Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

relatively small   (relativamente pequeño)

Abalones reach maturity at a relatively small size.

These animals were relatively small and aquatic.

The sect is relatively small, with about 70 members.

relatively low   (relativamente bajo)

It flies relatively low over the ground and hovers.

As governor, Williams kept a relatively low profile.

The gem value of goshenite is relatively low.

relatively high   (relativamente alto)

Belize has relatively high rates of violent crime.

subway tunnels) and relatively high ridership.

MCFCs also have relatively high efficiencies.

relatively short   (relativamente corto)

Winters are relatively short lived, mild, and wet.

It is a relatively short period of the cell cycle.

After a relatively short life a new bridge was needed.

relatively large   (relativamente grande)

There is a relatively large expatriate community.

The church is relatively large and richly designed.

The newborns are relatively large, measuring about long.

relatively new   (relativamente nuevo)

Baltimore's Hispanic population is relatively new.

It is thought to be a relatively new carbon star.

In 1988, however, this was a relatively new concept.

relatively few   (relativamente pocas)

A. Atlanticus has relatively few parasites.

There are relatively few Shi'a in Guinea.

relatively little   (relativamente poco)

Elected politicians have relatively little sway over Algeria.

The Orangeburg killings received relatively little media coverage.

During the firing process, the potter has relatively little control.

relatively simple   (relativamente simple)

The problem shown is a relatively simple example.

Tools are known to have been relatively simple.

It, too, started with relatively simple gaming ideas.

relatively easy   (relativamente fácil)

Deleting records from a database is relatively easy.

Tuning in this register is relatively easy.

This made it relatively easy to score and arrange a song.

relatively rare   (relativamente raro)

Push-button tuning was relatively rare at this time.

Private person-to-person Netmail was relatively rare.

Personal Chapter 11 bankruptcies are relatively rare.

relatively unknown   (relativamente desconocido)

However, despite the awards he is relatively unknown, even in Mexico.

The protein function is relatively unknown and is highly conserved in mammals.

Kerala was a relatively unknown state among tourist circles until the early 1960s.

remained relatively   (permaneció relativamente)

Many clan levies, however, would have remained relatively poorly armed.

Despite the artillery bombardments the position remained relatively intact.

It remained relatively prosperous until the end of the Ottoman occupation (1912).

relatively flat   (relativamente plano)

Burkina Faso is therefore a relatively flat country.

Chancheng lies on relatively flat land.

relatively recent   (relativamente reciente)

Fruit production is a relatively recent activity.

The name "La Guardia" is relatively recent.

The name Bodmin Moor is relatively recent.

relatively common   (relativamente comun)

Stub thumbs are also relatively common in Japan.

Fractions are relatively common, especially .

It is a relatively common rockfish of the Pacific coast.

relatively long   (relativamente largo)

The legs are relatively long and heavily hairy.

The caudal fin is relatively long and contains 14 rays.

It has a slow growth rate and relatively long lifespan.

relatively young   (relativamente joven)

After all, he was a relatively young (38) and vigorous man.

She died at a relatively young age.

In 1782, Allen's brother Heber died at the relatively young age of 38.

relatively minor   (relativamente menor)

Tancred's own influence on the genre has been relatively minor.

Grain size has been shown to be of relatively minor importance.

Crawford appears as a relatively minor character in the book "Hannibal".

relatively stable   (relativamente estable)

Holocene climate has been relatively stable.

The angle of Earth's axial tilt is relatively stable over long periods of time.

Generally, work engagement is conceptualized as a relatively stable phenomenon.

relatively close   (relativamente cerca)

FaZe defeated EnVyUs in a relatively close match.

NGC 1316 is a relatively close radio galaxy.

This relatively close packing leads to a high density of 5.73 g/cm.

relatively poor   (relativamente pobre)

The German soil is relatively poor in raw materials.

He was dropped after the 2nd Test after a relatively poor series.

English is taught in high school, but the standard is relatively poor.

still relatively   (todavía relativamente)

The area was still relatively open at that time.

