Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

remained in operation   (permaneció en funcionamiento)

The company remained in operation until the 1980s.

These quarries remained in operation until 1915.

The site remained in operation until the late 1970s.

remained active   (permaneció activo)

In this period he remained active as a journalist.

He remained active there until he retired in 1992.

By 1985 fewer than 7,000 churches remained active.

remained the same   (se quedó igual)

The seating capacity remained the same until 1960.

The overall size of the council remained the same.

The scenario remained the same for the whole night.

remained in use

The vehicle remained in use so equipped until 2010.

The school built in 1875 remained in use until 1954.

Most remained in use in this role until 1902.

remained unchanged   (permanecido sin cambios)

The teams remained unchanged from the 1914 season.

The main cast remained unchanged for all 11 years.

The basic design remained unchanged over the years.

remained open   (permaneció abierto)

The school's website remained open until July 2014.

The school remained open until the end of the year.

The line remained open for milk traffic until 1973.

remained largely   (permaneció en gran medida)

This model remained largely the same through 1920.

The station remained largely unchanged for decades.

The region has remained largely unspoilt.

remained loyal   (permaneció leal)

He was humiliated but remained loyal to the Song.

He remained loyal to the Bourbons during the Hundred Days.

The "Hindūš" province, remained loyal till Alexander's invasion.

remained in service

Both it and the W33 remained in service until 1992.

She remained in service through the end of 1955.

The cab cars remained in service as passenger coaches.

still remained   (aún permaneció)

Two problems still remained in the banking sector.

Aksum, isolated, nonetheless still remained Christian.

Tire-less, it still remained a viable option.

remained so

It has remained so, subject to one change that was made in 1986.

The rivalry began highly competitive and remained so for many years.

By 1934 these had changed to LENR, and remained so until at least 1939.

remained intact   (permaneció intacto)

But for nearly forty days they remained intact.

The pagoda remained intact until 1925.

Except for the loose hold over Lanka, the rest of the empire remained intact.

remained in place   (permaneció en su lugar)

This system remained in place until the single "2.

The rails remained in place for about a year.

The government remained in place until 1947.

remained relatively   (permaneció relativamente)

Many clan levies, however, would have remained relatively poorly armed.

Despite the artillery bombardments the position remained relatively intact.

It remained relatively prosperous until the end of the Ottoman occupation (1912).

remained a member

He remained a member of parliament until his death.

The USTPF has remained a member since February 2015.

He remained a member of the firm until his death in 1917.

what remained

Weight, who took over what remained of the company.

However, a flood destroyed most of what remained in 1898.

The club took over what remained of his contract from West Ham United.

remained part

Smolajny has since remained part of Poland.

The western part of modern Belarus remained part of Poland.

Luton remained part of Bedfordshire for ceremonial purposes.

remained popular

The story remained popular well into the late 1930s.

The royal touch remained popular into the 18th century.

Although "Action" remained popular, its days were numbered.

remained married

They remained married until Wood's death in 1978.

The couple remained married until his death in 2012.

The two remained married until Vidor's death in 1959.

remained close

Reginald Farrer remained close throughout his life.

But the racing remained close and competitive.

The two brothers remained close throughout their lives.

remained the only   (seguía siendo el único)

It remained the only house of worship for thirteen years.

India remained the only undefeated team in the tournament.

It remained the only Protestant church in the area until the 1870s.

remained closed

The English foreign office remained closed to him.

The much smaller West End branch remained closed.

The Rafah crossing remained closed into mid-February.

remained behind   (se quedó atrás)

His fiancée remained behind and they were never rejoined.

It remained behind the 1916 season, when the squad went 601.

Diego, her second husband and Pietro's father, remained behind and later died.

remained in office

Newbry remained in office until January 7, 1957.

Serzedelo remained in office until the council was dissolved.

Clinton remained in office for the remainder of his second term.

remained vacant   (permaneció vacante)

The position remained vacant after his death.

The post then remained vacant for 27 years.

The college closed down in July 1907 and remained vacant.

remained involved

His two daughters remained involved in both businesses.

In Munich Renate Lepsius remained involved with the party.

