İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

reinforcements arrived   (takviye geldi)

It was a trick to win time while Edigu's reinforcements arrived.

Two battalions of reinforcements arrived in time to prevent a rout.

Fierce fighting erupted there after British reinforcements arrived.

sent reinforcements   (gönderilen takviyeler)

Massoud sent reinforcements.

On 14 June, the following day the Turkish military sent reinforcements to Idlib.

The Spanish settlement at Tocuyo sent reinforcements to Nueva Segovia de Barquisimeto.

received reinforcements   (alınan takviyeler)

In September, Pskov even received reinforcements from Moscow.

Meanwhile, Fardaghan received reinforcements from Khorasan according to Aufi.

However, in 1062, the Minamoto received reinforcements, and Sadato faced them for the last time.

send reinforcements   (takviye göndermek)

Your Majesty should quickly send reinforcements to help them."

Umar then ordered Utbah ibn Ghazwan to send reinforcements to Khulayd.

The French agreed to send reinforcements to assist the Belgians under Marshal Étienne Gérard.