İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

reluctantly agrees   (isteksizce kabul eder)

Daniel reluctantly agrees, receiving the Soulcatcher gun.

Chris reluctantly agrees and Sophie sits on Summer's lap.

Carla reluctantly agrees to keep Leanne's secret from Liam.

reluctantly agreed   (isteksizce kabul edildi)

The Finns very reluctantly agreed to these demands.

Hall and Wexler reluctantly agreed.

After some complaints were addressed, the players reluctantly agreed.

reluctantly accepted   (isteksizce kabul edildi)

Bartók reluctantly accepted this .

Casso reluctantly accepted.

Upon Ahmad Shah's death, the Durrani chieftains only reluctantly accepted Timur's accession.

reluctantly accepts   (isteksizce kabul eder)

Fatimetu reluctantly accepts the responsibility.

He reluctantly accepts in order to receive his inheritance.

Jo reluctantly accepts, motivated by her desire to attend Carnegie Mellon.