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relationship between   (arasındaki ilişki)

Not much is known about the relationship between them.

It deals with the relationship between faith and reason.

What is the relationship between Young-jae and the woman?

close relationship   (yakın ilişki)

Husband and wife would soon have a close relationship.

Lovelace did not have a close relationship with her mother.

Since then Waters and Clapton have had a close relationship.

romantic relationship   (romantik ilişki)

Roy and Kelly have a brief romantic relationship.

He also had a romantic relationship with Black Mamba.

The two engaged in a romantic relationship.

working relationship   (iş ilişkisi)

Instead they forged an amiable working relationship.

Their working relationship was productive and stress-free.

Skeldon continued to have a working relationship with the team.

sexual relationship   (cinsel ilişki)

The two eventually embark on a sexual relationship.

It was later revealed that the two had a sexual relationship.

He confesses that he and Laura Palmer had a sexual relationship.

good relationship   (iyi ilişki)

2) Bowie and Whately formed a good relationship.

He had also good relationship with Sigismund Báthory.

Clay said that he and Henry share a good relationship.

began a relationship

Later that year, he began a relationship with Lydia Night.

Perry began a relationship with actress Sara Gilbert in 2011.

When I began a relationship with Zimmerman, I said, this is it.

personal relationship   (kişisel ilişki)

She characterized her own personal relationship with Welles as motherly.

Rommel and Hitler had a close and genuine, if complicated, personal relationship.

Fairuz and the brothers agreed to end their professional and personal relationship in 1979.

strong relationship

It bears a strong relationship to vowel length.

Ghana has a strong relationship with the United States.

They have a strong relationship with their maid Gumara (Aurora Alonso).

strained relationship   (Gergin İlişki)

Early in the series, Roz and Frasier have a rather strained relationship.

The attacks have damaged India's already strained relationship with Pakistan.

He attributed his leaving Newcastle to a "strained relationship" with manager Bobby Robson.

special relationship   (özel ilişki)

And I have a special relationship with Toba, Cée and with a Costa da Morte."

Kruse has a special relationship to the Schleswig-Holstein festival "Jazz Baltica".

According to Filiu, Husayn's elimination was a result of this "special relationship".

close relationship between

The confusion is likely due to the close relationship between Google and StopBadware.

The close relationship between exchangeable sequences of random variables and the i.i.d.

Morphological studies have suggested a close relationship between Boryaceae and Blandfordiaceae.

previous relationship

He had a daughter from a previous relationship.

John also has a daughter from a previous relationship.

He has third grown child from a previous relationship.

new relationship   (yeni ilişki)

As of October 2018, King is in a new relationship.

Russia and the United States are charting a new relationship."

Alexa states "When I wrote "Somebody Out There", I had just started a new relationship.

begins a relationship

Ana begins a relationship with the man in the park.

Lucas begins a relationship with Chloe Lane.

Sipowicz begins a relationship with A.D.A.

symbiotic relationship   (simbiyotik ilişki)

Termites and protists have a symbiotic relationship (e.g.

The plant has a symbiotic relationship with carpenter bees.

It was a very symbiotic relationship.".

relationship ended

Their five-year relationship ended in January 2007.

The relationship ended when INXS returned to Australia.

Their six-year relationship ended in 2009.

professional relationship

She formed a professional relationship with Peter Ling.

Their professional relationship eventually evolved into an intimate one.

He began a professional relationship with the London-based art agency Debut Art.

intimate relationship   (yakın ilişki)

It is believed this was the only intimate relationship Satie ever had.

Electrical engineering has an intimate relationship with the physical sciences.

These religious also struggled for a deeply personal, intimate relationship with God.

business relationship   (iş ilişkisi)

Valerie and Havok enter in a business relationship.

In many instances, the potential partner might not be interested in forming a business relationship.

The two had a loving and business relationship, and in 1995 they formed KLOCK WORK Entertainment together.

no relationship

In his defense, he assured that he had no relationship with the company.

There is no relationship between the two stations except for the frequency.

It has no relationship to the Mumbai-based charitable trust of the same name.

begin a relationship   (ilişki başlatmak)

This time, they appear to begin a relationship.

They eventually begin a relationship following Tiger Cubs II.

Kathy's feelings for Chris grow and they begin a relationship.

direct relationship

There is a direct relationship between the increase of mating and the decrease in female's lifespan.

