release date   (発売日)

The release date for Polda 7 is currently unknown.

The first issue was given a November release date.

Three days before the official release date, M.I.A.

press release   (プレスリリース)

No agent, press release, or any other intermediary.

See the press release and Gartner's view for details.

The game was announced in a press release on 10/09/98.

first release   (最初のリリース)

Mahi's first release in 2014 is "Ki Darun Dekhte".

'Greetings From N.Y.' was Laundry's first release.

Their first release "More Than Ever" was in 1991.

theatrical release   (劇場公開)

The film had a limited theatrical release in 2012.

However, the film did not see a theatrical release.

However, before the film's theatrical release, E!

album release   (アルバムリリース)

The last album release was "Spark of life" (2002).

Years stated are for their initial album release.

The album release was subsequently postponed.

single release

The album spawned one single release, "Love Is the Thing".

Beasley released the debut single release "80 Stings" in 2017.

Their second single release "Sorrow and Pain" was less successful.

limited release   (限定発売)

This was put out in limited release on AST Records.

It also received a limited release in some countries.

"Birdy" opened in limited release on December 12, 1984.

official release

The last official release was version 0.6 in 1999.

Three days before the official release date, M.I.A.

It is the only official release by the Wheat Chiefs.

original release

The solo on the original release is by Molly Duncan.

The original release contained the Czech titles.

The game's original release came as a red CD.

upon release

The game was met with mixed reviews upon release.

The album received positive reviews upon release.

initial release   (初回リリース)

ProjectLibre's initial release was in August 2012.

The initial release was "Ella Fitzgerald 1935–1937".

The date in brackets is the date of initial release.

week of release

It sold 10,000 copies in its first week of release.

It sold 1,300 copies during its first week of release.

During the first week of release, it was listed at No.

saw the release

2007 saw the release of their third album "42:19".

2007 saw the release of three singles - "Awesome!

1999 saw the release of a remix EP, "Fan No.1".

before the release

She died closely before the release of the camp.

1" and "Outlaw Nation" before the release of this album.

The band moved to Auckland before the release of the song.

upon its release

The film was subject to criticism upon its release.

It was "an unprecedented success" upon its release.

The pilot received favorable reviews upon its release.

following the release

After a short promotional tour following the release of "Freak Out!

Gordon Marr left the band, following the release of their first album.

Charges were never filed against Captain Wethern following the release of the report.

release from prison   (刑務所からの解放)

On his release from prison, Billy moved to the village.

Speer's release from prison was a worldwide media event.

It was the first release after Grimm's release from prison.

not release

Nitriles usually do not release cyanide ions.

Production of wind power does not release any pollutants.

The teachers' unions did not release vote totals for the strike.

scheduled for release   (リリース予定)

The game is scheduled for release in July 2018.

In Japan, it was scheduled for release on 8 June 2018.

"FDR" was scheduled for release in late 1996.

final release

However it was eventually left off the final release.

's final release with the Universal Music Group label.

The album's final release date would be March 19, 2013.

second release

This is Ledisi's second release on Verve Forecast.

The album is his second release in 2012 following "H.N.I.C.

Davy (album) Davy is Coconut Records' 2009 second release.

announced the release

On 22 February 2009, Gnade announced the release of a new EP.

Elba announced the release of his first single "Please Be True."

In February 2018, the band announced the release date for the compilation.

video release

The performance is included on the video release "" (2008).

This is captured on the video release "Live Between the Eyes".

There has never been a D-Theater video release in region 2 or 3.

decided to release

Koelewijn decided to release them on vinyl.

Pearl Jam later decided to release a special EP of the highlights from the show.

In 1996, they decided to release a selection of recordings as their debut album.

next release

Her next release was Onir's "Bas Ek Pal" (2006).

Their next release was "Rainy Day" in 1982.

Her next release was "PoraMon", opposite to Saimon Sadik.

plans to release

There are no plans to release the novela on DVD.

No plans to release it on DVD have been stated.

The band plans to release a series of EPs over the next few years.

before its release

He announced the song a day before its release.

The film created lots of excitement before its release.

The initial cover was also replaced a month before its release.

new release

Proceeds from the new release went to The Poppy Appeal.

This new release will be called "Happy Birthday Flutterby".

