucas also used Humphrey Bogart as a point of reference in his development notes.

terms of reference

Furthermore, it has to establish E-Control's terms of reference.

As a result, obscenity became a new part of their terms of reference.

Meanwhile, the Greens sought to widen the commission's terms of reference.

make reference   (参照する)

Affiliate members may make reference to their affiliation to the IFE.

Both intensive and reflexive pronouns make reference to an antecedent.

Derrida continued to make reference to Husserl in works such as "Of Grammatology".

known reference

This is the earliest known reference to the many-worlds.

The first known reference to the Lerryn is a 1284 Assize Roll.

The first known reference to Uggeløse is from 15 October 1252.

reference points

Some systems use predefined training sequences to provide reference points for the adaptation process.

These degrees of aperture plus the front-back distinction define 8 reference points on a mixture of articulatory and auditory criteria.

Thermometers are calibrated in various temperature scales that historically have used various reference points and thermometric substances for definition.

grid reference

Upper Green os grid reference is ().

Lower Green os grid reference is ().

It is at grid reference NU0560 0160.

particular reference   (特定の参照)

The object of the Association is to educate the public in the history of The Great War with particular reference to the Western Front.

The possibilities of networks, robotics, electronic offices and publishing are also considered, with particular reference to the BBC Micro.

Mutual intelligibility between Italian and the dialects of Corsican is in fact very high, with particular reference to the Northern varieties.

historical reference

It is considered an important historical reference in the region.

Websites have mistakenly published the images as historical reference.

The earliest historical reference to the use of cilliní in Ireland was in 1619.

reference library

It continues to house a local history reference library and museum.

The third houses the adult library, reference library and computer laboratory.

It includes the Braithwaite Hall (the former reference library - named after the Rev.

special reference

(Autobiography with special reference to Colin's motor neurone disease.)

Mehmet is a specialist in economic development, with special reference to Asian Tigers, Turkey and Cyprus.

Miss Ellen Evans, Principal, The Glamorgan Training College: also appointed with special reference to Wales.

reference material

formula_3 is the same ratio in the reference material.

But the reference is not a physical reference material.

Nimonic 75 has been certified by the European Union as a standard creep reference material.

specific reference

Bush gave a standard stump speech making no specific reference to the university.

In his 1966 edition of the same book, the specific reference to the Catholic Church was removed.

It is a general-purpose insult term for anyone the speaker dislikes without specific reference to their sexual behaviour.

reference materials

The OECD also publishes reports, statistics, working papers and reference materials.

There are many metrology standards and reference materials available for carbon nanotubes.

In 1939, Boni founded the Readex Microprint Corporation, a microfilm publisher of reference materials.

reference number   (整理番号)

The listing is ordered by year, and then by reference number.

After the Armistice, the Chinese, each identified only by an impersonal reference number, were shipped home.

On December 15, 1978, it was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places as reference number 78000952.

reference is made

Little reference is made to commedia dell'arte traditions.

Particular reference is made to his library (valued at £85.10s.03d.

A reference is made to the folktale "Rapunzel" in the book's fourth chapter.

written reference

The earliest written reference dates back to 1474.

The first written reference to the town comes from 1244.

The earliest written reference was in 1429.

reference implementation   (リファレンス実装)

The official reference implementation of Erlang uses BEAM.

The reference implementation is available under an MIT license.

The reference implementation source code was dedicated to public domain via CC0 waiver.

making reference

The following January, Cyrus responded at the American Music Awards by making reference to Tritt's "Here's a Quarter".

He advocates a policy of good faith and justice towards all nations, again making reference to proper behavior based upon religious doctrine and morality.

The Eagle clutches golf balls making reference to the great name of golf, and the motto "Numquam Concedere" is Latin for Never Give Up—Trump's philosophy".

explicit reference   (明示的な参照)

The explicit reference to religion is relatively rare in republican songs.

Indeed, this reinterpretation allows one to avoid making an explicit reference to elements of an algebra "A".

Trying to keep up with the industry the model also has explicit reference to agile aspects in some process areas.

reference model   (参照モデル)

The reference model is applicated the following frameworks:

This reference model is meant as environment model, complementary to the POSIX architecture for open systems.

In the ISO-OSI reference model data link layer (layer 2), the basic transfer units are generically called frames.

clear reference   (明確な参照)

I'll tell a tale that is sure to astound'" make a clear reference to Feldman).

Although the reader is not told this explicitly, Steerpike's words are a clear reference to the number of people he has killed.

Without a clear reference grid, it becomes more accurate to describe the four dimensions as towards/away, left/right, up/down and past/future.

reference frames

B-frames are never reference frames in MPEG-2 Video.

The 1990s were focused on the development of permanent geodetic networks and reference frames.

The transform can be used to rotate the reference frames of ac waveforms such that they become dc signals.