Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

information regarding   (información sobre)

Additional information regarding this species: W.H.

Additional information regarding this species:

concerns regarding   (preocupaciones con respecto)

Studies in other animals raise concerns regarding use in pregnancy.

DC Comics rejected the idea due to copyright concerns regarding the characters.

A Western release was planned but canceled due to concerns regarding its quality.

issues regarding   (cuestiones relacionadas con)

CAAN is concerned about several issues regarding consenting adults:

The 2005 evaluation found issues regarding access to some walkways and ramps.

As such, a host of issues regarding sexual orientation and gender roles are associated with the topic.

questions regarding

Ko (2015) states there are two questions regarding bipedalism 1.

This is a Surah which deals with questions regarding Muhammad's wives.

Chinn was then assigned to respond to questions regarding various guns.

rules regarding

The Department of Education has also issued two rules regarding ESUs.

This was the first race with new rules regarding carburetor restrictors.

Different countries have different rules regarding permits and other regulations.

controversy regarding   (controversia sobre)

There is a controversy regarding whether Jesus himself claimed to be divine.

It represented a great controversy regarding the double morality of society.

There is controversy regarding how the records of 1887 should be interpreted.

laws regarding

18 states have hate crime laws regarding gender identity.

After independence, the laws regarding religion are quite clear.

Social attitudes and laws regarding breastfeeding in public vary widely.

policy regarding

Other conflicting reports about the Egyptian policy regarding blocking.

Subsequently, the MAC announced its Eight Noes" policy regarding exchanges with China.

According to Josephus the Romans had an active policy regarding the retrieval of hidden treasure.

decisions regarding

This test results in uniform decisions regarding admissibility.

The Steering Committee makes decisions regarding ENRS’s strategy and projects.

The mayor of Karachi was empowered to make decisions regarding city management.

regarding how   (con respecto a como)

• HMRC's lack of clear information regarding how to dispute.

There are several theories regarding how Buffalo Creek received its name.

There is controversy regarding how the records of 1887 should be interpreted.

especially regarding

Critical reaction varied, especially regarding the book's ending.

The role of women has recently received attention, especially regarding their religiosity.

More evidence was available by 1865, especially regarding the relationships of aromatic isomers.

regulations regarding

Some existing regulations regarding robots and robotic systems include:

Investigations into this research led to new regulations regarding human research in children.

However, regulations regarding the ban's implementation, and religious accommodations, are not expected until July 2018.

statement regarding

DeVos makes a statement regarding the purpose and importance of the budget.

On February 16, 2008, Mets center fielder Carlos Beltrán made a statement regarding the upcoming season.

n-[3] This statement regarding byes in the warm-up matches can be verified by summation of the scorecards, as listed here.

regarding whether

There is a controversy regarding whether Jesus himself claimed to be divine.

Opinions vary regarding whether the use of smartphones at the dining table is acceptable.

After the encounter, Johnstone was left uncertain regarding whether he had been infected or not.

regarding the use

There is still controversy regarding the use of intravenous nimodipine on a routine basis.

There is a scarcity in the literature regarding the use of vultures as bushmeat in Southern Africa.

The Asilomar meeting recommended a set of voluntary guidelines regarding the use of recombinant technology.

made regarding

No official announcement has yet been made regarding this halt.

During the Middle Ages, no significant advances were made regarding tuberculosis.

He was involved in a case concerning claims made regarding the Abra Silver Mining Company.

policies regarding

There are no direct policies regarding the practice of swaddling.

However, airlines set their own policies regarding the travel of pets.

Swalwell later called for new policies regarding cameras on the House floor.

debate regarding

There is some debate regarding the effect of this storm on the occupation.

Thus, there is substantial debate regarding the identity of the book's author.

There is considerable debate regarding the accuracy of several points in Arsenius's life.

law regarding

This act is wide-ranging in its reform of the law regarding children.

The law regarding fixtures can also cause many problems with property held under a lease.

The authors proceed to examine case law regarding a person's ability to prevent publication.

details regarding

No further details regarding payment were disclosed.

Media outlets noted that the details regarding the "attack" were still unclear.

See raceguns for more descriptive details regarding these specialized "Cup" guns.

regarding what

He then consults with Holt regarding what's the right thing to do.

There are a number of other legends regarding what the Shiprock pinnacle might be.

With the October 1917 Revolution, governmental standards regarding what was considered "literate" also changed.

decision regarding   (decisión sobre)

There was strong public objection to the decision regarding the event.

ECS and RCS identification is necessary in a decision regarding the SCA's social media application.

Any decision regarding points awarded for abandoned games is left to the individual football associations.

theories regarding

There are two competing theories regarding the name of the river.

There are a number of theories regarding the etymology of the word.

There are two main theories regarding the origin of the name "Alfonsine".

particularly regarding   (particularmente con respecto)

However, there were key differences, particularly regarding the powers of the monarch.

The game is set in a fantasy world with medieval Japanese themes, particularly regarding Shinto.

In some respects, Thabit is critical of the ideas of Plato and Aristotle, particularly regarding motion.

concern regarding   (preocupacion con respecto a)

The structures and out-dated equipment are concerning but there is also concern regarding personnel safety.

However, aside from dealing with overcrowded spaces they face a privacy concern regarding corrections officers.

On this day, Othman Wok highlighted his concern regarding the communists to Lee Kuan Yew, and only upon assurance did he put pen to paper.

data regarding

Being deemed divisive, the 1961 census data regarding religion was not published.

However, there is no specific data regarding the sale of vultures in Tanzania's markets.

The lack of data regarding these concerns makes increasing awareness for worker safety more challenging.

statements regarding

Since the arrest, many influential Lithuanians made public statements regarding Venckiene.

