refused to accept   (拒绝接受)

Philippines, but RMN refused to accept their offers.

Dankwardt refused to accept bribes from Dernath.

Erzhu Zhao, in anger, refused to accept Gao's advice.

refused to allow   (拒绝允许)

The provincial government refused to allow the diversion.

Coloman of Hungary refused to allow them through Hungary.

refused to take   (拒绝服用)

They refused to take their men off the ship.

Chamlong refused to take part, instead standing by Prem.

They refused to take part in either training or matches14.

refused to pay   (拒绝付款)

However, the garrison commander refused to pay.

The town refused to pay tithe for the Diocese of Zagreb.

Both men have refused to pay the charge.

refused to give

But Agassiz refused to give up hope for the mines.

Bill Ford Jr. refused to give up his chairmanship.

Unfortunately, they refused to give her a contract.

initially refused

Hall initially refused, and the opera was withdrawn.

She initially refused, but agreed after being asked in person.

Many news organizations initially refused to publish the information.

refused to sign

In 1989, India refused to sign the ILO Convention 169.

They refused to sign the Treaty of La Pointe.

Brooke refused to sign an affidavit of his intention to enroll at Tulane.

refused to leave

One man died when he refused to leave the boat.

Upon his arrival, Wood again refused to leave his office.

He refused to leave the theater, so the police were called.

refused to recognize

South Africa refused to recognize this resolution.

Erzhu refused to recognize Yuan Zhao as emperor.

Galerius refused to recognize him but failed to unseat him.

refused to join

Maverick refused to join, and a fierce battle ensued.

Máxima refused to join her husband, which infuriated him.

Others refused to join either nationality.

refused to play

Radio stations refused to play the song until it was changed.

Pro Champion" that year, the team had refused to play Latrobe.

On 15 January 2009, SKA Rostov-on-Don refused to play as well.

refused to let   (拒绝让)

She refused to let Beth out of her sight for a minute.

But Pacha Simalu Hazarika refused to let the conspirators in.

On one occasion both banks in the city refused to let him have money.

government refused

The provincial government refused to allow the diversion.

The Chilean government refused British and American claims to her.

refused to participate

But Omar Faig refused to participate in this project.

However, Soros humorously refused to participate in the project.

Butler refused to participate in the hearing, calling it a "sham".

refused to surrender   (拒绝投降)

The Ashanti King Prempeh refused to surrender his sovereignty.

Much of Beirut was destroyed, but Jazzar refused to surrender.

The Spanish Viceroy in Naples, the Duke of Osuna, refused to surrender.

refused to go

De Jonge heard about the arrest but refused to go into hiding.

Emily refused to go with them.

However, because Wongang Ami was expecting a child, they refused to go.

refused to support

However, fans still refused to support "Don't Let Them".

His family refused to support Duke Boleslaus in an unsuccessful war against Poland.

Worse, anarchists and other radicals around the world refused to support their cause.

refused to release

However, MGM refused to release Hedy Lamarr.

However, Def Jam refused to release it.

They then had a meeting with Ross who refused to release Beanes.

refused to grant

Some countries have refused to grant driving licenses to individuals with color blindness.

As they refused to grant Hoffmann a passport to Vienna, he was forced to return to Berlin.

A number of protectionist countries refused to grant fifth freedom rights to foreign airlines.

refused to return

The Emperor arrested him and refused to return for a year.

She returned to Mexico shortly afterward and refused to return to Toronto.

President Li refused to return to his post, leaving it in the hands of Feng Guozhang.

refused permission

She was refused permission to reach the scene of the killings.

The Siamese refused permission for the French to pass beyond the forts at Paknam.

Vernet later attempted to return to the Islands but was refused permission to return.

refused to sell

Denmark refused to sell it.

RCA Records refused to sell the controversial album cover in the United States.

deGarthe refused to sell the painting and it remains on display in his Peggy's Cove gallery.

refused to attend

Li Ji claimed an illness and refused to attend.

Protestants refused to attend as well.