Simply Red topped the albums chart with their new release "Blue".

physical release

The album's physical release in Germany was also on August 17.

After its physical release, it peaked at number twenty on May 10, 2009.

It eventually sold 29,000 copies during its first week of physical release.

debut release

It is his debut release on Misra Records.

is the debut release from North Carolina-based band Whiskeytown.

After their debut release the band's members spent time playing with other bands.

last release   (最終リリース)

The last release with Oily Records was "One Day" in 1983.

The song would be Slade's last release through RCA Records.

The last release was Shift6m in May 2018.

release the album

Hull was aiming to release the album later in the year.

Columbia began to prepare to release the album before Christmas.

They will release the album under a new band name, which has yet to be chosen.

wide release

Blue Steel Records gave it a wide release in 2011.

This film received a wide release on 21 November 2007.

It had a wide release in the United States on April 20, 2018.

commercial release   (商用リリース)

Twelve minutes were cut for the film’s commercial release.

The movie subsequently achieved a limited commercial release.

Neither of the latter two songs was given a commercial release.

general release   (一般公開)

The film went into general release in February, 1954.

It went on general release in Ireland on 6 April 2018.

It entered general release shortly afterwards.

digital release   (デジタルリリース)

The digital release also includes an acoustic version.

Bonus tracks (digital release on Bandcamp)

This remix became a digital release also, through Fool's Gold Records.

did not release

The teachers' unions did not release vote totals for the strike.

Hollywood Records did not release a single to promote the album.

It is unknown why Chopin did not release the "Fantaisie-Impromptu".

accompany the release   (リリースに伴う)

A music video to accompany the release of "Can You Hear Me?

A music video to accompany the release of "Avalon" was filmed on 23 August 2012.

A music video was released on May 13, 2018, to accompany the release of the track.

early release

Speer's efforts for an early release came to nought.

He was granted early release in February 2020.

A few hours after its early release to iTunes, it shot to No.

vinyl release   (ビニールリリース)

Live tracks 4-11 do not appear on the vinyl release.

This was a CD single and single-sided 12" vinyl release.

The vinyl release had a bonus track called "Dark & Ugly".

only release   (リリースのみ)

It is the band's only release with drummer Dave Gara.

It has been his only release as of yet in 2020.

This would be the group's only release.

planned to release

1", planned to release in 2001; however, it was cancelled.

It was initially planned to release the film in December 2017.

Initially, Ciara planned to release five video snippets for five of the album's songs.

release a new

She is planning on release a new album.

Rosanne Cash signed with Blue Note Records in 2013 to release a new original album.

On the same day, the band confirmed that they would release a new single "coming soon."

limited theatrical release

The film had a limited theatrical release in 2012.

It had limited theatrical release in the United States.

The film had a limited theatrical release on February 23, 2018.

until the release

There would not be another shoot'em up game until the release of "Line GoGo!

His work was rarely available on CD until the release of EMI’s "Les Rarissimes" series.

It would be their last studio effort until the release of "The Great One Is Dead" fifteen years later.

s release

"Palo Santo"s release was accompanied by a short film of the same name.

Before "Final Fantasy X"s release, Tidus was known to the media as Tida.

Only weeks before "Full Moon"s release, Kristofferson and Coolidge got married.

release dates

Other European countries saw slightly later release dates.

However, planned release dates were repeatedly pushed back.

(Years listed are album release dates.)

due for release

Both are due for release via the INgrooves label.

This CD was due for release October 2011.

Their 12th studio album is due for release on 14th August 2020.

refused to release

However, MGM refused to release Hedy Lamarr.

However, Def Jam refused to release it.

They then had a meeting with Ross who refused to release Beanes.

release the film   (映画をリリースする)

Upon release the film was positively received by critics.

set for release

The film was set for release sometime in 2012.

The album is set for release in 2018.

It is set for release in 2020 for PC.

time of release

The film received mixed reviews at the time of release.

At the time of release, "Deuce" was not a huge success.

This movie was commercially successful at the time of release.

international release

The international release was on November 14, 2009.

The game received mixed reviews upon its international release.

It was decided to work on the album with the prospect of not only a Russian but also an international release.

studio release

Neither of these songs have had a proper studio release.

It will mark the longest ever gap between each studio release.

This record would later be his final studio release with Capitol.

following his release

Atkinson joined Guiseley following his release from Stanley.

