Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

throughout the region   (en toda la región)

The mean monthly temperature varies throughout the region.

More Kurdish rebellions would occur throughout the region.

Active faults occur throughout the region.

historical region   (región histórica)

It is located in the historical region of Galicia.

It is located in the historical region of Bukovina.

It also belongs to the Samnium historical region.

region around   (región alrededor)

Ironworking arrived in the region around 1000 BC.

The region around the river used to be swampy.

The Shah also traveled within the region around Persia.

region between   (región entre)

The region between Anielowka and Kostopol contained many German villages.

To Jorge de Aguiar was given the region between the Cape of Good Hope and Gujarat.

It is a hilly region between the rivers Platani and Salso, located 425 m above sea level.

administrative region   (región Administrativa)

Côte-Nord was created as an administrative region in 1966.

It is a part of the Northern Governorate administrative region.

It is part of the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean administrative region.

surrounding region   (región circundante)

It provides views of the surrounding region.

The surrounding region incorporates Blubber Bay and Gillies Bay.

The lake area is usually a little warmer than the surrounding region.

each region   (cada región)

These Regional Assemblies are popularly elected within each region.

A sail-off takes place to determine who will represent each region.

Traditionally, each region of France has its own distinctive cuisine.

across the region   (en toda la región)

12-18 inches of snow fell across the region.

This is a similar instrument to that found across the region.

Pastor Babalola was also Travelling Pastor across the region.

traditional region   (región tradicional)

It is part of the traditional region of Gudbrandsdal.

The area was part of the traditional region of Styria.

wine region   (región vinícola)

Traisental Traisental is an Austrian wine region.

It is the centre of the wine region of the same name.

Kremstal Kremstal is an Austrian wine region.

region during   (región durante)

Winter storms begin arriving in the region during October.

Horse mackerel have increased in the region during warm events.

There is no record of any competitions in the region during World War II.

entire region   (región entera)

Since then, the entire region shared the fate of its capital city.

Today it is an essential reference of the city of Viseu and its entire region.

It covers almost the entire region of Dar es Salaam, Tanga, Arusha and Mwanza.

central region   (Región central)

The central region of the country has hardwoods.

It is most distinct due south of NGC 1788's central region.

Its central region is called the Keyhole, or the Keyhole Nebula.

within the region   (dentro de la region)

The Shah also traveled within the region around Persia.

It was located within the region of Edonis.

However, there is considerable variation within the region.

same region   (misma región)

In the same region, a Hizam patrol was attacked by an AQAP IED.

Rugby league has historically been played in much the same region.

Colossae is in the same region as the seven churches of the Book of Revelation.

coastal region   (región costera)

Frisia (disambiguation) Frisia is a coastal region in northwest Europe.

"Churrasco" is a staple food of the coastal region, especially Guayaquil.

southern region   (región sur)

Carman was located in the southern region of Manitoba.

Today the southern region of the Black Forest is named Breisgau.

This was an early attempt to open the southern region to mass tourism.

autonomous region   (región Autónoma)

The autonomous region was established on 1 October 1955.

Murcia became an autonomous region in 1982.

Under a deal an autonomous region was to be created in Mindanao.

mountainous region   (región montañosa)

The village is located in a mountainous region.

Geographically Nepal is a mountainous region.

The mountainous region is dominated by woods as well as agriculture and forestry.

region known   (región conocida)

It contains most of the region known as Silicon Fen.

It is more or less identical to the region known as Southeast Europe.

""Baal"" means ""Lord"", in this case of a region known as ""Hermon"".

northern region   (region del norte)

The first fon originated in the northern region of Thailand.

4:Pariphata, Phuleli Located in the northern region of Jhalari.

In the northern region of Paraná there are some Japanese speakers.

border region   (región fronteriza)

In the Scottish border region, they may be known as a peel tower.

Temperatures as low as have been recorded in the border region of Vattavada.

It is found in the border region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Uganda.

region became   (región se convirtió)

The region became a crossroads of Civilizations.

In 1734 part of this region became therefore known as "Royal Holland".

In 1734, a part of this region became therefore known as "Royal Holland".

through the region   (a través de la región)

The Palliser Expedition passed through the region in 1859.

The Kura River passes through the region.

Interstate 5 is the major North-South route through the region.

region of southern   (región del sur)

The town is a centre for the largely agricultural region of southern Oldenburg.

Both the Huwala and the Achomi lived in the subtropical region of southern Iran.