Argentina's wine route is still relatively new.

Although gene therapy is still relatively new, it has had some successes.

relatively late   (relativamente tarde)

The imagines occur relatively late from July to September

Dockett started football relatively late.

The area remained pagan relatively late.

relatively weak   (relativamente débil)

However, it was a reactive and relatively weak institution.

Like estriol, estetrol is a relatively weak and atypical estrogen.

It is a relatively weak estrogen, with much lower activity than estradiol.

relatively well   (relativamente bien)

The fisheries in northern Australia are relatively well managed.

His court is relatively well known.

The model, a Mercedes-Benz A-Class competitor, sold relatively well in Europe.

relatively narrow   (relativamente estrecho)

It has a relatively narrow body with a rough, grainy texture.

The epicenters of the recorded aftershocks formed a relatively narrow band.

Poor ground visibility and relatively narrow landing gear track caused many losses on the ground.

relatively slow   (relativamente lento)

Therefore, carbon burial rates are relatively slow in the open ocean.

The relatively slow speed of AppleTalk allowed further reductions in cost.

When gameplay begins, the Vic Viper is relatively slow and has only a weak gun.

relatively small number   (número relativamente pequeño)

Each play is discrete and has a relatively small number of possible outcomes.

A relatively small number of masculine nouns have a nominative singular ending in a vowel.

The maximum possible number of six-digit passwords is one million, a relatively small number.

relatively inexpensive   (relativamente barato)

The firm focused on designs for relatively inexpensive houses on small lots, such as this.

Liquid argon is also relatively inexpensive, making large-scale projects economically feasible.

A "kotatsu" is a relatively inexpensive way to stay warm in the winter, as the futons trap the warm air.

relatively mild   (relativamente suave)

Bleeding from an AVM can be relatively mild or devastating.

In visbreaking, a relatively mild thermal cracking operation is performed.

Compared to other areas of the Bavarian Forest, the climate is relatively mild.

relatively good   (relativamente bueno)

The steel industry remained in relatively good shape.

This reactivity exploits the relatively good stability of "PhSn·"

The type thus had a relatively good mobility for the early thirties.

relatively early   (relativamente temprano)

The EJ&E underwent dieselization relatively early.

It is a relatively early example of a rigid-frame bridge in Michigan.

The income from the show made Tietjens financially independent at a relatively early age.

relatively quiet   (relativamente tranquilo)

The situation around the town then became relatively quiet.

From then on, news of the upcoming game was relatively quiet.

Ever since, the matches between the two teams have been relatively quiet.

relatively intact   (relativamente intacto)

In addition, the tramway run is relatively intact."

Despite the artillery bombardments the position remained relatively intact.

It has historic significance as a relatively intact complex of rural buildings.

relatively recently   (relativamente reciente)

It has been an open area until relatively recently.

The river did not gain its current name until relatively recently.

Farmers and herders appeared in the vicinity of Hadzaland relatively recently.

relatively light   (relativamente ligero)

suffered only relatively light losses to its fleet during World War II.

Both Denmark and Norway were occupied by Germany with relatively light casualties.

Winds were relatively light, with gusts between along the northern shores of Lake Okeechobee.

relatively quickly   (relativamente rápido)

This means that the cores of the planets could have formed relatively quickly.

This means they will lose velocity relatively quickly, limiting their effective range.

About 10% of absorbed radiocaesium washes out of the body relatively quickly in sweat and urine.

relatively shallow   (relativamente poco profundo)

The lake is relatively shallow, with a maximum depth of .

The hull was long and narrow, with a relatively shallow draft.

It is also relatively shallow and warmer than the other Finger Lakes.

relatively safe   (relativamente seguro)

It appears to be relatively safe during pregnancy.

Estrogens and other steroids are relatively safe in overdose.

Astral Oil was a high-quality kerosene used in lamps and noted for being relatively safe.

relatively modest   (relativamente modesto)

Progesterone was studied in the treatment of breast cancer in 1951 and 1952, but with relatively modest results.

