relation between   (間の関係)

No one knows the reason or relation between them.

The relation between the interred is disputed.

The relation between BQP and NP is not known.

no relation   (関係なし)

It has no relation to the UK show of the same name.

He has no relation, however, to Billy Swan.

He is no relation to the younger entertainer MC Trung Kiên.

equivalence relation   (等価関係)

This equivalence relation is known as the kernel of .

Likewise, ker(ker) is an equivalence relation on "X"^"X".

This relation is an equivalence relation.

relation to other   (他との関係)

The area is central in relation to other Coal Measures in southern Britain.

The following grid shows Mawbray's location in relation to other nearby places:

The church's history and relation to other churches may be summarised in four defining moments.

close relation   (密接な関係)

A chain of ancient references show the close relation between the two peoples.

The incisors of this species were procumbant, suggesting a close relation to "Pithecia".

Adult moths of "N. casanova" are very similar in appearance to its close relation "N. elegans".

particularly in relation   (特に関係で)

In Hasting's plan Indians were to be governed by Indian principles, particularly in relation to the law.

This period also witnessed significant changes to women's property rights, particularly in relation to their marital status.

He was also re-elected in 1997, and helped to reform family law, particularly in relation to alimony, and the 35-hour working week.

recurrence relation   (再発関係)

Thus is a recurrence relation for the error.

A common method in this form of modelling is to use recurrence relation.

Using the above recurrence relation, all higher can be expressed as polynomials in and .

binary relation

It is also simply called a binary relation over "X".

The relations are given as a (finite) binary relation on .

A binary relation is equal to its converse if and only if it is symmetric.

especially in relation

Philippe recalls his youth with guilt, especially in relation to Cécile.

New elements were also included, especially in relation to the rich Akkadian mythology.

The plan, called Plan" Zero," helped generate even higher inflation, especially in relation to the goods imported.

used in relation

Two terms are used in relation to the subject: women-writing and women's writing.

It is also being used in relation to thematics such as 'Circles of Child Wellbeing' (with World Vision).

In general, the less that is used in relation to the whole, the more likely the use will be considered fair.

dispersion relation   (分散関係)

The frequency ω as a function of k is the dispersion relation.

The notion of group velocity is based on a linear approximation to the dispersion relation formula_30 near a particular value of formula_31.

The shape of the miniband dispersion influences miniband transport profoundly and accurate dispersion relation calculations are required given wide minibands.

relation to each

Both lists above can used in a cross-cutting matrix in relation to each other.

These three persons are typically distinguished by their relation to each other.

His logic of Dhamma was intended to influence the conduct of categories of people, in relation to each other.