Lídia Jorge was born in the village of Boliqueime in the Algarve region of southern Portugal in 1946.

region in northern   (región en el norte)

The Tamera-Douahria group is an important iron region in northern Tunisia about west of Tunis.

Routes Routes is a commune in the Seine-Maritime department in the Normandy region in northern France.

Bolbec Bolbec is a commune in the Seine-Maritime department in the Normandy region in northern France.

region of northern   (región del norte)

Paul Colnaghi was born in 1751 as Paolo Colnago, in the Brianza region of northern Italy.

Geographically, it is located inside the mountainous region of northern Albania in the Valley of Fan.

Natori River The is a river located in central Miyagi prefecture, in the Tōhoku region of northern Japan.

region includes   (región incluye)

The area region includes the communities of:

geographical region   (región geográfica)

It is located in the geographical region of Valpolicella.

Color may vary though depending on the geographical region.

Podlužje Podlužje () is a small geographical region in Serbia.

region include   (región incluye)

Cheeses of the region include Humboldt Fog, Cougar Gold and Teleme.

The outliers of the region include the Hesselberg and the Gleichberge.

Other delivery partners in the region include Pos Malaysia and Pos Indonesia.

western region   (región occidental)

In fact it is a growing city in the western region of Nepal.

Shirgaon beach is the most safest beach in western region of Maharashtra.

Since then, he has bowled thirty-six 300 games and won seven western region titles.

region in eastern   (región en el este)

It lies in the Székely Land, an ethno-cultural region in eastern Transylvania.

whole region   (toda la region)

The city of Nitra is also the centre of whole region.

The whole region of Vale dos Sinos was populated by Germans.

The village retains the traditional character of the whole region.

geographic region   (región geográfica)

Specific predators vary by geographic region.

The prevalence of vitamin K deficiency varies by geographic region.

Per capita income varies widely by geographic region and profession.


The region’s first mine opened and within a year 40 tons had been exported.

Furthermore, it serves as a recruiting pool for the region’s elementary and secondary teachers.

Forces and U.S.- backed South Vietnamese government due to the region’s close proximity to Saigon.

eastern region   (Región del este)

Most of the land under cultivation is in the eastern region.

Chainpur is an ancient market place of the eastern region of Nepal.

Barahachhetra is taken as the most important pilgrimage site in eastern region of Nepal.

region in western   (región en el oeste)

Kulikoro Dineja) is a region in western Mali.

Nesmy Nesmy is a commune in the Vendée department in the Pays de la Loire region in western France.

Trenta, Bovec Trenta () is a settlement in the Municipality of Bovec in the traditional Gorizia region in western Slovenia.

region s   (regiones)

The region’s first mine opened and within a year 40 tons had been exported.

Furthermore, it serves as a recruiting pool for the region’s elementary and secondary teachers.

Forces and U.S.- backed South Vietnamese government due to the region’s close proximity to Saigon.

region near   (región cercana)

His mother's family was Swedish from the region near Algaras.

The stem surface is dry and smooth except for a powdery region near the apex.

Thuthiyoor Thuthiyoor is a region near Kakkanad in the city of Kochi in Kerala, India.

metropolitan region   (región Metropolitana)

It belongs to the metropolitan region of Stuttgart .

She attended public schools in the metropolitan region.

Dumarbana is located in the north east corner of the metropolitan region.

region of eastern   (región del este)

Paspébiac Paspébiac is a city on Baie des Chaleurs in the Gaspésie region of eastern Quebec, Canada.

Kokad Kokad is a village in Hajdú-Bihar county, in the Northern Great Plain region of eastern Hungary.

"T. albispinus" is found in a relatively small region of eastern Brazil, in the states of Sergipe and Bahia.

around the region   (alrededor de la región)

It is one of twelve county-operated Smart Gardening Centers around the region.

Players from around the region attended the clinic he hosted, including one from Sri Lanka.

Taken from around the region, these were torn down and rebuilt here from their original parts.

region in southern   (región en el sur)

Wititi is a native Peruvian folk dance Tapay district, Province of Caylloma, Arequipa region in southern Peru.

Minerve, Hérault Minerve () is a commune in the Hérault department in the Occitanie region in southern France.

The resulting mural was a gift to the people of that region in southern Chile who had suffered a major earthquake in 1960.

region to region   (región a región)

The rules of Chapayev differ from region to region.

Chinese sausages vary from region to region.

The exact words used can also differ from region to region.

region as well   (región también)

Mineral waters are produced in high volume in this region as well.