Violations included making false statements regarding his role in the film and his use of the alias "Sam Bacile".

While little has been confirmed by Adult Swim in regards to the film, there have been many statements regarding it.

claims regarding

There have been numerous claims regarding the identities of the men in the image.

Many of the claims regarding the safety and efficacy of alternative medicine are controversial.

Linda Tripp's grand jury testimony also differed from Willey's claims regarding inappropriate sexual advances.

evidence regarding   (evidencia sobre)

Mitchell assembled new evidence regarding the murders of the three civil rights workers.

When researching the article, Thompson found conflicting evidence regarding the alleged prank incident.

There is currently no evidence regarding whether or not phentermine is safe for women who are pregnant.

case regarding   (caso sobre)

In 1858 Bemis suffered a hemorrhage in his lungs while arguing a case regarding railroads.

An informant, Terrai Hanswitch, approaches them with a case regarding a missing child - and they accept.

In a 2015 case regarding female circumcision, a judge concluded that non-therapeutic circumcision of male children is a "significant harm".

views regarding

Christianity encompasses various views regarding the nature of faith.

In March 1446, John of Segovia confirmed Otto's views regarding Maria's Immaculate Conception.

Around this time, Garrett also entered into discussion with male medical views regarding women.

research regarding

She was at the forefront of psychological research regarding therapy.

Mainstream economic research regarding Austrian business cycle theory finds that it is inconsistent with empirical evidence.

When the DXC Dandelion Program was established, there was little research regarding employment of adults on the autism spectrum.

legislation regarding   (legislación sobre)

Mount often sponsors legislation regarding health and public service.

These ethical concerns have prompted several nations to pass legislation regarding human cloning and its legality.

ITV apologised for not having properly advised the contestants of Australian legislation regarding animal cruelty.

comments regarding

Some politicians did, however, make homophobic comments regarding the event.

In September 2005, Shigeru Miyamoto gave his least ambiguous comments regarding "Super Mario 128".

Some of the comments regarding the Lexus LFA's V10 were "A mix of road and racing engines: Lexus LFA's utterly intoxicating 4.8 Liter V10.

dispute regarding

ITB and LVEN subsequently got into a dispute regarding control of the El Rancho.

There has been much dispute regarding the details of his life and the age in which he lived.

It was also involved in an 11-year-long patent dispute regarding ring laser gyroscope technology.

complaints regarding

Gaskill had several complaints regarding the film's "distortions and flights of fancy".

The aim of the exercise is to address the consumer complaints regarding photo meter reading.

Snyder's neighbors also filed complaints regarding his clearcutting of scenic and historic easements behind his home.

opinion regarding

Public opinion regarding LGBT right is complex.

The subject matter in combination with the climate upon release resulted in the extremity of opinion regarding Caleb Williams.

Specifically the challenge to Malcolm Muggeridge, rector at Edinburgh University, by over his opinion regarding distributing the pill at the Student Union.

discussions regarding

"As of now, we have had no discussions regarding the casting," Ray said.

On 12 September 2012 it was reported that BAE and EADS were in discussions regarding a possible merger.

Features science news, guests, information on local science events and discussions regarding various areas of science.

opinions regarding

In Lebanon, political parties had staunch opinions regarding the IRGC's presence.

In addition, there currently are no court opinions regarding area of origin watershed rights.

Scott's siblings have divided opinions regarding Mick Jagger's relationship with their sister.

regarding the future   (con respecto al futuro)

He left Avellino on 24 July 2019 amid uncertainty regarding the future of the club.

So it started creating some trouble regarding the future of the Muslims of this Province.

The entrepreneurs who form the most accurate opinions regarding the future state of markets (i.e.

confusion regarding

It can cause confusion regarding incidentalomas.

There is some confusion regarding the identity of this fish.

There is some confusion regarding to whom the concerto was originally dedicated.

uncertainty regarding   (incertidumbre con respecto)

He left Avellino on 24 July 2019 amid uncertainty regarding the future of the club.

Discriminating between the various species is complicated by uncertainty regarding which species are truly biologically distinct.

After the death of Arminius in 1609, the Remonstrants maintained their leader's view on conditional security and his uncertainty regarding the possibility of believers committing apostasy.

ideas regarding

Her ideas regarding education were largely influenced by Francisco Ferrer.

Specific ideas regarding how to portray angels began to develop in the early Church.

Scientists, customers and managers come together to exchange ideas regarding current developments.

regarding state   (con respecto al estado)

This case settled the law that applied to all questions regarding state legislation during the war.

During the campaign, questions of conflict of interest regarding state business and the politically powerful Rose Law Firm, at which Hillary Rodham Clinton was a partner, arose.

The state's hold harmless policy regarding state basic education funding continued where a district received at least the same amount as the year before, even where enrollment had significantly declined.

discussion regarding

There was some discussion regarding the cost of these digital decoders.

However, by the 1946 convention there was an open discussion regarding this topic.

The following terminology is used to assist in the technical discussion regarding USB PHY signaling.

knowledge regarding

They also play a role in storing and passing along ancestral knowledge regarding agriculture of the region.

The elders' testimony correctly matched existing scientific knowledge regarding the physiology, diet, range, and behavior .

This laboratory provides practical knowledge regarding the yarn preparing technology; both short staple (cotton) and long staple (jute).

recommendations regarding

There are many such tests (10 in one table) and recommendations regarding their use are vague or conflicting.

More controversial was Reinhardt's description and recommendations regarding a phenomenon he termed a "pivot".

The Financial Stability Oversight Board was created to review and make recommendations regarding the Treasury's actions.