religious beliefs   (宗教的信念)

Elephants have been the subject of religious beliefs.

He must be liberal in religious beliefs.

The Chamba people have their own particular religious beliefs.

religious groups   (宗教団体)

Customs vary between cultures and religious groups.

Some religious groups permit the consumption of alcohol.

Many religious groups teach that God created the Cosmos.

other religious   (他の宗教)

There are also several other religious communities.

Numerous other religious schools then followed.

He also wrote a small number of other religious works.

religious freedom   (宗教の自由)

There were no reports of abuses of religious freedom in 2011.

Cameroon has a high level of religious freedom and diversity.

After independence there were brief hopes for religious freedom.

religious leaders   (宗教指導者)

Contemporary Georgian religious leaders also supported slavery.

There was a parallel campaign in Sudan, run by religious leaders and British women.

Scientists, scholars and religious leaders spoke vehemently of the dangers of alcohol.

religious life   (宗教生活)

His experiences influenced him to live a religious life.

How and when Ernst entered the religious life is not clear.

Some FJVs have entered religious life.

religious education

Holy Cross provides mandatory religious education.

Malang is famous for being a center of religious education.

Cadillac offers several options for private religious education.

religious orders   (修道会)

New religious orders were a fundamental part of this trend.

This discipline is common to religious orders and congregations.

Members of religious orders were still being deported or jailed.

religious affiliation   (宗教)

Their religious affiliation is to Christianity.

Those claiming no religious affiliation in 2001 numbered 4,586,900.

Already 'Ěnbāqom was intensely involved in questioning his religious affiliation.

religious studies

in religious studies at Yale University in 1981.

All previously allowed religious studies were forbidden.

These priests were organized and well trained in religious studies.

religious practices   (宗教的慣習)

The 1980s brought several changes in women's religious practices.

They have the same costumes, beliefs and religious practices as the Bambaras.

In some cases, religious practices that Muslims found repugnant were allowed.

religious order   (宗教秩序)

She is a Dame of Malta, a Roman Catholic lay religious order.

It is run by a religious order of nuns.

On 29 April 1979 he became the first beatified member of his religious order.

religious community   (宗教団体)

Hindus are the largest religious community of the city.

Wilfrid had been in charge of the religious community at Selsey.

He is the first Beaumont bishop to be a member of a religious community.

religious communities

There are also several other religious communities.

The other monastic and religious communities in Ribe were all closed.

There are about 1,000 religious communities, mostly Christian, in Angola.

religious services

All religious services at the church are open to all.

She participated in religious services every day, and visited the sick.

The Dutch were not allowed to hold any religious services on the island.

political and religious

It was a time of considerable political and religious turmoil.

This would have been political and religious center of the community.

The mound served combined ceremonial, political and religious purposes.

religious institutions

The confiscation of religious institutions continued unabated.

Among active religious institutions, it typically lasted 4–6 months.

The vaqf is a traditional source of financial support for all religious institutions.

religious leader

How can you have a religious leader like that?"

The school is named for educator and religious leader John Hope.

He was the religious leader of Khuzestan and also south of Iraq.

religious organizations

In the U.S., religious organizations enjoy a tax exempt status.

Chaplain groups and religious organizations took various positions on DADT.

In 2009, Islamic religious organizations in Berlin reported 249,000 members.

religious group

It's not directed toward any religious group or race of people.

In June 1993, the religious group Aum Shinrikyo released anthrax in Tokyo.

The second biggest religious group is Protestantism-adventists and baptists.

religious belief   (宗教的信念)

And that's kind of a religious belief.

Others have attempted to argue the rational nature of religious belief.

The Dai, according to community religious belief, is that representative.

new religious

Túcume became the new religious and ceremonial center of the Sican.

The tribal 'tuatha' and the new religious settlements existed side by side.

The liberal synagogue was one of the most important new religious buildings in the Germany of its time.

religious and political

Tiatr today revolves around social, religious and political themes.

However, his social service, religious and political life began with Arya Samaj.

In Pakistan, prominent Sunni Barelvi religious and political organizations include:

religious traditions   (宗教的伝統)

Singapore is a society of diverse religious traditions.

Remaining Armenians in Uzbekistan keep their religious traditions.

Missionaries of many religious traditions are present and operate freely.

religious ceremonies

Stately religious ceremonies were held here regularly.

These photographs show family scenes, revelers and religious ceremonies.

In East Africa and Yemen, coffee was used in native religious ceremonies.

religious buildings

Among the religious buildings in the town are:

Among the noteworthy religious buildings in the city are:

Among the religious buildings in town are:

religious persecution   (宗教的迫害)

He spoke against religious persecution.

Their ancestors came to Poland to escape religious persecution.

