Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

took refuge   (se refugió)

The Red Stick Creeks took refuge in Spanish Florida.

Many of the leaders took refuge in the Azerbaijan SSR.

Some of the Sioux took refuge in caves along the river.

sought refuge   (refugio buscado)

All three sought refuge at the Russian legation.

Across the island, 259 people sought refuge in shelters.

A total of 34000 watercraft sought refuge ahead of the storm.

take refuge   (refugiarse)

Both men had to take refuge in Lucius Octavius’ house.

The prefect David Dautresme had to take refuge on the roof.

Let us take refuge here, Edgardo, at the foot of the altar.

seek refuge   (buscar refugio)

His brother decides to seek refuge in England.

The humans seek refuge at Pacing's store.

Kmita has to seek refuge with Olenka and she forces him to flee.

taken refuge   (refugiado)

Poirot had taken refuge in Britain after Germany invaded Belgium.

They had taken refuge in the nearby woods and were not pursued by the British.

He left five children who had taken refuge in Milan at the time of the revolt.

found refuge

He found refuge and solace in his love of books.

Sahdona first found refuge in Nisibis and later in Edessa.

Vidali found refuge in the Soviet Union, relocating to Moscow.

taking refuge

The young widow refused and fled, taking refuge in the castle of Como.

UN has said that up to 20,000 people left the region, taking refuge in nearby Cameroon and Nigeria.

The floods left 3,000 people homeless, many of whom are taking refuge in government buildings in Jos.

seeking refuge   (buscando refugio)

He fled north, seeking refuge among the Brigantes.

Cumans, seeking refuge from the Turko-Mongols, settled in Hungary and were later Magyarized.

During the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) several Spaniards immigrated to Panama seeking refuge.

wildlife refuge

It is the world's largest wildlife refuge, comprising .

It also passes through forest and wildlife refuge areas.

There were also a wildlife refuge called Gondwana Rainforest Sanctuary as well as a Butterfly House.

takes refuge

She takes refuge in Kaalaiyan's house.

From there he takes refuge in the mountainous Wilderness of Ziph.

Silajit Majumder, a militant on the run, takes refuge in a dilapidated mansion.

place of refuge   (refugio)

The Gabrielino called it "Katuktu", "place of refuge".

Women would come to pray, meditate and find a place of refuge and reflection.

In fact, the site of Tan Chukang, located deep in the jungle, suggests that it was selected as a place of refuge.

find refuge   (encontrar refugio)

A friend helps him find refuge in a night shelter.

During drought, many inland birds find refuge here.

She heard sheep and hoped to find refuge.