Mitchell elected to have knee surgery on September 6 following his release.

Also Bradford City announced the signing of Paul Caddis following his release.

before release

It was leaked onto the internet about a month before release.

Two songs on the album were prematurely leaked before release.

The game was then titled "Flippy" but this was changed shortly before release.

previous release

EPUB 3.0 supersedes the previous release 2.0.1.

It was a follow up to the previous release, "The Way It Used To Be".

Pompougnac's second studio mix, "Costes: La Suite" outsold his previous release.

continued to release

In 2011, La India continued to release new music.

He continued to release albums for the next 30+ years.

Clapton continued to release albums and toured regularly.

latest release

This album is to date their latest release.

Their latest release was October 13, 2017.

Their latest release "Dog Bless" was released on March 2, 2018.

home video release   (ホームビデオリリース)

It is also the first American home video release to feature the uncut version.

The set tour video was included with the home video release of the 2013 film "The Wolverine".

Following its home video release, "D'oh-in' in the Wind" received mixed reviews from critics.

planned for release

A third expansion is planned for release in 2017.

The film was planned for release during Dussera 2019.

This is planned for release in 2016.

third release

Their third release was the album "Canticles of Winter" (2014).

The single was the third release off the band's fifth album, "The Gap Band III".

The third release from the duo was "Right On", written and produced by Mark Duffus.

public release   (一般公開)

The first public release was version 3.0.0 in 2000.

The first public release appeared in summer 2004.

The initial public release of JGraph was in May 2002.

solo release

Another solo release "Whistle-Stop (2013)" soon followed.

The album "The Dream" was his European solo release in 1989.

Her 2010 solo release was "I'm A Cute Little Gay Boy, Inside".

release through

The song would be Slade's last release through RCA Records.

Garrix announced the track's release through his social media accounts.

As with most "Bovista", the spore release through the small apical pore.

immediate release   (即時リリース)

Al Jazeera calls for the immediate release of the two kidnapped colleagues."

The announcement was accompanied by the immediate release of a single, "Where Are We Now?

Four United Nations Special Rapporteurs demanded immediate release of Abdulhadi al-Khawaja.

reviews upon release

The game was met with mixed reviews upon release.

The album received positive reviews upon release.

set to release

"Genesi[s]" was set to release on October 12, 2012.

This film was earlier set to release on 6 September.

The film is set to release on 2nd November 2018.

worldwide release

The worldwide release date was announced as 5 October 2018.

After a delay in its worldwide release, the album also peaked at No.

2" had a worldwide release.

slated for release   (リリース予定)

The new movie was originally slated for release in 2011.

The film was initially slated for release on 23 March 2017.

Her newest solo album, "Metaphora", is slated for release in June 2018.

release party

As he said while performing live at his release party for "Toon Time Raw!

Events such as the official Love King album release party for singer-songwriter The-Dream.

It was released in the summer of 2007 with CD release party at the Lifestyles Community Pavilion.

day of release

"Motorcycle Girl" grossed from Pakistan on its first day of release.

2" #75 worldwide, nearly all of which sold out within the first day of release.

On its first day of release, "Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days" scored 37 million"."

following its release

and toured the US west coast following its release.

The app reached number one in free games immediately following its release.

"Grid 2" received generally positive reviews from critics following its release.

release an album

radio that the band signed a record deal and they were going to release an album.

Every season the group release an album, featuring all of the songs from the podcast.

The album was leaked in 2013, leading to 78violet to cancel all plans to release an album.

promote the release   (リリースを促進する)

The band toured heavily in Finland to promote the release of Orbit Dance.

The group performed "Easy" to promote the release of "Overloaded: The Singles Collection".

The surviving members of the band appeared at a press event on 21 September to promote the release.

release included

The CD release included the first side of the bonus LP.

The release included about six minutes' worth of the extra scenes.

The release included a facsimile of the first-ever issue of Private Eye.

major release   (メジャーリリース)

Upon major release, reviews were predominantly negative.

The 2020 release marked the 34th major release of AutoCAD for Windows.

The first major release of the toolkit was announced in April-May 2017.

release includes

The release includes a companion booklet.

The 2003 compact disc release includes the following bonus tracks:

The 1999 CD release includes the 1999 club mix of the title track.

release new

In 2011, La India continued to release new music.