There is no direct relationship between "β"-mixing and "ρ"-mixing: neither of them implies the other.

While alcohol use correlates positively with crimes and violence, there is no simple, causal and direct relationship.

difficult relationship

Zhao Yanzu is a successful man suffering from a difficult relationship with his parents.

Trinity's Catholicism made for a difficult relationship with the Crown following Pope's death.

He has a difficult relationship with a woman named Poppy, being unable to completely commit to her.

friendly relationship

He also having a good friendly relationship with Juan Pablo Sorin.

Nowadays, Italy and Japan enjoy a cordial and friendly relationship.

Their frequent collaborations have resulted in the two developing a friendly relationship.

ended their relationship

They ended their relationship in September 2011.

Theron ended their relationship in June 2015.

They ended their relationship in April 2017.

complex relationship

She and her husband Li Fuzhong have a very complex relationship.

Some studies show a more complex relationship between erotic capital and race.

It has a complex relationship with the discipline of economics, of which it is highly critical.

brief relationship

She had a relatively brief relationship with actor Laurence Harvey, a man 22 years her junior.

Semple came to know the novelist Elizabeth Sarah Gooch, with whom he had a brief relationship.

After a brief relationship with Munira, Wanja once again grows disillusioned and leaves Ilmorog.

long relationship   (uzun ilişki)

He had a long relationship with the United States Navy.

Andorra and Spain have an unusual and long relationship.

In May 2013, Robinson ended his long relationship with DC Comics.

closer relationship

49% of voters chose a closer relationship with the United States via Commonwealth.

President Alexander Lukashenko sought to develop a closer relationship with Russia.

However, he may not have intended to imply a closer relationship among those languages.

positive relationship   (Olumlu ilişki)

He noted: Huber added, "I want the relationship on the show to be a positive relationship.

He wrote that "Tears of Joy" was "a soaring reflection on how a good, positive relationship is truly something to be celebrated.

Eisenhower later emphasized that too much had been made of the disagreements with MacArthur, and that a positive relationship endured.

relationship management

These systems are also used for customer relationship management (CRM).

It is generally a part of company's customer relationship management infrastructure.

Customer relationship management was popularized in 1997, due to the work of Siebel, Gartner, and IBM.

started a relationship

He then started a relationship with Aishath Rishmy.

Puyol started a relationship with Vanessa Lorenzo in 2012.

In September 2010, he started a relationship with model Malena Costa.

close working relationship

Pelly soon developed a close working relationship with his fighter escorts.

Alpha Omega Epsilon enjoys a close working relationship with its male counterpart, Sigma Phi Delta (ΣΦΔ).

Later she began working for "Vogue", forming a close working relationship with photographer Terence Donovan.

start a relationship

Maxine kisses Damon and they start a relationship.

Halley and Macon eventually start a relationship.

Franck meets Manie through Bruno and they start a relationship.

relationship with fellow   (arkadaş ile ilişki)

While in the house, Jase had a romantic relationship with fellow HouseGuest Holly.

Since 2000, Kwade has been in a relationship with fellow artist Gregor Hildebrandt.

Kournikova was in a relationship with fellow Russian, Pavel Bure, an NHL ice hockey player.

s relationship

Xu Sanguan’s relationship with Yi Le is mended as a result.

Xu Sanguan’s relationship with Yi Le becomes tumultuous as a result.

During the 1950s Australia’s relationship with Taiwan was not particularly close.

customer relationship   (müşteri ilişkileri)

These systems are also used for customer relationship management (CRM).

It is generally a part of company's customer relationship management infrastructure.

Companies that have mastered customer relationship strategies have the most successful CRM programs.

causal relationship   (nedensel ilişki)

Answering yes asserts the existence of a causal relationship.

Legal causation is the "causal relationship between conduct and result".

Grossman has argued for a causal relationship between schooling and health.

starts a relationship

Dave later starts a relationship with Kathy.

Maxine starts a relationship with Adam.

She starts a relationship with Leo.

relationship among

Each village is organized according to the relationship among individual patriline.

However, he may not have intended to imply a closer relationship among those languages.

A family tree that defines the father-son relationship among Batak people is called "tarombo".

s relationship

Xu Sanguan’s relationship with Yi Le is mended as a result.

