İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

without regard   (saygı duymadan)

Siers is known for making fun of politics without regard to affiliation.

He engaged workers at Mount Vernon without regard for religious belief or affiliation.

The show is critical of politicians who launch wars without regard for the consequences.

high regard   (saygı)

She also holds Ranpha Franboise in very high regard.

They hold the values of chivalry and honor in high regard.

Former Derry player Joe Brolly holds McGowan in high regard.

not regard   (saygısız)

She enjoyed singing, but did not regard it as a future career.

The United States said it did not regard the EU move as a boycott.

Belligerents can not regard media staff and media outlets as military targets.

little regard   (az saygı)

At the time, there was little regard for historical heritage.

Cyclopes and cyclopskin have very little regard for other life.

Individuals often make poorly thought out decisions with little regard to the consequences.

especially with regard   (özellikle saygıyla)

It is controversial in various cultures, especially with regard to religious prohibitions.

They're always wrong, especially with regard to tax cuts, which they never score properly."

There is controversy over GMOs, especially with regard to their release outside laboratory environments.

particularly with regard   (özellikle ilgili)

The Walloons’ lifestyle was also ahead of Sweden’s, particularly with regard to hygiene.

It has also been criticised on IT-related issues, particularly with regard to Microsoft.

In this column additional information is supplied, particularly with regard to the operators and seasonal services.

no regard   (saygısızlık)

The casting for the lead role was done with no regard to the actors' gender.

He has no regard for Non-Player Characters (NPCs), considering them unworthy of his attention.

Sean and his team find it difficult to rein them in as they have little or no regard for authority.

did not regard

She enjoyed singing, but did not regard it as a future career.

The United States said it did not regard the EU move as a boycott.

Hunter did not regard Lincoln's election as being of itself sufficient cause for secession.

especially in regard

However, this statute is often not practiced, especially in regard to political crimes.

A great part of his poetry shows strong and occasionally wild emotions, especially in regard to Lesbia.

But the Wittenberg men interpreted it as an approval of their Philippism, especially in regard to the Lord's Supper and the person of Christ.

regard themselves   (kendilerine saygı)

All segments regard themselves as Dir.

However, the Keliko regard themselves as Keliko rather than as Ma'di.

They regard themselves as culturally and especially linguistically distinct from their surrounding neighbours.

having regard   (göz önünde tutarak)

Their intention was rather, having regard to the purpose of the first plaintiff and the nature of the relief claimed, to use the first plaintiff as a convenient vehicle to bring a representative action.

As to the first issue, having regard to the nature of the wording of P's telegraphic inquiry and the volatility of the iron market, the communication cannot be regarded as a counter-offer but a mere inquiry to which the defendant should have responded.

The creation of a limitation where none was expressed and where no words of limitation were acceptable was a task which, having regard to the diverse and changing nature of inter-State trade, commerce and intercourse, was likely to produce a variety of propositions.