Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

still remain   (todavía queda)

We still remain friends & are in regular contact.

The remnants of Pompey's Pillar still remain today.

(Other sources of motion-blur still remain however).

not remain   (no permanecer)

Whoever provokes him, does not remain unanswered.

However it did not remain defeated for long.

He did not remain in the US but sailed onto Vladivostok.

remain open   (permanecerá abierta)

These restaurants remain open in the western end.

None of the Horne's Motor Lodges remain open today.

Casinos in Macau remain open on Christmas Day.

chose to remain   (eligió permanecer)

Urmanov chose to remain in the competitive ranks.

By 1946, he chose to remain with UNAM full-time.

A fearful Jeyaraj chose to remain in Canada.

allowed to remain   (permitido permanecer)

Gaza cannot and must not be allowed to remain a prison camp."

In the Navy, only nine of 42 captains were allowed to remain in service.

He requested that he be allowed to remain on his estate just outside Batavia.

remain unknown   (permanecer desconocido)

; but the doctrines they adopted remain unknown.

Their fates remain unknown as of February 2014.

The builders of vernacular structures remain unknown.

decided to remain   (decidió quedarse)

However, Dell decided to remain in Germany.

They decided to remain in hiding.

But negotiations failed and Bogotá FC decided to remain in the city.

remain the same   (permanece igual)

The standard 600 mL cartons remain the same.

The new millennium has arrived, but the goals remain the same.

Some morphological traits remain the same throughout the breed.

remain today   (quédate hoy)

However, only parts of the west wall remain today.

The remnants of Pompey's Pillar still remain today.

Of the 16th-century castle, only ruins remain today.

remain intact   (permanece intacto)

Many of these low-quality recordings remain intact.

The stone foundation piers and dam currently remain intact.

Even if the nest has collapsed, some eggs may remain intact."

remain within   (permanecer dentro)

This helped previous territorial elites remain within national politics.

Maryland would remain within the Southern Conference for the next three decades.

In Missouri, an elected convention on secession voted decisively to remain within the Union.

remain silent   (Permanecer en silencio)

That's why I choose to remain silent."

In spite of all these, the government wisely chose to remain silent.

Jacob blackmails Udayan and asks him to remain silent so he can also escape.

remain active   (permanecer activo)

Both remain active until the lake is re-opened.

Juveniles remain active and playful throughout the day.

They are passive, and require no magic points to remain active.

remain in place   (permanecer en su lugar)

Once landed, the cybernetic bug must remain in place.

However, he let the program remain in place as litigation proceeds.

Some question whether this kind of check could actually remain in place.

remain neutral   (permanecer neutral)

He tried to remain neutral during the Hook and Cod wars.

Many areas attempted to remain neutral.

Apparently her status as Archive literally "forces" Ivy to remain neutral.

remain in use   (permanecer en uso)

Several units remain in use as departmental vehicles.

Some gun-armed tank destroyers remain in use.

They remain in use as lifting stones.

did not remain   (no permaneció)

However it did not remain defeated for long.

He did not remain in the US but sailed onto Vladivostok.

However, the 354 TFW did not remain long at Myrtle Beach AFB.

remain unchanged   (permanece inalterable)

The flag's design may remain unchanged (No.

The tournament format would remain unchanged for both years.

The Engine and safety features for the Rocco remain unchanged.

buildings remain   (los edificios permanecen)

Later stone buildings remain in the villages today.

No buildings remain in Pleasant Valley today.

The hospital closed in 1977, but several buildings remain.

remain unclear   (Permanece sin aclarar)

The origins of Chad's peoples, however, remain unclear.

Her reasons for doing so remain unclear.

The circumstances surrounding Jidjidjav's death remain unclear.

order to remain   (para permanecer)

The diver must continuously adjust buoyancy or depth in order to remain neutral.

The spa towns invested in bath houses in order to remain attractive to spa guests.

In order to remain anonymous, she wore a white tunic, cap, and bandages over her face.

continued to remain   (continuó para permanecer)

The Dutch continued to remain adamant.

Wong continued to remain as chairperson of the Housing Authority as well.

He continued to remain a first team regular, playing in the left–back position.

remain in service   (permanecer en servicio)

, eight 747-200s remain in service as freighters.

Three boats remain in service with the Russian Navy.

As of 2013, nearly all built still remain in service.

remain part   (seguir siendo parte)

However, the tower's foundations remain part of the bridge.

The 14th would remain part of the Boston Garrison until 1772.

Many of the pioneers of RPG zinedom got their start in, or remain part of, science fiction fandom.

remain so   (siendo así)

However, there are some deacons who remain so.

An active parish is a happy parish and long may it remain so.

Most of his writings were in German and remain so to this day.

remain closed   (permanecer cerrado)

On these days almost all shops will remain closed.

If no stop is requested, the doors remain closed.

Door closers are sometimes used to ensure fire doors remain closed.

able to remain   (capaz de permanecer)

Despite this, she was able to remain afloat.

Without any striking national issues, the Republicans were able to remain in control.