The Tuscarora tribe lived in the Finger Lakes region as well, from ca.

The building of the Erie Canal helped grow the region as well as its economy.

region called   (región llamada)

Its name comes from a flower native to the region called .

Outside of the villages is an uninhabited forest region called the bush.

It has about 10,000 inhabitants and it is the natural centre of its region called Hlinecko.

region including   (región que incluye)

It had jurisdiction over a region including a large area of open space and several villages.

In the early 21st century a dairy boom took over most of the flat mid-Canterbury region including Te Pirita.

He fought in many battles in the Henan-Hubei region including Yujiadian, Zhutangdian, Xinjie, Dawushan, Pingba, and Lidian.

climatic region   (región climática)

This climatic region has large seasonal temperature differences, with warm to hot (and often humid) summers and cold (sometimes severely cold) winters.

This climatic region is typified by large seasonal temperature differences, with warm to hot (and often humid) summers and cold (sometimes severely cold) winters.

region within   (región dentro)

Nabran is the largest recreational region within the Khachmaz Rayon.

It may also describe the back/tail location or region within an aircraft cabin.

It is endemic to Brazil, in the Amazon River delta region within Maranhão state.

home region   (región de origen)

Saddam's rule was largely run by Sunni Arabs from Tikrit (a mainly Sunni area), his home region.

After his bout in WEC he came back to his home region and became the Mainstream MMA and CFC Champion.

As a so-called "flower witch" in Riegersburg after her death she was known far beyond her home region.

region of central   (región de central)

Kalinjar Fort Kalinjar () is a fortress-city in the Bundelkhand region of central India.

Djerissa is in the Métlaoui region of central Tunisia, where it sometimes snows in winter.

Chianti A Chianti wine (, , ) is any wine produced in the Chianti region of central Tuscany.

particular region   (región particular)

Each Premier League team represents a particular region of Afghanistan.

Osheaga is a title given to the particular region of Canada now known as Montreal.

Character Tendency impacts the entire game, while World Tendency only affects a particular region.

native region   (región nativa)

Pink designates native region.

The species had been discovered previously in its native region of Japan.

He returned to his native region in 1928 to paint landscapes of Limfjorden and Venø.

small region   (pequeña región)

Europe was mainly Greece, while Libya was a small region to the west of Egypt.

It was found in a small region of Yunnan, China, particularly the mountains around Lijiang.

The town is the capital of the small region of Boischaut, known for its woodland and cattle pastures.

region through   (región a través)

The site is also linked with other wetlands in the region through a tidal link canal.

Christianity made its way into the region through British contact with the indigenous Khasi people.

In 1881, Qing recovered the Gulja region through diplomatic negotiations in the Treaty of Saint Petersburg (1881).

natural region   (región natural)

Together with the Neuburg Forest it forms natural region no.

As natural region major unit no.

The natural region of the Danube Hills is only 8 kilometres wide on average.

agricultural region   (región agrícola)

The rest of the island is a mostly agricultural region.

The village lies in an agricultural region.

The village is the centre of a fertile agricultural region.

region along   (región a lo largo)

Cognac is also made in the region along the Charente River.

It is located in the Khila region along the Udaynarayanpur road.

Tobacco was grown in the Texas region along with a busy trade in rabbit meat and skins.

region is typified   (región es tipificada)

This climatic region is typified by large seasonal temperature differences, with warm to hot (and often humid) summers and cold (sometimes severely cold) winters.

region experiences   (experiencias de la región)

This region experiences warm (but not hot) and dry summers, with no average monthly temperatures above 71.6 °F.

region surrounding   (región circundante)

It was based in the region surrounding the northern coastal town of Devonport.

Khetaka in used as a name of a region surrounding the place in ancient literature.

The boundary between these two was the region surrounding the cities of Gurgan and Qumis.

electoral region   (región electoral)

A further seven MSPs are elected as part of the North East Scotland electoral region.

The London Assembly consists of the 25 members elected using the Additional member system, which elects members using both constituencies and a London-wide electoral region.

Henderson was an active member of Campaign for Socialism, an autonomous pressure group of Scottish Labour Party members and stood in the 2016 Scottish Parliament election as a Labour Party candidate for the Lothian electoral region.

promoter region   (región promotora)

The earlier promoter region is regulated by numerous transcription factors.

The promoter region contains several conserved transcription factor binding sites.

The second promoter region is found within the first intron and encodes a slightly shorter mRNA.

region contains   (región contiene)

The Arctic region contains a very fragile ecosystem.