A second medal ceremony was held, which Pomazan refused to attend.

refused to make

The regents refused to make military training optional or to exempt these students.

Essex refused to make peace with the King and therefore the mission did not succeed.

Gerry refused to make any significant negotiations afterward and left Paris in August.

when he refused

One man died when he refused to leave the boat.

Song Sang-hyeon was captured, but when he refused to bow, he was hacked to death..

He fell out with the school's leadership when he refused to give his pupils marks.

refused to acknowledge   (拒绝承认)

Pope Pius XII refused to acknowledge these claims.

China, however, refused to acknowledge the accession at that time.

refused entry

Hospers was later refused entry to the Bahamas.

In 1895, a young immigrant couple is refused entry into Manhattan because they have consumption.

In February 2010, the rapper was refused entry into the United Kingdom due to his conviction as a felon.

refused to comply   (拒绝遵守)

Thy refused to comply and promptly resumed battle.

However, the minister of war, Youssef al-Azmeh, refused to comply.

He also refused to comply with Hitler's order to execute Jewish POWs.

refused to answer

Ambassador Zorin refused to answer.

The priestess refused to answer his emissary until the Lydians had rebuilt the temple.

During this debate, he refused to answer whether or not he would make abortion a crime.

refused to provide

The brother of Eithne Wilkins, a scientist, refused to provide any information.

Like his father, he opposed this effort and refused to provide prayer access for Shi'ite Muslims.

Hayes admitted that he had loaned money to players but refused to provide an accounting of the loans.

refused to cooperate   (拒绝合作)

This was a process they refused to cooperate with.

These plots petered out after Bevin refused to cooperate.

After witnesses repeatedly refused to cooperate with Queens D.A.

refused the offer

Simran refused the offer due to lack of confidence in the script.

However she refused the offer citing internal problems within the party.

The ASC refused the offer.

refused to work

She refused to work as a teacher during the occupation.

2 compound, who refused to work.

She was a proudly out lesbian and refused to work for anyone who did not accept her sexuality.

refused to meet

Dou rebuked them and refused to meet them.

Byyny refused to meet with the protesters.

One of the tribes that refused to meet was the Ahwahnechees.

still refused

However, fans still refused to support "Don't Let Them".

Circuit still refused to pause the FCC challenge to reform inmate calling rates.

His family again urged him to attend the École des Beaux-Arts, but he still refused.

refused to comment   (拒绝发表评论)

Israel refused to comment on its involvement in the incident.

Facebook refused to comment on the claims in any of the articles.

However, Mao refused to comment.

refused to recognise

FIFA and the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) refused to recognise the polls.

Rojo declined to surrender it and refused to recognise Anda as Governor-General.

However, when Elizabeth refused to recognise her as the heir to the English throne, Mary rejected the Treaty of Edinburgh.

refused to follow

Derrick Johnson refused to follow and stayed with the organisation.

If Wei Yan refused to follow the order, they were to retreat without him.

Gomi refused to follow Aurelio to the ground despite his opponent's taunting.

refused to believe

He also, apparently, refused to believe stories of their wild behaviour.

Later Harrison refused to believe the suicide narrative and thought Howard Rushmore was murdered.

I refused to believe that it was final, that our British allies had become our enemies overnight.

refused to move

Huston refused to move to the bohemian area unless Graham built them a fortress to live in.

The Seminole, despite the signing of the Treaty of Payne's Landing in 1832, refused to move.

However, Asvat refused to move, unless alternative accommodations were provided for his practice.

refused to consider

The Court explicitly refused to consider this issue in "Quanta".

Trelawny's father soon attempted to purchase him a commission in the British Army, but he refused to consider joining the army.

When Zhao decided to support the student movement and refused to consider the student movement as an unrest, Bao drafted his speeches in meetings.

again refused

He again refused to be evacuated to a hospital.

Upon his arrival, Wood again refused to leave his office.

Donaldson again refused to post bail.

refused to submit   (拒绝提交)

Only Duke Arechis II of Benevento refused to submit and proclaimed independence.