Kyle spots Hunter Amazon in the park but is able to remain hidden when Bernadette shows up instead.

remain independent   (permanecer independiente)

Ougrapo (GRAmmaire) wants to remain independent of Ouxpo.

Some of both chose to remain independent, under the label "Status Quo".

She stated that the newspaper would remain independent as long as possible.

remain close   (permanecer cerca)

Boyle and McGowan remain close friends.

Leonard W. Miller, Ron Hines, and Benny Scott remain close friends.

remain popular   (seguir siendo popular)

Many of his discoveries have endured and remain popular garden shrubs today.

These transplanted Yallourn homes remain popular with former Yallourn residents.

Nativity plays eventually spread throughout all of Europe, where they remain popular.

remain largely   (permanecer en gran medida)

The steep southern slopes remain largely undeveloped.

Those features remain largely unchanged, and were used into the 1960s.

A 2019 Gallup poll found that Americans remain largely mistrustful of the mass media.

expected to remain   (se espera que permanezca)

Subsidies are expected to remain over 30% of cost until 2019.

Both locomotives are expected to remain at Swindon for five years.

Grandval expected to remain in post for a few months, at most half a year.

remain loyal   (permanecer leal)

Pope Innocent told Andrew that he should remain loyal to Ladislaus.

He said he was profoundly moved and will always remain loyal to it."

Radzivill explains his thinking to Kmita who decides to remain loyal.

remain in office   (permanecer en el cargo)

Clinton chose to remain in office and urged Livingston to reconsider his resignation.

Arnall said that he should remain in office until his successor was properly sworn in.

Since 2000, the church has allowed priests to undergo gender transition and remain in office.

remain anonymous   (permanecer en el anonimato)

The dogs' owners remain anonymous.

They could remain anonymous.

(or remain anonymous).

remain friends   (seguir siendo amigos)

We still remain friends & are in regular contact.

They both decide to end their relationship and remain friends.

The two remain friends decades later.

remain constant   (permanecer constante)

The total number of atoms of each element will remain constant.

If regional snow lines stay constant, then the glaciers remain constant.

Thus, it can be multiplied by the volume per source and remain constant, thus formula_55.

remain behind   (quedarse atrás)

For this reason, he chooses to remain behind.

He would remain behind in 1969 to help strengthen the Israel branch.

He asks Karl and Susan to take in Rani, but she refuses to remain behind without him.

remain competitive   (permanecer competitivo)

However, Southern Car was unable to remain competitive, leading to its closure in early 1916.

To remain competitive, Killigrew decided to construct a purpose-built theatre more to modern tastes.

A third paper machine was recently closed in an attempt to remain competitive in the overseas market.

always remain   (siempre permanece)

In the end, he recognizes that evil shall always remain.

Sreesanth will always remain Sreesanth."

He said he was profoundly moved and will always remain loyal to it."

remain standing   (permanecer de pie)

Today only the walls and the tower remain standing.

Parts of the defensive walls remain standing.

They were not left to remain standing.

remain available   (permanecer disponible)

Model kits remain available from hobby shops as stock cars or hot rods.

All external stations for munitions remain available with the tanks in use.

A number of products remain available only in the region of its original manufacturer.

remain free   (permanecer libre)

They remain free to say and to do whatever they want.

Article I – Men are born and remain free and equal in rights.

For example, "Men are born and remain free and equal in rights.

remain relatively   (permanecer relativamente)

Mammary glands remain relatively constant throughout life.

The band never had commercial success in the US, where they remain relatively unknown.

Lake City would remain relatively remote and suburban from Seattle until years after WWII.

wanted to remain   (quería permanecer)

Wace wanted to remain incognito.

At first they wanted to remain a traditional heavy metal band, so they began looking for a male singer.

So far the Sunday demonstrations had been calm and disciplined, and the protesters wanted to remain peaceful.

forced to remain   (obligado a permanecer)

They were forced to remain in position until first light.

Maeve refuses him but Phoebe falls in a chasm and is forced to remain with him.

Kíli is forced to remain behind, tended to by Fíli, Óin, and Bofur, as the remaining company receive a grand farewell.

remain enrolled   (permanecer inscrito)

Students remain enrolled at their high school.

remain the only   (sigue siendo el único)

The U.S. Open would remain the only major championship Snead never won.

These two remain the only seven-position Firebird trumpets in existence.

It would remain the only final that he reached on the Grand Prix tennis circuit.

remain faithful   (permanece fiel)

His mother stood by, encouraging him to remain faithful to the Savior Christ.

The new colony was originally to be named "Bleibetreu", German for "remain faithful".

In Chornomorets Odesa, he learned to focus in defence and remain faithful to tactics.

remain in power   (permanecer en el poder)

to remain in power despite popular opinion in favor of removal.

He pacified the people by promising to remain in power only for one year.

Elections were tightly controlled, and term limits were extended to allow Ben Ali to remain in power.

remain together   (permanecer juntos)

The original group of six sisters did not remain together for a long time.

Only chance dictated whether the family would remain together, and with 1,840 tickets on sale the odds were not good.

On October 19, Brabham and Andretti Autosport announced that they would remain together to challenge for the Indy Lights title in 2014.

remain stable   (permanecer estable)

Station usage at some stations remain stable.