They sought to escape poverty and religious persecution that they suffered.

religious texts

They also are mentioned in religious texts.

He used religious texts as supporting data.

They also have a small workshop where they print religious texts.

religious movement

Balmaclellan was once a centre of the Covenanter religious movement.

Many Chinese belong to Yiguandao, a religious movement originating from Chinese folk religion.

Before founding his own religious movement, Lee was a member of the group known as the Olive Tree.

religious minorities   (宗教的マイノリティ)

One challenge in this process has concerned ethnic and religious minorities.

There have been conversions to Islam from the religious minorities of Pakistan.

Despite relative harmony, religious minorities have faced occasional persecution.

religious tolerance   (宗教的寛容)

religious tolerance or the Statutes of Lithuania).

Kublai encouraged Asian arts and demonstrated religious tolerance.

Papal recognition of George III in 1766 led to greater religious tolerance.

all religious

Madha koil festival is very famous and all religious people used to participate.

The vaqf is a traditional source of financial support for all religious institutions.

The school curriculum is ecumenical; students from all religious backgrounds may attend.

religious practice   (宗教的慣習)

In his religious practice he was a Baptist.

For Sikhs, dharma means the path of righteousness and proper religious practice.

Popular religious practice included ceremonies marking important transitions in life.

religious views

On religious views, Wigner was an atheist.

Hume's religious views were often suspect.

Karl Marx's religious views have been the subject of much interpretation.

cultural and religious

John was also a great cultural and religious patron.

Social, cultural and religious events are regularly organised by the alumni association.

It is a singular combination of philosophical, nationalistic, cultural and religious elements.

various religious

Augustus took for himself its powers over various religious duties.

The groups meet weekly and participate in various religious activities.

The founders of Salem Communications supports various religious causes.

religious activities

Then the temple reactivated its religious activities.

They joined together for religious activities.

In 1984, the temple reactivated its religious activities.

religious instruction   (宗教指導)

A deacon at the hospital gave him religious instruction.

His uncle Nicolas was a priest and oversaw his religious instruction.

It is easier to have faith in religious instruction when it has a sense of the sacred.

no religious

There were apparently no religious houses in the diocese.

There are no religious courts in India, as it is a secular nation.

Those claiming no religious affiliation in 2001 numbered 4,586,900.

religious faith   (信仰)

She is losing her religious faith and increasingly despairs.

"Communism is incompatible with religious faith", they wrote.

Negro spirituals were primarily expressions of religious faith.

religious figures

Alcide often focuses her work on important Vodou religious figures.

The Jain beds are dedicated to the Jain and Hindu religious figures.

It is supposed that these rooms used to belong to religious figures.

religious movements

Over the millennia, Chinese civilization has been influenced by various religious movements.

However, there is a large presence of Jehovah's Witnesses in Ararat, as well as adherents of other religious movements.

Hellenism refers to various religious movements that continue, revive, or reconstruct ancient Greek religious practices.

religious and cultural

He has also contributed to the discussion of religious and cultural diversity.

They use their naturally molted feathers for religious and cultural ceremonies.

He's certainly not a racist; the question is fundamentally religious and cultural.

many religious

Demeter's epithets show her many religious functions.

Within the fort wall, there are many religious structures.

In the Rajbiraj city there are many religious Hindu temple to visit.

religious schools

Numerous other religious schools then followed.

At Frankfurt he organized two model religious schools.

It is one of the few Arabic religious schools in the country.

religious works

He also wrote a small number of other religious works.

She wrote several religious works.

She also illustrated several religious works with Biblical scenes.

religious significance

Cambodian paintings often took the form of murals, and have religious significance.

Sometimes, they are incorporated into ritual objects for their religious significance.

The "Dakshinavarti" is particularly highly valued in terms of its religious significance.

religious building

It is located in the place where the oldest religious building in the community was located.

Pietà dei Turchini The Church of Pietà dei Turchini is a religious building in Naples, Italy.

A religious building dedicated to St Mary has been at the heart of Moseley for over 600 years.

religious themes

He sang sometimes also türküs of religious themes.

He often used the landscape to express religious themes.

The lyrics also focus more prominently on religious themes.

religious organization

In 2003, the religious organization of Agia Marina of Imeros was established.

It is the largest black religious organization and the second-largest Baptist organization in the world.

The SMC is a non-profit, non-governmental religious organization dedicated to working for the cause of Islam.

religious reasons

Most of the surgeries are for cultural or religious reasons.

Some people are conscientious objectors for religious reasons.

At first, Farmer was forced to run in a dress for religious reasons.

deeply religious

Shahbaz Khan himself was deeply religious and pious man.

Wood was well-read and deeply religious.

Many citizens are deeply religious, regularly going to church.

religious matters

In religious matters, Alexander preserved an open mind.

