relegation zone   (降格ゾーン)

Debrecen were twice in the relegation zone during the 38 matches.

The loss left the Saints out of the relegation zone on goal difference only.

The reserve team is demoted whenever the first team is in the relegation zone.

avoid relegation   (降格を避ける)

Reinders failed to avoid relegation with them.

The club said they took the action to avoid relegation.

The team started to revive and was able to avoid relegation.

avoided relegation   (降格を回避)

With Haghighi in net, Sporting Covilha avoided relegation.

Derby struggled for most of the season, but avoided relegation.

They only narrowly avoided relegation on the final day of the season.

promotion and relegation   (昇格と降格)

The competition is split into two divisions, with promotion and relegation between each.

However, there is no formal promotion and relegation relationship with the League of Ireland.

A promotion and relegation system operates within the Leinster Senior League structure itself.

suffered relegation   (降格した)

However, ÍA suffered relegation to the second level.

Hertha suffered relegation from the Bundesliga in 2012.

He also suffered relegation with Sabah in the same season.

above the relegation

They finished 17th, twelve points above the relegation places.

Barrow finished the next season in 20th place, just above the relegation zone.

At the time Gateshead were 19th in the table, one point above the relegation zone.

suffering relegation

On 2 August 2018, after suffering relegation, he terminated his contract.

He was released at the end of 2011–12, with the club suffering relegation.

Cabalucci didn't feature during 2017–18 due to injury, with Olimpo suffering relegation.

avoiding relegation

Newport finished the season in 22nd place in League Two, avoiding relegation.

Bolton did however succeed in avoiding relegation, finishing 18th in the league.

They managed to finish in 16th place with 48 points, avoiding relegation by one point.

against relegation   (降格に反対)

He had some months at the club who were battling against relegation when he arrived.

Kettering were fighting against relegation, and Challinor was quoted as saying "We have to stay positive.

However, 1993–94 brought another battle against relegation and this time the Latics were unable to win it.

relegation battle   (降格の戦い)

In his second season, Birmingham found themselves in a relegation battle.

Östers IF was dragged into the relegation battle as Brommapojkarna rose up the table.

After just missing out on the play-offs the previous season, Portsmouth saw themselves in a relegation battle this season.

following their relegation

He was released by Northampton at the end of the 2017–18 season, following their relegation.

Stack was released by Reading, following their relegation from the Premier League, on 16 May 2008.

Smith was released by Yeovil at the end of the 2014–15 season following their relegation to League Two.

narrowly avoided relegation   (狭く回避された降格)

They only narrowly avoided relegation on the final day of the season.

In the 2011-12 Serie B season, Knežević again made 31 appearances in all competitions as the side narrowly avoided relegation.

Goretzka had an impressive 2012–13 season at VfL Bochum and was their standout performer as VfL Bochum narrowly avoided relegation from the 2.

relegation places

They finished 17th, twelve points above the relegation places.

The 2010–11 season finished with Shepshed in the relegation places.

The other two relegation places went to long-term absentees from the top division.

relegation playoff

1860 Munich qualified for the relegation playoff.

They were beaten by old rivals Gerald Griffin's in the relegation playoff.

The Round 2 losers which are not divisional sides contest the relegation playoff.

ended in relegation

Benfica, as the season ended in relegation as last.

He was first-choice during the season, which ended in relegation.

He scored four goals in his first season, which ended in relegation.

relegation back   (降格バック)

In 1913, soon after relegation back to the Second Division, Woolwich Arsenal moved to the new Arsenal Stadium in Highbury, North London.

They remained at that level until finishing bottom of their group in , and in suffered a second successive relegation back to the regional league.

He made nine appearances during his loan spell, and was singled out for praise by Plymouth manager Paul Mariner, in a season that witnessed the club suffer relegation back to League One.

no relegation

There is no relegation or promotion system in the league.

As a result there was no relegation from 1A to 1B in 2019.

As the basement league in Dorset & Wilts there was no relegation.

relegation playoffs

The six last qualified teams in each group played the relegation playoffs.

Avellino were involved in the Serie B relegation playoffs, losing to AlbinoLeffe 4–3 on aggregate.

He played 21 league matches for the Serie A struggler, which lost to Verona in relegation playoffs.

another relegation   (別の降格)

This meant they had to participate in another relegation play-off, this time against the .

In 1999 they finished third from bottom, but avoided another relegation by winning a play-off.

In 1975 "Sportfreunde" suffered another relegation, now from the Amateurliga, and dropped to the fourth tier.