Those with masses up to the limit remain stable as white dwarfs.

The platinum detecting wire needs to be kept free of contamination to remain stable.

managed to remain   (logró permanecer)

Hoxha managed to remain firm and his support had not declined.

During their first year they were close to relegation, but managed to remain on top.

Though his career has been spotty, he still managed to remain undefeated up until April 2005.

right to remain   (derecho a permanecer)

The U.S. Supreme Court dismissed the case against the statue, validating its right to remain in the park.

Scott Seligman, writing for the Smithsonian, referred to the case as having "laid the groundwork for Americans’ right to remain silent".

The policy led to issues with the Windrush generation and other Commonwealth citizens not being able to prove their right to remain in the UK.

remain very   (permanecer muy)

Tlemcen Arabic and Jijel Arabic remain very close.

Despite the negative reactions and disapproval, it continued to remain very popular in the "comedia".

However, the two-halves of the institution remain very close, both in practice and officially on paper.

remain outside   (permanecer afuera)

Throughout the process, mujahideen forces would remain outside Kabul.

Navarre chooses to remain outside the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country.

Also, "most crimes under international law...remain outside the scope of Sierra Leonean courts".

wished to remain   (deseaba permanecer)

Brock's story also included material from two other troopers who wished to remain unnamed.

Orpen made it clear he wished to remain in France and was keen to work in the newly liberated towns.

Entering the 2008 season, Farrior stated that he wished to remain a Steeler for the remainder of his career.

likely to remain   (probable que permanezca)

Consequently, once it enters into the body's tissues it is likely to remain there indefinitely.

The Wangerooge Island Railway is the main means of transport on the island and is likely to remain so for a long time yet.

He would know that there has been evil and corruption in the world before him, and be more likely to remain content with things as they are.

remain true   (sigue siendo cierto)

This appeared to remain true even if another state (e.g.

Davies felt pressure to remain true to the original character of Jo.

According to Griffith this film will remain true to the real life of Junior Johnson.

opted to remain   (optó por permanecer)

In 1640 Portugal regained its independence, but Ceuta opted to remain with Spain.

Leo Conroy wakes up and notices that one resident, Mr. Agee, has opted to remain young.

Once the Union folded, the Reds opted to remain at Findlay and Western, and would continue to do so for the better part of nine decades.

remain hidden   (permanecer oculto)

Portia used her deflector on Grant after failing to remain hidden behind a low wall.

Females lack a true pouch, and the teats remain hidden when the female is not lactating.

Esther convinces Judah to remain hidden from them for now and not break Miriam's wishes.

remain in force   (permanecer en vigor)

sections of the act remain in force in Northern Ireland.

Though the service is no longer offered, these laws remain in force.

Montenegro was the first to pass such legislation, in May 1975; it would remain in force until 1999.

remain viable   (seguir siendo viable)

The infective larvae remain viable for up to 1 year.

Seeds may remain viable for up to 50 years.

Early investment in electrification allowed the railway to remain viable where a steam railway would not.

remain separate   (permanecer separado)

The combustion chambers and firetubes remain separate.

The associations administrations would remain separate.

They prefer to remain separate and distinct from mainstream health care.

remain visible   (permanecer visible)

Strip mines and fires, most notably in Centralia, remain visible.

Most of the wall has disappeared, but several sections remain visible.

Parts of the castle walls and towers remain visible in the 21st century.

contract to remain   (contrato para permanecer)

He was offered a new contract to remain with the club at the end of the season.

In April 2018, Butler signed a new one-year contract to remain at Newport County.

On April 1, 2013, Powell would sign a one-year contract to remain with the Cardinals.

remain a member   (seguir siendo miembro)

He would remain a member through the 1903 session.

He was to remain a member of the club for the rest of his life and he found a patron in Alfred E. Goodey via the club.

Using the hashtag #EUsupergirl, she campaigned to promote the European Union and for the United Kingdom to remain a member.

remain attached   (permanecer adjunto)

Her anchors and windlass both still remain attached to her bow.

According to the law, if the couple remain attached, their movements will counter each other.

As the larval instars develop, the pellets of their own faeces remain attached to their backs and posteriors.

others remain   (otros permanecen)

Some have been removed while others remain in situ."

On the other hand, others remain skeptical.

Although the 'Yellow Face' casting outraged many fans, others remain at peace with it.

remain in effect   (permanecer en vigor)

The armistice and boundary remain in effect today.

Fines for these offenses remain in effect.

Many laws and decrees from before independence remain in effect.

remain in operation   (permanecer en funcionamiento)

The summit observatory was built in the summer of 1883, and would remain in operation for 21 years.

Most of the major Beanoland attractions remain in operation today but have been rethemed as "Wild Asia".

The Air Force says JSTARS is in a phase of capability improvements and is expected to remain in operation through 2030.

preferred to remain   (prefirió permanecer)

He wanted to work with Moskvina while Petrova preferred to remain with their old coaches.

Much like Athena and Hestia, Artemis preferred to remain a maiden and is sworn never to marry.

The story retains its title despite the feeling of its author, as he preferred to remain consistent.