Holland and Zeeland protested against this arrangement and refused to submit to it.

In response, Wang Chengzong had Xue arrested and refused to submit the two prefectures.

refused because

Butler refused because he believed "it wasn't a black man's war."

The referee refused because, he said, pink would clash with Toulouse's red.

John Waters was asked to direct, but refused because he did not write the script.

refused to serve

On the same day, some of Suharto's allies refused to serve in a new cabinet.

On being elected, Beackon for instance stated that he refused to serve his Asian constituents in Millwall.

During the Yugoslav Wars, he refused to serve in the military and instead volunteered at various refugee centers.

refused to obey

Gómez was among the bishops who refused to obey the law.

Four soldiers who refused to obey were immediately arrested.

But kolis refused to obey their rules.

refused to help

Lashley, however, refused to help Zayn who lost to Strowman.

He has been wounded by Abyss and Ex Nihilo has refused to help him.

Ostrogski refused to help False Dmitriy I and supported Jan Zamoyski.

refused to speak

Foster refused to speak with Thompson.

Vinicianus refused to speak nor prove his innocence to the Emperor and committed suicide in 67.

All six candidates took the stage, but Bush refused to speak in the presence of the other candidates.

refused to hand

Taliban leader Mullah Omar’s refused to hand over Osama bin Laden.

Involved persons kept documents privately and refused to hand them over.

Ingush aul Kek was completely burned when the Ingush refused to hand over Zelimkhan.

refused to hear

However, the court later refused to hear the case.

On 17 March 2011, the High Court refused to hear the case.

The United States Supreme Court refused to hear the appeal.

refused to admit   (拒绝承认)

The arrested refused to admit any guilt.

It refused to admit her and voted to exclude trans lesbians.

Fashionable hotels and restaurants refused to admit women wearing niqabs.

because he refused

Alamgir II was murdered because he refused to lower the Afghan flag.

Gopal thought that she had committed suicide because he refused to follow her advice.

He tells Harry that his tribe was wiped out because he refused to break Council Law and become involved.

authorities refused

West Bengal authorities refused to allow him to collect more anthropometric data.

However, French authorities refused to let "Lawhill" leave, citing the risks, and used her as a store ship.

However, noted RTÉ, "the prison authorities refused to disclose what his reaction was", that being personal information.

refused to send

He refused to send his soldiers to the East.

The Kisan Sangh supporting "Sardars" refused to send farmers to work in the Sugar Mills.

Gorbachev refused to send in the Soviet military, effectively abandoning the Brezhnev Doctrine.

refused to resign

Loosle dismissed teacher's union leaders when they refused to resign.

However, Giles refused to resign as Chief Minister following the vote.

Buenaventura thus refused to resign, even as a courtesy to the new president.

refused to fight

Even some of the Cape Mounted Riflemen refused to fight.

His Cornish soldiers refused to fight under any other leader and returned home.

However, the fight was removed from the card after Smith refused to fight at catchweight.

refused to use

To express his displeasure, he refused to use the new shōgun's era name ("nengō").

The toads originally refused to use the tunnel and so the tunnel was lit to encourage its use.

Throughout the series, Allen refused to use Bodyline tactics, and openly said so within the team.

then refused

The leaders then refused to be tried by Francophone judges.

On a woman, who then refused on the spot, an example was made.

He occupied the seat until 1894, then refused to nominate for the following election.

refused to endorse   (拒绝认可)

Ishii's family refused to endorse her.

Sarraut refused to endorse this policy and resigned from the government.

The results split starkly among racial lines and after Richman's win, Kennedy refused to endorse him.

refused to testify   (拒绝作证)

The IDF speaker said a Palestinian witness refused to testify.

He refused to testify, saying, "What do you want to do, shoot me?"

In many cases witnesses have refused to testify citing fears for their safety as the main reason.

refused to enter

Most of the production crew refused to enter the cell, thinking that it was haunted.

In April 2014, she refused to enter the Government Manuel Valls as Secretary of State for Trade.

