İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

required to register   (kaydolmak için gerekli)

After 1937 these groups were required to register as Tajiks.

Traditional indigenous religions are not required to register.

All TCM practitioners in Hong Kong are required to register with the Council.

not register   (kayıt değil)

He did not register an extra-base hit.

He did not register an extra-base hit, and did not drive in a run.

They would not register him as master, however, unless he brought her into port.

register to vote   (oy vermek için kayıt ol)

He also helped adult men of color of both groups to register to vote.

The deadline to register to vote remained midnight on November 23, 2018.

She advocates that adults register to vote and vote, and that children pre-register.

cash register   (yazarkasa)

The ticket counter serves as the cash register area.

A drawer from a cash register was in the back of the van.

The robbers removed all of $133.97 from the cash register.

failed to register   (kayıt başarısız)

Davis was arrested in 1599 because Barley had failed to register as a bookseller with Oxford University.

He failed to register for official league match due to transfer slot limit and played for reserve team instead.

Before 2004, it was common for police to fine those having failed to register within 3 working days at a place of stay.

naval register   (deniz sicili)

In 1919 the British naval register was closed.

On 29 February 1908, she was stricken from the naval register.

In 1908, she was stricken from the naval register and converted into a barracks ship.

upper register   (üst kayıt)

It also lets the player play for an extended time in the upper register.

The dolçaina's effective range is divided into two registers, middle register and upper register.

The upper register of the middle panel is the center of the mural and depicts the solemn scene of investiture.

lower register   (alt kayıt)

She is shown greeting Ra and Osiris in the lower register.

Keys were added to the flute, and the taper was changed to strengthen its lower register.

The lower register is symmetrical, and symbolizes the fertility and prosperity of the coming reign of Zimri-Lim.

gross register   (brüt kayıt)

The ship had a gross register tonnage (GRT) of 756 tons.

The vessel had a gross register tonnage (GRT) of 6,893 tons.

When launched, "Mona's Isle" measured 339 gross register tons (grt).

did not register   (kayıt olmadı)

He did not register an extra-base hit.

He did not register an extra-base hit, and did not drive in a run.

In Cunha's case, he did not register international matches played for the Southeast Asian country.

parish register   (kilise kayıt defteri)

In the parish register, his surname was spelled "Woolcot".

In addition, Augvald is mentioned in the Avaldsnes parish register, and in local Karmøy legends.

Ditton parish register has as its opening words, "The Register book of Ditton beginning Anno Dom.

heritage register   (miras sicili)

The building is listed as a historic monument in the Bavarian heritage register.

The church was listed on the North Sydney Council local government heritage register on 2 August 2013.

These six houses were the basis of Boyes' residential real estate and all still exist today and are listed on the National Trust (Victoria) heritage register.

register file   (kayıt dosyası)

The register file took up most of that space.

The number of registers per register file was also considered, with 32 and 64 being contenders.

Two data buses write data from the register file to the two CACHE dies that implement the data cache.