Surficial geology in this region contains a number of fossils.

This region contains Sandakfu ()—the highest peak of the state.

historic region   (región histórica)

It is part of the historic region of Masuria.

It is located within the historic region of Lower Silesia.

Poggio Catino is a hilltown part of the historic region of Sabina.

region before   (región antes)

However, evidence for copper production in this region before 1000 BC is debated.

Sufism was previously dominant in the region before militant jihadi ideas began to take hold.

The last expedition in the region before settlement was undertaken by Allan Cunningham in 1824.

every region   (cada region)

Frogs and toads are found in every region of Canada, though more are found in the south.

Prior to modern communication every region had its own style which was influenced over time.

Moreover, in 2005, for the first time in recorded history, poverty rates began to fall in every region of the world, including Africa.

region north   (región norte)

It was centred on the town of George Town in Tasmania's Tamar Valley region north of Launceston.

The Peucini, described as a branch of the Bastarnae by Greco-Roman writers, occupied the region north of the Danube Delta.

The Latin name "Lentienes" was formed from the name of the Celtic village "Lentia"; today a region north of Lake Constance is called Linzgau.

region   (región -)

It will primarily serve businesses with operations in the region – including Rolls-Royce.

However, unsettled, he returned to his country – and to his region – after just one season, joining lowly SD Compostela.

Three operational areas of BCCL operate fully within the region – Pootkee Balihari Area, Lodna Area and Eastern Jharia Area.

region came   (vino la región)

In ancient time Bharatpur region came under the Mughal Kingdom.

In medieval times, the region came to be known as "Rampur Boalia".

The region came under Byzantine control after the fall of Rome in 476.

mountain region   (región montañosa)

See "Classes of mountain region" for the formal definition.

Born in 1833 in the mountain region of North Carolina, W.C.

The first season was filmed in the Sierra Nevada mountain region in California.

region covers   (cubiertas de la región)

The region covers of land and has a population of 2,418,214.

The region covers a distance of roughly 400 kilometres north to south.

Measured from north to south, the region covers a distance of roughly .

region south   (región sur)

ONE is also considering another pumped storage plant in the Azilal region south of Rabat.

Bhabar Bhabar (Hindi Bhābar) is a region south of the Lower Himalayas and the Shiwalik Hills.

Another warlord, Caucenus, made war against the Romans in the region south of Tagus down to North Africa.

language region   (región lingüística)

The Irukandji language region includes the landscape within Cairns Regional Council.

The Kalkatunga language region is North-West Queensland including the local government areas of the City of Mount Isa.

The Jangga language region includes the landscape within the local government boundaries of the Etheridge Shire Council.

outside the region   (fuera de la región)

Most of its personnel came from outside the region.

The largest single group from a country outside the region came from the United States.

Costa Rica has sought to widen its economic and trade ties, both within and outside the region.

when the region   (cuando la region)

He has been praised for championing North East England at a time when the region was in decline.

Bagà was founded in the 9th century A.D. when the region of Berguedà was repopulated by Wilfred the Hairy.

Some of the canals were built in the second century during Hadrian times, when the region was fully under Roman rule.

wider region   (región más amplia)

From different directions the German troops were surrounded in the wider region of Murino on 24 July.

In the early Bronze Age, the territory of Manglisi was part of the wider region, home to a kurgan culture.

The Ridwan family saw themselves as the leaders of the wider region and the patrons of other ruling families.

local region   (región local)

There are various gravestones by stone carvers from London and the local region.

Students in Glen Rose outperform local region and statewide averages on standardized tests.

It was the first non-selective school in the local region to offer the International Baccalaureate.

region in southeastern   (región en el sureste)

It serves as the primary east-west highway through the South Hampton Roads region in southeastern Virginia.

Modane Modane (; ) is a commune in the Savoie department in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region in southeastern France.

Piolenc Piolenc is a commune in the Vaucluse department in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region in southeastern France.

region in central   (región en el centro)

Levač Levač () is a historical region in central Serbia.

Since 1927 this town of the Lazio region in central Italy is Priverno.

Fougère was born in 1861 in Chambon-sur-Voueize, a small town in the Limousin region in central France.

region is known   (región es conocida)

This region is known as the "hypervariable region".

Dragačevo region is known for the potato production.

The region is known for its extensive mineral reserves.

populated region   (región poblada)

The Central area is the most populated region of the country.

However, it remains a purely rural and sparsely populated region.