Tazmania Records reopened in 2009 and began to release new music.

Jiga continues to play live and release new music as Analog Pussy.

official release date

Three days before the official release date, M.I.A.

No official release date has been announced.

Its official release date was announced in November 2015.

release was delayed   (リリースが遅れた)

However, the film's release was delayed to March 4, 2016.

As a result, the release was delayed until January 14, 2008.

This film was shot approximately in 2003 but release was delayed.

full release

It received a full release on November 4, 2008.

The game entered early access on 14 December 2017, and had its full release on 30 April 2019.

"Tigermilk" was also given a full release by Jeepster before the band started work on their next LP.

year of release

The year indicates the year of release of the film.

It was the most-watched music video by a female artist in its year of release.

The game was well received and earned a number of awards around its year of release.

supervised release

He was subsequently sentenced to a year in federal prison and four years of supervised release.

He was confined to house arrest for five months, three years of supervised release, and 800 hours of community service.

On May 29, 2014, Brown was sentenced to 39 months in prison, two years of supervised release, and 200 hours of community service.

successful release

The album proved to be Mac's most commercially successful release to date.

The album sold more than 1.2 million copies becoming the group's most successful release.

It is their most successful release, reaching #1 on the Billboard US Dance Club Charts in 1998.

news release

The news release claimed that two Taliban commanders had been the targets of the operation.

Prince Harry had trained with Cpl Riley at Suffield in Canada and paid tribute to him in a news release.

Then on 30 September Merck gave out a news release announcing their voluntary worldwide withdrawal of Vioxx.

independent release

Its final independent release is version 48.

"Four Songs" was released February 11, 2008 and was their first independent release.

With the independent release of the songs on the internet, were recognized by the media.

release features

The release features cover art by Jerome B-Patou.

The official release features five tracks.

The 7" single release features an edited 4:29 version of the album track (5:10).

prior to release   (リリース前)

The album reached 203,000 pre-orders prior to release.

A teaser video was released onto YouTube prior to release on June 7, 2013.

Not all programmers decide to replace the assets in their software prior to release, though.

release another   (別を解放する)

CD Projekt Red is planning to release another AAA title by 2021.

Kristofferson would not release another studio album for six years.

I'm just super excited that we get to release another track together."

first official release

The first official release was in January 2005.

The band released their second single 'Drama Queen', their first official release with Atlantic Records, on 29 January 2007.

His first official release titled Catch a Fire was released in February 2018, with a music video that premiered on

agreed to release

The club agreed to release him from his contract on 11 January 2006.

After protests from Parivartan, the administration agreed to release the records.

Tamar agreed to release the oppositionist leader, but his ideas were never materialised.

not to release

The two clubs agreed not to release the transfer fee, therefore keeping it undisclosed.

Stephenson, his family and the label thought it best not to release the album at the time.

After Capitol Records decided not to release their next major-label album, the band left the label.

release came

Speer's efforts for an early release came to nought.

The game's original release came as a red CD.

With the release came the announcement of a summer tour.

media release

A home media release followed later in 2013.

It is also the first Marathi film to have a home media release in Blu-ray.

In the media release by Sir Angus Houston, Staib was thanked for her service.

scheduled to release

The film is scheduled to release on 27 December 2012.

Now, she wasn't scheduled to release another 6-track EP but a full album.

She is scheduled to release her debut album with Universal on December 4, 2013.

recent release

Their most recent release is "Off By Heart" (2017).

Its most recent release is a collection of essays on Raul Ruiz.

Wayne was featured on the band's most recent release "Homestretch".

release due

This documentary was not included on the 2010 DVD release due to rights issues.

This game, "New World", would never see release due to reasons that were never made public.

The band became inactive after their 2008 release due to limited chances for live performances in Iran.

release all

A full-spectrum lamp will release all UV wavelengths, and will produce ozone when UVC hits oxygen (O) molecules.

Goku and Vegeta regain consciousness and release all their Super Saiyan energy to the wires, overloading the system.

It was published bi-weekly with each issue containing a single mission, of which the editors had planned to release all 172.

release featured

This release featured the radio hit "Roads Ahead".

The country radio release featured a different instrumental arrangement.

Its 1952 vinyl release featured original artwork by Andy Warhol early in his career.