Louis XIV refused to enter into treaties with Prince Rákóczi, leaving the Hungarians without allies.

refused to continue

After he was convinced he was being used he refused to continue the shows.

Milutinovic refused to continue working for the company, and remained engaged as professor at the University, though no classes were held.

However, upon finding out, Davis refused to continue in the production until he was reinstated, saying later "I told them I couldn't perform.

refused to marry

Once in Austria, she refused to marry him.

Only Naseer knows the truth of why Shirin refused to marry Aarun.

She refused to marry him because he was a prince and she could not name her family.

refused to publish

Many news organizations initially refused to publish the information.

The Czech expatriate publishing house 68 Publishers in Toronto refused to publish the book.

Party leader Jan Hamáček originally refused to publish the names of the potential ČSSD ministers.

refused all

In 958, he was sent to Wuyue Kingdom as a convoy and adamantly refused all bribes from Wuyue.

But, with true Scottish grit and old world gratitude, many of the settlers refused all aid after the first year.

Philosopher Iosif Brucăr was asked by Streitman to lead the CE's Education Department, but refused all collaboration.

refused to see

Prince George refused to see him.

He was taken to Dinan, then Rennes where his brother refused to see him and then finally Châteaubriant.

Honorius, however, refused to see beyond his own safety, guaranteed by the dikes and marshes of Ravenna.

refused to issue

Dudley Bradstreet was accused of witchcraft after he refused to issue warrants for accused witches.

Tetiana Chornovol, who has political ambitions, refused to issue an apology or acknowledge any wrongdoing.

Burma withdrew and the Indonesian government refused to issue visas for the Israeli and Taiwanese delegations.

court refused

The court refused to set aside the injunction before the substantive hearing, and set the hearing for 29 April.

The court refused to act against these activists, while people helping refugees in need have to face legal problems.

On 17 July 2012, the court refused to take the findings of the Pakistani judicial commission as part of the evidence.

refused to come

Through all those years, she refused to come forward.

However, Wang Janggun had hydrophobia, and refused to come.

Once she arrived to her homeland, Anna refused to come back.

refused to confirm   (拒绝确认)

CNN has since refused to confirm or deny that it threatened Lyon in that way.

At 1931 Menshevik Trial, Rubin refused to confirm the existence of a Menshevik organisation.

Sverre Sigurdsson who defeated and killed Magnus Erlingsson in 1184 refused to confirm the privileges of the Church.

first refused

Nicias, the Athenian commander in charge, at first refused, until still more Spartans arrived.

However, he at first refused to cash it, preferring to frame it, saying he did not do it for the money.

The officials at the station at first refused to believe Kearney's claims that Guiteau had shot the president.

refused to carry

Sears stores throughout the U.S. refused to carry the game.

I refused to carry it out.

Erdemović and the other members of his unit refused to carry out any more killings.

having refused

He sued for a writ of "habeas corpus" after he was imprisoned in default for having refused to pay the fine.

He was, afterwards deputy of the Inquisition of Lisbon, having refused the priory of Palmela and the Bishopric of Miranda.

He was asked to resign in 1977, during the military regime, after having refused to be director of a government publication.

refused to approve   (拒绝批准)

Without his oath, the king refused to approve his election.

It has refused to approve the budget only twice, in 1984 and in 1998.

The U.S FDA refused to approve thalidomide for marketing and distribution.

refused to appear

She refused to appear.

The council continued with Dioscorus' trial, but he refused to appear before the assembly.

Although she was asked twice, Joyce Grenfell refused to appear again as Sergeant Ruby Gates.

refused to renew

The new owners refused to renew Gumpert's lease on a yearly basis.

He was unable to get the bank dissolved, but refused to renew its charter.

He decided to return to Paris, but the State Department refused to renew his passport.

refused to negotiate

When managers refused to negotiate, they launched a strike.

John however refused to negotiate until Alexander was released.

Chiang even refused to negotiate a prisoner swap for his son in exchange for the Chinese Communist Party leader.