Nevertheless, he received little education on religious matters.

Even excepting religious matters, Hall's time in Indiana was difficult.

ethnic and religious   (民族的および宗教的)

These events changed the ethnic and religious makeup of Bulgaria.

They tried to minimize ethnic and religious antagonism inside the empire.

One challenge in this process has concerned ethnic and religious minorities.

important religious

The mosque is an important religious as well as social institution in Pakistan.

Historically, the most important religious institution in Iran has been the mosque.

Its growing to be one of the most important religious sites and picnic place nowadays.

religious and secular   (宗教的で世俗的)

His painting covers topics both religious and secular.

It is updated Monthly and covers religious and secular issues.

Pisgat Ze'ev has a mixed population of religious and secular Jews.

religious festivals

Utsavas, or religious festivals, share some elements with vratas.

All religious festivals are accompanied by the city's "Parade of Giants".

Among the Jola people, some religious festivals include the Samay, Kumpo and the Niasse.

religious school   (宗教学校)

The complex also houses a religious school.

While residing in Mecca, Kairanawi founded a religious school there.

She was a prominent figure in the Jewish religious school for children.

religious rituals   (宗教的な儀式)

Additionally, Sanskrit is used for religious rituals.

With these changes, various religious rituals are entering an era of diversity.

However, its association with religious rituals has imbibed it with deeper significance.

both religious

His painting covers topics both religious and secular.

The complex appears to have had both religious and secular functions.

The reasons for this peculiarity appear to be both religious and monumental.

religious ceremony

It is typically used during the entrance to a religious ceremony.

The Gnostic Mass is the central religious ceremony within Thelema.

The couple also married in a Greek Orthodox religious ceremony in Cannes on 20 February 1957.

different religious

Each of these materials symbolized different religious concepts.

People have different religious legendary tales about this place.

Intermarriage is the term used to refer to married couples that are of different religious faiths.

religious congregation   (信徒)

The Catholic religious congregation of St. Therese (CST) was founded here.

The First United Methodist Church is the oldest religious congregation in Jasper.

They agreed that a religious congregation was needed to meet the needs of the mission.

traditional religious

Jordan was raised with a traditional religious upbringing.

The history of the Bambara state's traditional religious practices are ambiguous.

In response, however, the traditional religious lenders began to express opposition.

religious subjects

He painted mostly historical and religious subjects.

It's articles highlighted religious subjects and denominational news.

It is known for its academic emphasis on its language and religious subjects.

religious liberty   (信教の自由)

and assisted the Treaty of Berlin with the religious liberty clause.

He called for religious liberty in the Middle East, Indonesia, Malaysia, and India.

It prepares men and women to serve the church and community in a climate of growing religious liberty.

religious art

In her early teens, she became interested in religious art.

The interior now houses a museum of religious art and a small shop.

The key medium of public religious art in Islam was and is calligraphy.

religious houses

There were apparently no religious houses in the diocese.

All religious houses and their properties became crown property.

All religious houses and their income properties reverted to the crown.

religious authorities

The wealthy donated tax-free land to religious authorities.

CRIHL represents the highest religious authorities in Israel.

This raised the ire of the religious authorities who insisted that these two offices should not be combined.

religious purposes

The mound served combined ceremonial, political and religious purposes.

Using euphemisms for the names of deities serves many religious purposes.

The chapel stands on an area used since ancient times for religious purposes.

religious programming

The station also aired several hours of religious programming each day.

The station carries a mix of religious programming including music and talk.

The station is owned by Blount Communications and broadcasts religious programming.

religious and social   (宗教的および社会的)

He was also a religious and social worker.

People living in Nand Nama celebrate various religious and social events.

The priory maintained a major presence in the religious and social life of Paris.

social and religious   (社会的および宗教的)

Temples and mosques are common gathering places for both social and religious reasons.

Attendees numbered well over 5,000, including political, social and religious leaders.

The cattle are not used commercially, instead they are kept for social and religious purposes.

religious tradition

It has also come under the influence of Irish religious tradition.

Letterman is a Presbyterian, a religious tradition he was originally brought up in by his mother.

It has special significance in Jewish religious tradition and parts of it have been declared a nature reserve.

not religious

Elba states that he is spiritual but not religious.

Parks is not religious, but is a believer in faith healing.

De Blasio has described himself as "spiritual but not religious."

several religious

The latter is one of several religious artworks by Facey.

She wrote several religious works.

She also illustrated several religious works with Biblical scenes.

religious experience

After a religious experience in 1654, Pascal mostly gave up work in mathematics.

And there I was having this religious experience, and she made me feel like such a fool.

The Jesuits wanted to enhance the religious experience, with an almost meditative, emotional peace.

religious institute   (宗教研究所)

It is a Catholic religious institute.