For example, some supermarkets would treat the relatively modest fines arising as a business cost and open nonetheless.

In the middle of 2009, the annual drop of the GDP for 2009 was estimated around 3% or 4.3%, a relatively modest decrease.

relatively successful   (relativamente exitoso)

The village has a relatively successful sporting tradition in football.

"Seven Year Itch" received decent reviews and was relatively successful.

The album was relatively successful, and the band continued to gain popularity.

relatively constant   (relativamente constante)

Mammary glands remain relatively constant throughout life.

The river's discharge averaged over the year is , and the river's flow is relatively constant.

The town features relatively constant temperatures year-round, with average temperature hovering around .

relatively uncommon   (relativamente poco común)

In 1993, this relatively uncommon practice was discontinued.

Snowfall is relatively uncommon.

The once-widespread Beef Shorthorn is now a relatively uncommon sight.

relatively more   (relativamente más)

Folding is relatively more complicated than for a Brompton and takes slightly longer.

While the dogs did show signs of stress, they did not refuse to perform the task relatively more.

Items registering a greater than average price increase (or smaller decrease) become relatively more important.

remains relatively   (permanece relativamente)

Contemporary Acoma culture remains relatively closed, however.

GTL is viable provided gas remains relatively cheaper than oil.

This area of study in general, however, remains relatively unexplored.

relatively cheap   (relativamente barato)

Olbrich's own house was relatively cheap at 75,000 Mark.

Stranded gas provides relatively cheap gas.

In Syndal, housing was often on subdivided farmland and relatively cheap.

relatively unchanged   (relativamente sin cambios)

In 2005, the size of the system was relatively unchanged.

Support among people over 60, however, remained relatively unchanged (14% to 15%).

The Budweiser bottle has remained relatively unchanged since its introduction in 1876.

relatively limited   (relativamente limitado)

Documentation of the clinical effectiveness is available, although relatively limited.

Research done on signature whistle usage by other dolphin species is relatively limited.

Mahorn gained a reputation for physical play, which he used to compensate for his relatively limited leaping ability.

relatively free   (relativamente libre)

Newspapers are relatively free of government pressure.

Latin word order Latin word order is relatively free.

Georgia was relatively free from warfare until late 1863.

relatively strong   (relativamente fuerte)

Deprotonation requires relatively strong bases, such as alkoxides.

The outer bands produced relatively strong winds in Palm Beach County.

Many of the Allied generals were hesitant to attack such a relatively strong position.

relatively isolated   (relativamente aislado)

They were relatively isolated from slaves and worked to preserve their free status.

For most of his time in the mountains, he worked alone and was relatively isolated.

It lies to the northeast of the crater Harding, but is otherwise relatively isolated.

relatively small size   (tamaño relativamente pequeño)

Abalones reach maturity at a relatively small size.

This inn is of a relatively small size, with only one stable room.

They attributed the relatively small size of the effect to individual differences.

relatively brief   (relativamente breve)

Betty Lou had a relatively brief performing career.

This was the third no contest in Mathis Jr.'s relatively brief career.

Bardot's appearance was relatively brief and the film was not a big hit.

relatively peaceful   (relativamente pacífico)

The early years of the fort were relatively peaceful.

The boat's seventh patrol was relatively peaceful with no contacts.

Some encounters were violent, while others were relatively peaceful.

relatively expensive   (relativamente caro)

These procedures are relatively expensive.

Mobile-telephone access to the Internet via 3G and 3.75G is still relatively expensive.

The dish is challenging because of its relatively expensive ingredients and its slow preparation.

relatively dry   (relativamente seco)

Winters are relatively dry and chilly with cold wind.

He uses a relatively dry style of writing.

Lampang has a relatively dry climate relative to nearby provinces.

relatively easily   (relativamente fácil)

It can be relatively easily ascended over the Ober Hüfifirn glacier.

As hydrogen bonds are not covalent, they can be broken and rejoined relatively easily.