Xu Sanguan’s relationship with Yi Le becomes tumultuous as a result.

During the 1950s Australia’s relationship with Taiwan was not particularly close.

abusive relationship   (tacizkar ilişki)

Their abusive relationship is portrayed in her 2016 biopic "."

Sandra is also trapped in an abusive relationship with the carnival owner Frank (also played by Patton).

Her character was involved in an abusive relationship with Lex, however they later married and she became pregnant.

serious relationship

They agree that neither of them want a serious relationship.

She also began a serious relationship with Guy Ritchie in 1999.

The pair share a passionate kiss and begin a serious relationship.

relationship with another   (başka biriyle ilişki)

Show that I can have a relationship with another person.

All inalienable nouns have an obligatory possessed relationship with another noun.

Daria had a relationship with another "Dom-2" participant, Rustam Solntsev, but broke up with him.

end their relationship

They both decide to end their relationship and remain friends.

Terese then decides to end their relationship and confesses her love for Paul.

They then amicably decide to end their relationship as Xavier returns to Summer Bay.

troubled relationship   (sorunlu ilişki)

Danny has a troubled relationship with Howard.

In the video, Blige finds herself up late worrying about a troubled relationship.

Some of negative opinions of the later philosopher about women may be rooted in his troubled relationship with his mother.

lesbian relationship

Previous to this relationship, Hall had not lived publicly in a lesbian relationship.

From 1940 to 1991, she lived in a lesbian relationship with her cooperator Hedy Böhmer.

This episode is also notable for an early television treatment of a lesbian relationship.

complicated relationship   (karmaşık ilişki)

Winogrand had a complicated relationship with women.

Despite their victory, Cornelia is deeply heartbroken when Caleb left her due to their complicated relationship.

He is now married to Susan, with whom he has a complicated relationship, seemingly because of her mother, Lady Daly.

bilateral relationship   (ikili ilişki)

St. James has a well-established bilateral relationship with St Mary's College, Dublin.

Bangladesh's most politically-important bilateral relationship is with neighbouring India.

Australia and Brunei Darussalam enjoy a warm, and increasingly diverse bilateral relationship.

ends their relationship

Zoey angrily confronts Arrow and ends their relationship.

When Mishti discovers the truth she ends their relationship.

April later ends their relationship and they agree to remain friends.

relationship with other   (diğerleriyle ilişki)

Whipple's close relationship with other Boston-area authors occasionally tinted his reviews.

Educational psychology can in part be understood through its relationship with other disciplines.

relationship with actress

Perry began a relationship with actress Sara Gilbert in 2011.

He is in a romantic relationship with actress Klaudia Tiitsmaa.

O'Brien started a relationship with actress Nicola Stephenson in 1991.

relationship when   (ilişki ne zaman)

Tao and melody were in a relationship when Tao was 16 years old.

Chevalier says Winfrey ended the relationship when she met Stedman Graham.

Fissures occur in a married couple's relationship when they are unable to conceive a child.

developed a relationship

He also did work for Hitachi and developed a relationship with its president.

However, after a few races they developed a relationship and began to win races.

Lynch later developed a relationship with Mary Sweeney, with whom he had one son, Riley.

explores the relationship   (ilişkiyi araştırır)

His research also explores the relationship between information technologies and health.

The play explores the relationship between painter Dora Carrington and author Lytton Strachey.

The book explores the relationship between the two kids and the recreation of a world as a utopia.

past relationship

Sam, a friend of Neville's, tells him about Valerie's past relationship with Carmedon.

Hope sees the kiss and tells Caroline not to use her past relationship and feelings for Thomas in order to get ahead in the company.

Tom's suspicions come from Jackie's likeness to Jack, sharing the names John Jacob and knowing of Ruth's past relationship with Jack.

customer relationship management   (müşteri ilişkileri yönetimi)

These systems are also used for customer relationship management (CRM).

It is generally a part of company's customer relationship management infrastructure.

Gartner estimates that poor quality data causes failure in up to 50% of customer relationship management systems.

family relationship   (aile ilişkisi)

The Capetians generally enjoyed a harmonious family relationship.

Her family relationship with J.

Darwin anticipated that a possible resolution to the paradox might lie in the close family relationship, which W.D.

homosexual relationship

Yes, why should someone in a homosexual relationship be better than a thief?"