Sisters of St Rita The Sisters of Saint Rita are a Roman Catholic religious institute.

A group of nuns from the religious institute of the Religious of the Sacred Heart (R.S.C.J.)

religious affairs

By that time Master Tara Singh had started taking interest in Sikh religious affairs.

This matriclan precides over the religious affairs and sacrifices to the cult of Kangeer.

During this time he co-presented the weekly religious affairs programme on BBC Radio Oxford: "Spirit Level".

religious conversion   (宗教的回心)

The subject is developed as the prime motivation of his religious conversion.

In 1858, both she and her brother Major Robert Baillie underwent a religious conversion.

Three years later Peterson underwent a religious conversion and joined the Salvation Army.

religious name

Later, he joined in Prague und received the religious name Petrus.

He assumed the religious name of "Franco" after becoming a Secular Carmelite.

The proper title for a hieromonk is, "the Reverend Hieromonk ("religious name")".

religious authority   (宗教的権威)

The significant religious authority is the marabout.

It was a title of religious authority rather than political authority.

Shaykh Ahmad's growing religious authority would eventually lead to conflict.

religious affiliations

The family had deep religious affiliations.

Arabs are a diverse group in terms of religious affiliations and practices.

People from all religious affiliations pay homage to these saints year-round, especially during the annual Urs.

religious music

Some of them also composed religious music of their own.

He also did some rumba, the religious music and some makossa.

He continued to compose religious music, including masses and cantatas.

major religious   (主要な宗教)

Another major religious institution in Iran is the shrine.

The largest city was Cahokia, believed to be a major religious center.

Most of the major religious orders are congregations of pontifical right.

religious symbols   (宗教的なシンボル)

Some services take place in auditoriums or multipurpose rooms with few religious symbols.

Shrines and Homas ground are numerous, and religious symbols or images of deities abound.

He wore many religious symbols on his person; presumably, he invested them with talismanic qualities.

largest religious

Hindus are the largest religious community of the city.

It was released by the largest religious publisher in the world, Zondervan Corporation.

In 2000, Christians formed the largest religious group in the city (17% of the population).

very religious

She was very religious and went to Mass twice a day.

He grew up in a very religious Christian family.

Yet he was also very religious and a pacifist by nature.

religious history

The Shahbag area has a rich religious history.

It covers the origins of the city, its government, wars and religious history.

He published a series of books on religious history, mainly on Bön and Buddhism.

religious law

The commandments in the Torah provide the basis for Jewish religious law.

Religious Muslim law as with other religious law is not recognised by the Albanian courts.

He opened to his coreligionists in Andalusia the gates of knowledge of the religious law, of chronology, etc.

religious center

Shklov was an important Jewish religious center.

This would have been political and religious center of the community.

Shri Jagadguru Fakireshwar Math(Temple) is a famous religious center.

religious rites

"Li" also means religious rites which establish relations between humanity and the gods.

Korybas was a priest of Cybele, "whose religious rites were accompanied by frenzied music and dancing".

Wealth and power led the Romans and Greeks to the greater luxury in the use of flowers which, like the Egyptian, were used in religious rites.

religious scholars

This goes against the beliefs of religious scholars around the world.

Those religious scholars always argued and debated with him, in which Sadhna always outwitted them.

The KAICIID Fellows Programme is a one-year training and capacity building program for religious scholars and teachers.

religious service

No official religious service was observed throughout this act.

After a religious service in space, Fodor's body is cast adrift into the void.

Rackman practiced law for nine years before his religious service in the military.

religious grounds

School Board elections were invariably fought on religious grounds.

Exception to this rule may be made on medical or religious grounds.

Eddington's personal statement at the June hearing about his objection to war based on religious grounds is on record.

religious man

Daniel James, like his partners was a religious man.

Still, at heart, he remained a religious man in word and deed.

Underneath this covering, "it would seem to me that Mr. Streiman is a religious man".

religious denominations

Twice in his life, Kelsen converted to separate religious denominations.

The remaining 1.3% adhere to other religious denominations or did not state their religion.

The remaining 1.3% adhered to other religious denominations or did not state their religion.

religious sites

The village has several temples or religious sites.

Myit's Buddhist works were done for religious sites in Lower Burma.

Other religious sites in the city include Hindu, Buddhist and Baha'i temples.

number of religious   (宗教の数)

Ursulines The term Ursulines refers to a number of religious institutes of the Catholic Church.

The growing number of religious Muslims resulted in the establishment of more than 2,000 mosques by 2014.

The number of religious skeptics increases noticeably for the younger generations, while the older ones are more religious.

religious discrimination

An 1868 Act would sanction religious discrimination.

A 1999 law on religion prohibits religious discrimination.