İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

many references   (birçok referans)

They contain many references to literary writers and painters.

The novel contains many references to English and European mysticism:

Christian readings of the Hebrew Bible find many references to Jesus.

several references   (birkaç referans)

The episodes listed below are based on several references.

The 2007 film "The Bourne Ultimatum" makes several references to ECHELON.

The series made several references to homosexuality before the episode aired.

cultural references   (kültürel referanslar)

The episode features numerous cultural references.

There are many cultural references in the track titles as well.

Several cultural references emphasise the elephant's size and exotic uniqueness.

all references   (tüm referanslar)

FTD was obliged to ban all references to files of BREIN members.

Apple Business BASIC eliminates all references to absolute memory addresses.

They observed an apparent campaign to remove all references to Everywhere Girl on Wikipedia.

numerous references   (çok sayıda referans)

The film also has numerous references to ancient astronauts.

2", Peter Quill makes numerous references to the show "Cheers."

The game features numerous references to popular culture characters.

historical references

The pseudonyms chosen by some of these "actors" often included historical references.

The plot is full of historical references as well as love affairs between the characters.

The mosaics also include numerous metallic tiles featuring local logos, icons and historical references.

culture references

Marrakech in popular culture Popular culture references to Marrakech, Morocco:

Posts include either Internet memes, links, news articles, and popular culture references.

The Rally Monkey appears on the scoreboard in various movies or pop culture references that have been edited to include him.

other references   (diğer referanslar)

Here are a number of other references to his character.

Any other references to Westfield online or at the property were removed the same day.

Amongst other references, her work relates to avant-garde film and Speculative fiction.

no references

There is no references to the Eusebian Canons.

Beyond this, no references to the Club have been found.

contains references

The song contains references to the current social and political climate.

The final scene at Globex contains references to several James Bond films.

The Book of Enoch contains references to Sathariel, thought also to be Sataniel and Satan'el.

makes references

It also makes references to gerrymandering, and genetic mutation in animals.

In later episodes of the show, Budulis makes references to his work as a labourer in Ireland.

Jimmy Eat World makes references to several bands, albums, and songs in the lyrical compositions of "Bleed American".

earliest references

It is one of the earliest references to a soul as a separate entity from the body.

The earliest references to a gunpowder engine appear to be those of Samuel Morland in 1661.

The earliest references to Anah are probably found in letters of the period of Zimri-Lim of Mari.

references to other   (diğer referanslar)

He made 408 references to Björk and 52 references to other celebrities.

He appreciated the film's many references to other Kyoto Animation series, such as "Tamako Market", "Sound!

Kummer was fond of injecting references to other writers in his profiles, often by having a celebrity quote an author.

pop culture references

The Rally Monkey appears on the scoreboard in various movies or pop culture references that have been edited to include him.

Deacon has been known to challenge the traditional ideas of womenswear and often uses wild prints and pop culture references in his designs.

frequent references

Albinas makes frequent references to his pre-war memories.

It offers suggestions for how to live and also includes frequent references to how Leo Babauta has implemented these habits.

The song contains frequent references to taking and being on cocaine, one of the reasons Justin Hawkins was admitted to rehab.

literary references

Passing literary references to others has allowed their tentative reconstruction.

A majority of artists within the neofolk genre focus on archaic, cultural and literary references.

In the words of Martin's biographer William Feaver, he "turned literary references to visual reality".