relief pitcher   (救済投手)

The Cubs used Coleman principally as a relief pitcher.

Upon returning from the surgery, he became a relief pitcher.

He was 2-1 with a 3.40 ERA and one save as a relief pitcher.

relief efforts   (救援活動)

It was based on her experiences in the war relief efforts.

After the 2010 earthquake, he was active in relief efforts.

The Vatican later contributed $100,000 to the relief efforts.

disaster relief   (災害救援)

She worked in disaster relief and gynecology.

Odo residents travel to Tokyo to demand disaster relief.

As of 2010, the ship is used for helicopter operations and for disaster relief.

tax relief   (税金軽減策)

In the district, 4459 property owners applied for the tax relief.

In the district, 8,065 property owners applied for the tax relief.

In the district, 7,651 property owners applied for the tax relief.

comic relief   (コミックリリーフ)

He provides most of the comic relief in the series.

Tamaki is the main comic relief character of the series.

Much of his role is to provide comic relief.

relief appearances   (レリーフの外観)

In 36 relief appearances in 2006, he had an ERA of 3.92.

In 6 relief appearances, he had a 1-1 record and a 5.20 ERA.

He made 5 starts and 55 relief appearances with an ERA of 4.41.

relief force   (リリーフフォース)

A British relief force was defeated in the naval Battle of Grenada on 6 July 1779.

By the time a relief force reached Athens the rebels had already begun a general retreat.

They had defeated a relief force under the command of Duqaq of Damascus on 31 December 1097.

property tax relief   (固定資産税の軽減)

The property tax relief was subtracted from the total annual school property tax bill.

In Beaver County, 64% of eligible property owners applied for property tax relief in 2009.

In Jefferson County, 42% of eligible property owners applied for property tax relief in 2009.

relief work   (救援作業)

We are doing the relief work with our government money.

They are involved in relief work and orphan sponsorships.

His service included a period of war relief work in China.

relief effort   (救援努力)

New Zealand also pledged $300,000 in support for the Red Cross relief effort in PNG.

Following the 2009 Samoa tsunami, Seacology once again started a tsunami relief effort.

The program is also a poverty relief effort, providing employment in wetland maintenance.

relief operations   (救援活動)

Yahya Khan arrived in Dhaka to take charge of the relief operations on November 24.

Nearly 13,000 Army and Air Guard members were called to state active duty to help with relief operations.

While the division was in transit, the IV SS Panzer Corps launched several unsuccessful relief operations.

pain relief   (痛みの緩和)

Ibuprofen provides effective pain relief in about 50%.

When the facet joint is numbed, there should be pain relief.

Nurofen Plus is a pain relief medication based on codeine and ibuprofen.

relief supplies   (救援物資)

In addition, the US forces airlifted in relief supplies for Dominican nationals.

However, most of the relief supplies were looted by militants shortly upon arrival.

She joined a group of celebrities and personalities to bring relief supplies to those affected.

humanitarian relief   (人道支援)

International participated particularly in the humanitarian relief efforts for refugees.

Emergency food aid and other humanitarian relief assistance was received from donors and the Red Cross.

In 1941, SS "Kurtuluş" was leased by the Turkish government for humanitarian relief to be provided during the food crisis in Greece.

provide relief   (安心を提供する)

NBFA continued to lobby Congress to provide relief.

213 was able to provide relief cover.

These culprits are the people who provide relief to these refugees.

high relief   (高浮き彫り)

The carvings are in high relief on three sides of the sarcophagus, allowing for its placement against a wall.

It is decorated in a very high relief with many elements of the composition cut completely free of the background.

This was due to the high relief of the design—the three Southern branch mints especially had trouble with the piece.

debt relief   (債務救済)

Purcell later donated the copyright ownership back to Hubbard as charitable debt relief.

In 2005, she was charged with the coordination of Nigeria’s debt relief funds toward the achievement of the MDGs.

It is one of a series of projects and reforms required by the International Monetary Fund as prerequisites for foreign debt relief.

poor relief   (救貧)

This was considered an improvement on the Workhouse system of poor relief.

As one of the earliest advocates of poor relief, he played a major part in the Relief of the Poor Act of 1782.

In 1782, his name was given to the Relief of the Poor Act 1782 In 1787 Gilbert introduced another bill related to poor relief.

low relief   (低浮き彫り)

Here, the kline is reduced from a functional couch to a facade treated in low relief.

Today these volcanic products are seen as pyroclastic flow uplands and low relief hills.

The Elrhaz Formation, part of the Tegama Group, consists mainly of fluvial sandstones with low relief, much of which is obscured by sand dunes.

emergency relief   (緊急救援)

Consequently, a large emergency relief program was organized for the affected area.

It focuses on ensuring rapid response, providing emergency relief and protecting vulnerable people.

HK Electric announced that families of each of the deceased would receive a HK$200,000 emergency relief.

famine relief   (飢amine救済)

Many roads and lanes were built as famine relief measures.

Severe famine in the region resulted in their focus on famine relief.

The 1923 famine relief stamps of Azerbaijan were bogus, but these too were also subsequently forged.

relief through   (救済)

Property owners apply for the relief through the county Treasurer's office.

flood relief   (洪水救済)

Rewi Alley carried out flood relief in Honghu 1932.

Prajamandalam formed a "flood relief committee" during that time.

Wheldon went on to win, and Chip Ganassi Racing donated their race winnings from both cars to Iowa flood relief.

bas relief   (浅浮き彫り)

The bas relief on her grave marker was created by sculptor Jo Davidson.

There is an ancient Pahlavi inscribed granite bas relief Cross found in Muttuchira.

One of the earliest known artistic representations of abortion is in a bas relief at Angkor Wat (c. 1150).

injunctive relief   (差止命令による救済)

The United States seeks injunctive relief to remedy the alleged misconduct of defendants” .

This became problematic when a given case required both money damages and injunctive relief.

Pruitt has sought injunctive relief valued at 12% of that sought by the prior administration.

relief was subtracted   (救済が差し引かれました)

The relief was subtracted from the total annual school property tax bill.

relief funds   (救援基金)

She also donated to famine and malaria relief funds.

The Free State government allocated IR£250,000 in relief funds.

Proceeds from the album will be donated to Hurricane Irma disaster relief funds.

relief fund   (救援基金)

In September 2017, Butt donated $5 million to J. J. Watt's Houston Hurricane Harvey relief fund.

About the same time he became secretary of the relief fund for the German sufferers from the Napoleonic wars.

The relief fund also provided partial funding for a field hospital in Belgium run by the wife of an officer, Mrs. O'Gorman.

relief against   (に対する救済)

In his lone major league appearance, Wilson pitched 3.1 innings in relief against the Cleveland Indians.

He was called up on June 2, but did not pitch until he appeared in relief against the Toronto Blue Jays on June 9.

Lanfranconi made his major league debut in relief against the Philadelphia Phillies at Wrigley Field (September 12, 1941).

relief sculpture   (レリーフ彫刻)

A relief sculpture from Egyptian Thebes (c. 1350 BC) shows both boxers and spectators.

The relief sculpture depicts the mythological story of Pegasus doing battle with the Chimera.

It has been described as "probably the single most famous piece of early Christian relief sculpture."