highly regarded   (高く評価されている)

The area offshore is highly regarded for fishing.

One of his most highly regarded shots was the hook.

He is highly regarded for his guard passing skills.

widely regarded   (広く認められている)

Ahmad is widely regarded as a traitor by Bangladeshis.

His work is widely regarded as pseudoscience.

This result was widely regarded as an upset.

generally regarded   (一般的に考えられている)

They are not generally regarded as part of Kammanadu.

Social change is generally regarded as suspect.

It is generally regarded as safe during breastfeeding.

often regarded   (しばしば見られる)

In Pakistan, Jews are often regarded as miserly.

He is often regarded as one of Donegal's finest ever footballers.

Structured programming is often regarded as "goto-less programming".

now regarded

The curry is now regarded as Britain's National dish.

It is now regarded as a dubious theropod.

It is now regarded as an example of "A.

well regarded   (尊敬)

As a consultant, Keith Lucas was well regarded.

He was well regarded by Graham Greene and J.

Tohei was well regarded by many instructors and students.

regarded by many

The first building was regarded by many as inadequate.

Tohei was well regarded by many instructors and students.

Octavia Hill is regarded by many as the founder of modern social work.

not regarded

Ameerat was not regarded as one of the better classic winners.

These are not regarded as distinct.

This is not regarded as double jeopardy, but as a continuation of the same case.

still regarded   (まだ見ている)

To orthodox thinkers, Epicureanism was still regarded as immoral and heretical.

Wilton is still regarded as one of Labor's most effective marginal seat campaigners.

Women's premarital virginity is still regarded as a matter of honor by some families.

regarded as having

The Adiva is regarded as having better handling than the C1.

Alp Arslan is widely regarded as having begun Anatolianism, although unintentionally.

Graduation towers, formerly used for salt production, are regarded as having beneficial health effects.

usually regarded

They are usually regarded as extended relatives.

Clement is usually regarded as a Church Father.

It is still usually regarded as the first game of college football.

most highly regarded   (最も高く評価されている)

One of his most highly regarded shots was the hook.

The Andreae family were one of the most highly regarded families in Hanover.

"Platée" was one of the most highly regarded of Rameau's operas during his lifetime.

sometimes regarded

The latter is sometimes regarded as an early disco song.

They were sometimes regarded as the work of Danes or Picts.

Sucite is sometimes regarded as the northern extension of Supyire.

not be regarded

376) cannot be regarded as any real exceptions to this statement.

Note that the material in this section should not be regarded as accurate.

According to "The London Stage", 12 May, however, may not be regarded as the première.

regarded as part

They are not generally regarded as part of Kammanadu.

Today Price Town is regarded as part of the village Nantymoel.

Khoja's appointment was regarded as part of King Abdullah's reform initiatives.

commonly regarded

It is commonly regarded as her magnum opus.

It is commonly regarded as Frankfurt's culinary main street.

It is commonly regarded as the most elegant of the three orders.

what he regarded

Bush denied that he either knew of or approved what he regarded as BJU's intolerant policies.

He called journalists into his office and assailed them for what he regarded as inaccurate, irresponsible and disloyal reporting.

Iosue ( ) drew national attention for his controversial criticisms of what he regarded as the run-away expense of higher education.

traditionally regarded

Copper was traditionally regarded as sacred by many historic period Eastern tribes.

The eloquence of this surah is traditionally regarded as representative of the miraculous nature of the Qur'an.

This system allows for better traction in snow and ice, conditions traditionally regarded as challenging for rear-wheel drive cars.