İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

refuses to give   (vermeyi reddediyor)

Kajal is shattered, yet, she refuses to give up hope.

The old man stubbornly refuses to give in.

Jack refuses to give in and fires Tom.

refuses to let   (izin vermiyor)

However, Sonny refuses to let them take his niece.

Frank refuses to let Sandra go and instead chains her up.

Carmel is angry and she refuses to let Theresa take her away.

refuses to believe   (inanmayı reddediyor)

However, Lorelei refuses to believe Jane about the murderer.

Mickey refuses to believe that Peter is his son and mocks him.

When Sienna goes into labour for real, Warren refuses to believe her.

refuses to accept   (kabul etmeyi reddediyor)

Annie refuses to accept this.

That is why my conscience as a pastor refuses to accept this constitution.

It turns out that this was not a part of their nuptials and Zara refuses to accept the divorce.

refuses to leave   (ayrılmayı reddediyor)

He refuses to leave Kimberly in her final weeks.

Becky refuses to leave and butts in on their session.

However, Jen refuses to leave with him.

initially refuses

Gavin, hurt and still in love with her, initially refuses.

Maggie asks Frankie to train her, but he initially refuses.

They added that Chloe initially refuses because she wants to behave professionally.

refuses to go

His wife Elinor (Doris Lloyd) refuses to go with him.

Sport finds Jeb at Aunt T's but he refuses to go back.

She refuses to go back but feels very unhappy.

refuses to take

Janaki falls sick and refuses to take medicines.

When Louise refuses to take it, he strikes her.

Seven remains steadfast; she refuses to take the node.

refuses to help

Despite her guilt and latent anger, Elaine refuses to help Cordelia.

Unfortunately his best friend in the police force refuses to help him.

Filipe refuses to help and returns to his conversation with General Pais.

refuses to allow

He refuses to allow the show to go on.

Spock introduces himself but refuses to allow Zar to call him "Father."

When Morgan refuses to allow Mab to further use Mordred for her own ends, Mab kills her.

refuses to listen   (dinlemeyi reddediyor)

Cara and Lovie object, but Palmer refuses to listen.

Bill pleads with her not to, but she refuses to listen.

Although he is frightened, he refuses to listen to them.

refuses to tell

However, he refuses to tell Veronica what they were doing.

She is thrown out of church when she refuses to tell who the betrayer is.

Carmilla refuses to tell anything about herself, despite questioning by Laura.

refuses to marry

To appease Karaket, Ketsurang refuses to marry Det.

To everyone's surprise, Arukkani refuses to marry him now.

Vinoth then makes a marriage proposal to Nila, but she refuses to marry him.

still refuses   (hala reddediyor)

Pol implores Bambi to come with him, but she still refuses.

Fanny, though impressed by his apparent improvement, still refuses him.

When the judge tells him this does not apply he still refuses and is jailed.