It was also the most densely populated region with 3,133 people per square kilometer.

region of western   (región del oeste)

In 2003, Chad began receiving refugees from the Darfur region of western Sudan.

Závod, Slovakia Závod is a village and municipality within the Malacky District in the Bratislava region of western Slovakia.

It is found in the Pacific Northwest region of western North America, where it grows in sand dunes in a mycorrhizal association with pine trees.

capital region   (región capital)

In 1993 the power grid connections in the Berlin-Brandenburg capital region were renewed.

The entire Berlin-Brandenburg capital region has a population of more than 6 million in an area of .

All four stakes are based in the capital region; districts are based in Les Cayes, Saint-Marc, Gonaïves, and Cap-Haïtien.

region experiences warm   (región experimenta cálido)

This region experiences warm (but not hot) and dry summers, with no average monthly temperatures above 71.6 °F.

across a region   (a través de una región)

Irregular property reassessments have become a serious issue in the commonwealth as it creates a significant disparity in taxation within a community and across a region.

region began   (región comenzó)

The settlement of the region began in the colonial period.

After the 1820s, new groups began to arrive and the character of the region began to change.

Around AD 750, people of the Mesa Verde region began conglomerating into densely populated villages.

specific region   (región específica)

These atlases were composed by wealthy people who collected maps concerning a specific region or topic.

The site-directed spin labeling (SDSL) technique allows one to monitor a specific region within a protein.

Each corporation was associated with a specific region of Alaska and the Natives who had traditionally lived there.

region due   (región debido)

In 983, the Holy Roman Empire lost control over the region due to a Slavic uprising.

The crop grows easily in that region due to its ability to withstand harsh weather conditions like drought and flood.

Much of the Bulgarian population moved from the region due to organized robberies and internecine wars in the empire.

region such   (región tal)

Crystals are found throughout much of the Alpine region such as cinnabar, amethyst, and quartz.

By the Postclassic a variety of ethnic identities were in the region such as Caxcan, Cora, and Huichol.

Chalmers has partnerships with major industries mostly in the Gothenburg region such as Ericsson, Volvo, and SKF.

region located   (región ubicada)

It is spoken within the Ahirwal region located to the south-west of the capital Delhi.

Milton and the surrounding portions of Trimble County are a hilly region located along the Ohio River.

Überwald () is a region located near the foot of the Ramtops, farther from Ankh-Morpork than Lancre is.

region consists   (región consiste)

The TcdB CROPs region consists of 19 SRs and 4 LRs.

The region consists of six synods and 620 member congregations.

Vegetation in this region consists of several types of desert bushes, Huisache ("Vachellia farnesiana" var.

region was part   (región era parte)

With the Lombard invasion the region was part of the Principality of Benevento.

During the 16th century the Isluga region was part of the Caranga confederation, which extended to Lake Poopo.

Historically, most of the region was part of the Danish and North Frisian Language area, adjacent in the South to the German-speaking Holstein.

country or region   (País o Región)

Each country or region defines these categories in different ways.

It is expressed as a percentage of the poverty line for a country or region.

Advertising research is key to determining the success of an ad in any country or region.

coding region   (región de codificación)

The coding region is 2086 base pairs, and the protein sequence contains 615 amino acids.

A single base substitution in the 11th coding region of the gene PTCH2 changes an adenine to guanine.

Only 4 exons are in the coding region of the gene and make up the ZNF800 protein, but there is a total of 6.

northeastern region   (región noreste)

The city itself serves as the gateway to the northeastern region.

It primarily serves students in the northeastern region of the district.

Japanese dolls, originally from the northeastern region (Tōhoku-chihō) of Japan.

large region   (región grande)

The state was part of a large region dominated by the Mayans during the Classic period.

Mapping radars are used to scan a large region for remote sensing and geography applications.

It is a main staple (along with sorghum) in a large region of northern Nigeria, Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso.

desert region   (región desértica)

The land there is mostly desert region.

(Borkou-Ennedi-Tibesti) desert region, which itself is larger than France.

The greater part of that now desert region is, indeed, furrowed by old water-channels.

region is home   (región es el hogar)

The Finger Lakes region is home to several museums.

The region is home to the Inupiat people.

This region is home to Ramer Wood Public School and Saint Edwards Catholic School.

inhabited the region   (habitó la región)

Noongar people have inhabited the region for tens of thousands of years.

Archaeological evidence confirms that by the second millennium BCE, rice-cultivating communities inhabited the region.