İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

refuse collection   (çöp toplama)

94.9% of households have regular refuse collection service.

Allerdale Borough Council provides refuse collection, streetlighting, and other modern amenities.

Infrastructure and services run by the council include: clearing snow in winter, city wardens, maintaining parks, refuse collection, sewage, street cleaning and street lighting.

not refuse   (reddetme)

The appellate court cannot refuse to listen to the appeal.

He then received an offer that he simply could not refuse.

"It's a great shock to me because I did not refuse to go to camp.

refuse to accept   (kabul etmeyi reddet)

Rory and Amy refuse to accept their fate and flee to the roof.

Initially, the families refuse to accept them but finally come around.

As that comes to an end, he leaves us a lesson: to refuse to accept any injustice."

right to refuse   (reddetme hakkı)

She also has the right to refuse to live with her husband's father, mother and siblings.

Liberal governments, for their part, have long adhered to the view that the Governor General does not have the right to refuse dissolution from the prime minister.

Finally, in the event that the king failed to abide by the laws of the state, or tried to limit or question nobles’ privileges, they had the right to refuse the king's commands, and to oppose him by force of arms.