The most openly homosexual relationship in Swann's stories is also the most controversial.

A study in 1966 noted that 21 percent of the females inmates had a voluntary homosexual relationship.

whose relationship

Paula's husband, whose relationship is strained due to lack of communication.

Robin offers to babysit Marvin with Nick, and she and Ted wind up arguing about whose relationship is better.

Armand and Juliette, whose relationship has often been tempestuous, arrive and announce that they too have finally decided to marry.

incestuous relationship   (ensest ilişkisi)

Rumours persisted that he was the product of an incestuous relationship.

In his teens he committed his first sin, by indulging in an incestuous relationship with his mother.

Kevan rebuffs Jaime's efforts, and implies that he knows of Jaime and Cersei's incestuous relationship.

secret relationship

Branwell entered into a secret relationship with his employer's wife, Lydia Robinson.

Huey and Felicia have been carrying on a secret relationship since the day she sang live on the radio.

While they kept their relationship a secret, Ching Yeuk Chan steadily grew tired of their secret relationship.

romantic relationship between

Most scholars agree that there was no romantic relationship between Pocahontas and Smith.

The film focuses on a romantic relationship between a girl diagnosed with mental illness and her psychiatrist.

relationship because   (ilişki çünkü)

However, Carmen and Rafael are against the relationship because Maria is poor.

Elmaloglou was shocked when producers told her about the relationship because she could not imagine them together.

Many people in Balingen—even Eckenfelder's relatives—turned a blind eye to the relationship because they found it embarrassing.

genetic relationship

No modern breeds have any known genetic relationship with extant dogs.

He supported the hypothesis of a genetic relationship of the Basque and Georgian language.

It argues for a north–south linguistic genetic relationship between Chinese and Austronesian.

failed relationship

Lyrically, it finds Swift falling in love again after a failed relationship.

In later years (after leaving Amber) he had a failed relationship with Caitlin Ramirez.

"Best of Me" is a power ballad about a failed relationship and how to not let others knock you down.

relationship became

Their relationship became strained by the 1850s.

Their relationship became the source of many of his poems.

The couple's working relationship became personal and resulted in marriage the following year.

having a relationship   (bir ilişki yaşamak)

Andy and Debbie were having a relationship but kept it secret.

In his valley lived a priest who was having a relationship with a young girl.

Claus Theo and Sarah had been having a relationship for 6 years prior to the wedding.

relationship becomes

Their relationship becomes even more troubled with the introduction of Macoy.

Towards the end of season three, Paula finds out about Rebecca's lies, and their relationship becomes strained once again.

The two are old friends who have grown up together, but their relationship becomes complicated when they each start dating other people.

linear relationship

In general, a linear relationship between two second-order tensors is a fourth-order tensor.

This linear relationship was described by Robert Hooke in 1676, for whom Hooke's law is named.

The linear relationship between the MSD and time "t" allows for graphical methods to determine the diffusivity constant "D".

working relationship between

It has the start of the working relationship between Los Angeles' FBI field office and Charlie Eppes.

Following the protest, AOL terminated the online working relationship between itself and several of the Community Leaders involved.

As part of a working relationship between Ice Ribbon and JWP, Narumiya made her debut for JWP on July 8, losing to Hanako Nakamori.

inverse relationship   (ters ilişki)

He found that there was an inverse relationship between the distance and the formation of a relationship.

There exists an inverse relationship between the level of education and the social significance of religion.

The inverse relationship with the radius of curvature shows that half the radial distance requires twice the force.

poor relationship   (zayıf ilişki)

As Costas stated on Ken Burns' "Baseball", he had a very poor relationship with his father.

Despite his reputation in the NYPD, Ruditsky had a poor relationship with the Los Angeles Police Department.

As Tsesarevich—and then as Tsar—Alexander had an extremely poor relationship with his brother Grand Duke Vladimir.

exact relationship

The exact relationship differs across cultural and national contexts.

The exact relationship between the "Austkylfur" and the anti-Harald coalition is unknown.

The exact relationship and placement of Warlock's Walk relative to the other published levels of Maure Castle remains unknown.

loving relationship   (sevgi dolu ilişki)

However, the two have a loving relationship.

Without knowing that they are mother and daughter, they develop a very special, loving relationship.

They formed a close friendship, which resulted in a loving relationship, and they married on 24 December 1801.