Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

infantry regiment   (Regimiento de Infanteria)

Barracks for an infantry regiment (1812).

He joined the Army on 10 July 1789 in the Anjou infantry regiment.

In April 2003, the 1st infantry regiment deployed to Iraq for 17 months.

cavalry regiment   (regimiento de caballería)

He then commanded a cavalry regiment of gendarmes in Kiev.

After completing high school he joined an Austrian cavalry regiment.

In 1835 he became a second lieutenant in the 5th Lancers cavalry regiment.

artillery regiment   (regimiento de artillería)

He served in a Cuban artillery regiment in Angola.

The artillery regiment is equipped with PzH 2000 self-propelled howitzers.

It was the first Australian artillery regiment to receive the 25-pounders.

regiment lost   (regimiento perdido)

The regiment lost 87 enlisted men to disease.

The regiment lost more men to disease than it did in battle.

Their regiment lost twenty-three men and thirty-eight went missing.

regiment that served   (regimiento que sirvió)

2/7th Field Regiment (Australia) The 2/7th Field Regiment was an Australian Army field artillery regiment that served during the Second World War.

4th Missouri Volunteer Infantry The 4th Missouri Volunteer Infantry was an infantry regiment that served in the Union Army during the American Civil War.

A plaque on the east side of the pedestal records each of the Regular, Service and Territorial battalions of the regiment that served in the First World War.

regiment moved

In 2017 the regiment moved to the King's Division.

On 7 November 1940 the regiment moved to Fort Terry.

The regiment moved to Imphal Barracks in York in 1878.

regiment was attached   (se adjuntó el regimiento)

The regiment was attached to New Zealand and Australian army units during the war.

The regiment was attached to Davis' Provisional Brigade, Army of the Potomac, to January 1862.

The regiment was attached to Grover's Brigade, Military District of Washington, to February 1863.

regiment was disbanded

The regiment was disbanded in 2013.

The regiment was disbanded on May 12, 1865, at Gainesville, Alabama.

The regiment was disbanded at the end of the Second World War in 1945.

regiment fought

In 1746 the regiment fought at the Battle of Culloden.

The regiment fought during the Algerian War.

The regiment fought in many battles during the Civil War.

new regiment

HM The Queen is the new regiment's Colonel-in-Chief.

This new regiment, the reserve cavalry of Brig.

Most of the membership of the new regiment came from the UDR.

regiment during

It was the longest serving Vermont regiment during the war.

Regimental commanders active at the regiment during the years 1623–1927.

Mills served with the regiment during the Peninsular War and in Holland.

regiment took

The regiment took to opportunity to undertake more training.

On 14 August 1969, the regiment took over responsibility for the security of Derry.

On 23 October the regiment took part in Operation Colin, a divisional attack on Schijndel.

regiment was formed

The 3rd Line regiment was formed at Exeter in 1915.

The 2nd Line regiment was formed in September 1914.

With an antecedence reaching back to 1688, the regiment was formed in 1992.

regiment returned

The regiment returned to England in the following year.

The regiment returned to the 5th Engineer Group in 1975.

In 1805, the regiment returned to England.

regiment served

The regiment served south of Montreal until the end of the war.

This regiment served in North Africa, the Sudan, Italy and mainland UK.

From 1978 to 1983, the regiment served as part of the Allied Mobile Force.

regiment participated

In 1863, the regiment participated in the Battle of Kelly's Ford.

Accordingly, the regiment participated to the final combats of the conflict.

1956 −1962: A detachment of the regiment participated in operations in Algeria.

regiment was mustered   (regimiento fue reunido)

The regiment was mustered out June 4, and 9, 1863.

After a few days furlough, the regiment was mustered out on July 21.

The regiment was mustered between October and December 1862 in at St.

regiment became

The regiment became the famous "Wisconsin Eagle Regiment".

Afterwards his new regiment became a part of the Army of the James.

The regiment became a hussar unit numbered 2nd again on 6 December 1907.

regiment took part

On 23 October the regiment took part in Operation Colin, a divisional attack on Schijndel.

The regiment took part in the suppression on 1959 Tibetan uprising and the Sino-Indian War.

In 1801 the regiment took part in the Egyptian campaign that removed a French force that had invaded Egypt.

regiment suffered

This regiment suffered higher casualties than any other infantry regiment from New Jersey.

In Camden Expedition, the regiment suffered relatively heavy casualties of eight killed and 36 wounded.

Between May 28, 1864, and June 12, 1864, the regiment suffered more than 280 killed, wounded or captured.

regiment was sent

Our regiment was sent out to repulse them.

The regiment was sent to Helena, Arkansas, where disease began to take its toll.

The combined regiment was sent to Louisville, Kentucky, where it was mustered out in August 1865.

regiment remained

The regiment remained in various garrisons to the end of the war.

The regiment remained part of this organisation for the next two years.

The regiment remained in existence when William III came to the throne in the Glorious Revolution of 1688.

regiment saw

The regiment saw extensive service.

The regiment saw extensive service in the First Sikh War in 1845.

The regiment saw duty on the frontier in Kansas, Colorado, Iowa, Wyoming, Idaho and Utah.

regiment left

In December, the regiment left for Henderson, Kentucky.

The regiment left the Island for India in that same year.

The regiment left New Jersey for Washington on August 25.

regiment was ordered

The regiment was ordered to mobilise on 31 August 1939.

On 30 November, the hussar regiment was ordered to combat duty in the Eastern Front.

Replenished to a full strength of 400, on March 23 the regiment was ordered to capture the settlement of Novo-Miropol'.

regiment was assigned

In October, the regiment was assigned to the 9th Division.

The regiment was assigned to garrison duty at Chattanooga, Tennessee.

With jump training over, the regiment was assigned to the Airborne Command at Camp MacKall, NC.

regiment received

The regiment received its 'Lowland' subtitle in 1942.

The regiment received many replacements over the winter.

The regiment received a new commander: Colonel Count Ordener, on 5 August 1830.

each regiment

The men took turns manning the towers and other fortifications assigned to each regiment.

By June 1783, each regiment was again recruiting throughout the country, although the county names were to remain.

By the late seventeenth century, each regiment of the standing army had been allotted a "rank" in the order of precedence.

regiment was raised

The regiment was raised in Baltimore from May through October 1861.

The regiment was raised by Sir Edward Hales in 1685, by order of King James II.

Subsequently one three-year regiment was raised, and then one 6-month regiment.

when the regiment   (cuando el regimiento)

He was mustered out July 3, 1865, when the regiment returned to Madison from Kentucky and was discharged.

carried out Provost duties in St. Louis, until June 20, when the regiment conducted an expedition to Jefferson City (June 20–24).

This is because Pennsylvania numbered all regiments, regardless of branch, in sequence depending on when the regiment was raised.

armoured regiment

During the war it was converted to an armoured regiment.

The Worthington Trophy for best Canadian armoured regiment was named after him.

1st Cuirassier Regiment (France) The 1st Cuirassier Regiment () was the oldest armoured regiment in the French Army, until it was amalgamated with 11th Cuirassiers Regiment.

light infantry regiment   (regimiento de infantería ligera)

Somerset and Cornwall Light Infantry The Somerset and Cornwall Light Infantry (SCLI) was a light infantry regiment of the British Army.

While there, it was reconstituted as a light infantry regiment in December and was retitled as the 13th (1st Somersetshire) Regiment (Light Infantry).

9th Infantry Regiment “Soria” The 9th Infantry Regiment “Soria” (Spanish: "Regimiento de Infantería «Soria» n.º 9") is a light infantry regiment of the Spanish Army.