Men could relatively easily push floating logs into position to be lifted by the hoist.

remain relatively   (permanecer relativamente)

Mammary glands remain relatively constant throughout life.

The band never had commercial success in the US, where they remain relatively unknown.

Lake City would remain relatively remote and suburban from Seattle until years after WWII.

relatively short time   (tiempo relativamente corto)

Cooley and Tukey published the paper in a relatively short time of six months.

WR 46 exhibits complex variability on relatively short time scales of a few hours.

On Raivavae, Gonzalo and Skjolsvold performed a prodigious amount of archaeological work in a relatively short time.

relatively modern   (relativamente moderno)

Gara de Nord is a relatively modern station.

A relatively modern iteration of the Scottish-Irish name Murdoch.

It was offered in Europe with the relatively modern 1.9-L JTD diesel engine.

relatively short period   (período relativamente corto)

It is a relatively short period of the cell cycle.

in a relatively short period of time.

A man on these skates could travel long distances in a relatively short period of time.

relatively obscure   (relativamente oscuro)

His wife and offspring are relatively obscure, and may have died early.

Ambiorix remained a relatively obscure figure until the nineteenth century.

For a long time, he was treated as a relatively obscure figure in the history of science.

relatively thin   (relativamente delgado)

These blades are long and and relatively thin.

Brazing thus allowed relatively thin walled, lightweight tubes to be used without loss of strength.

This is a popular method for adding strong, load-bearing threads to a relatively thin piece of soft sheet metal.

relatively straightforward   (relativamente sencillo)

Getting a second opinion about cancer treatment or diagnosis is relatively straightforward.

The plot is relatively straightforward and is most easily compared to that of the Casina, which also revolves around a conflict between the "adulescens" and "senex".

Common filter response specifications are described as follows: Meeting a frequency response requirement with an FIR filter uses relatively straightforward procedures.

relatively young age   (edad relativamente joven)

She died at a relatively young age.

In 1782, Allen's brother Heber died at the relatively young age of 38.

Eadgyth's death in 946 at a relatively young age, in her thirties, was unexpected.

relatively less   (relativamente menos)

In the early 1840s the UK was relatively less affected than the rest of Europe.

Compared to other species of octopus, the "O. joubini" color patterning is relatively less complex.

This was not the case in Bille even as intermarriage was relatively less between the Bille people and other clans.

relatively fast   (relativamente rápido)

Because of its relatively fast current, it was used to clean skins, and rinse chemicals from the processed product.

Making his first-class debut on 14 August 1890 in a match against Sussex, he scored 108 runs on a difficult pitch in a relatively fast time of two hours.

This caused a major alarm in the European Union, but due to relatively fast response and slow accumulation of dioxins in humans there were no health impacts.

relatively low cost   (costo relativamente bajo)

It is also possible to build such a system at relatively low cost.

The genetically engineered bacteria are able to produce large quantities of synthetic human insulin at relatively low cost.

India was a main destination for surrogacy because of the relatively low cost until international surrogacy was outlawed in 2015.

relatively warm   (relativamente cálido)

The climate of Franconia is sunny and relatively warm.

The Devonian was a relatively warm period, and probably lacked any glaciers.

Autumn generally begins in September, which is still relatively warm and dry.

relatively cool   (relativamente genial)

The spectral type is M2IIIa, meaning it is a relatively cool giant star.

Northeastern trade winds keep this tropical island relatively cool and dry.

It requires relatively cool and moist oceanic climates, and an open canopy.

relatively wide   (relativamente ancho)

Its leaves are imparipinnate, with relatively wide pinnae.

The inner walls are relatively wide, and have slumped inward along the edges.

The distal phalanges are cone-shaped in most mammals, including most primates, but relatively wide and flat in humans.

relatively level   (relativamente nivelado)

Parts of the interior floor are relatively level and featureless.

The interior floor is relatively level, particularly near the center.

The interior floor of Wilhelm is relatively level, with a rougher area to the northeast.