Billo remained involved in the RSL.

remained neutral   (permaneció neutral)

During the Civil War, he mostly remained neutral.

In fact, Theudis remained neutral throughout the war.

Quashquame and his band of Sauk remained neutral during the war.

remained within

Only the Extraordinary Section remained within the purview of APSA.

However, the property failed to sell, and remained within AMP ownership.

However, Connelly ruled that Schwarzenegger remained within his executive powers as governor.

remained very

These areas remained very sparsely populated.

Candler remained very content just selling his company's syrup.

The quality of the instruments always remained very respectable.

population remained

In 1990 the population remained an estimated 350.

The population remained the same in the 2000 Census.

The population remained unchanged as of 2000.

remained friends

Crosby and Armstrong remained friends for decades.

The two remained friends until Harrer's death in 2006.

The two remained friends until Keynes' death.

remained strong

Growth remained strong in 2005 and 2006, led by oil.

Although his vision remained strong, he had lost the full strength of his hand.

The project failed, but links of Fiume with the Banat of Temesvar remained strong.

house remained

The house remained in the Field family until 1986.

The house remained in the Black family until 1954.

The house remained in the Yerkes family until 1959.

remained independent

The Iceni remained independent under Prasutagus.

The paper has remained independent ever since.

Technically, they remained independent MPs.

remained together

They remained together until Cahun's death in 1954.

They remained together for the next three years.

They did not divorce and have remained together.

building remained

The building remained vacant until 1939 when it was torn down.

The old school building remained vacant and was used for various activities.

After the NWS and Embry-Riddle moved out the building remained vacant for a few years.

remained in production

It remained in production for more than 20 years.

The system remained in production until 1998.

It was first flown in 1989, and remained in production in 2012.

family remained   (la familia permaneció)

The Hunt family remained in Europe for a dozen years.

The family remained in Fredericton until the following year.

The Davy family remained seated at Ebberly until after 1620.

remained high

War was averted but tensions remained high.

Nevertheless, the fighting morale of the army remained high.

Munitions production rose dramatically, and the quality remained high.

remained silent

STX remained silent for the following months.

However, the media and government both remained silent.

U.S. Speedskating remained silent during the controversy.

remained an important

Her Somali roots, however, remained an important focus.

You remained an important prefecture on the northern frontier.

Latin remained an important subject.

area remained

The area remained uninhabited for centuries thereafter.

The area remained pagan relatively late.

The area remained limited in this area until the 17th century.

remained the largest

The mirrors remained the largest in the world until 1845.

It has always remained the largest branch of the armed forces.

The Liberal Democrats remained the largest opposition group with eight seats.

remained mostly

African production levels have remained mostly unchanged.

However, serious criticisms of the proposal remained mostly unresolved.

The technical crew remained mostly the same as in Venkat Prabhu's earlier ventures.

then remained

It then remained there until the end of its run.

The post then remained vacant for 27 years.

Elango then remained single, he worked hard for the good of his family and village.

remained faithful   (permaneció fiel)

Although she remained faithful to her husband Wacław, Mme.

The south remained faithful to Eadwig.

Approximately 400 villagers who had remained faithful to the church, stayed in Metlakatla.

always remained

The companies always remained small and personally run.

However, her poetry always remained intensely personal.

It has always remained the largest branch of the armed forces.

remained stable   (permaneció estable)

ESPN's announcing teams remained stable in the 2005-06 NBA season.

After 1726 the final "écu" remained stable at six "livres tournois]".

The consumption of caffeine has remained stable between 1997 and 2015.

remained in force

The "Regulament" itself remained in force until 1858.

These remained in force during the election.

This situation remained in force until the "Rampjaar" (1672).

signal remained

The station's digital signal remained on VHF channel 7.

The station's digital signal remained on its pre-transition VHF channel 7.

The station's digital signal remained on its pre-transition UHF channel 44.

station remained   (la estación permaneció)

The station remained largely unchanged for decades.

The signal station remained in operation until 1951.

The station remained open during the project.

remained constant   (permaneció constante)

Since its reorganization, the "Macropædia" has not remained constant.

Bhullar population in the current Majha region of Punjab India remained constant.

As a percentage of GDP, the external debt remained constant between 2004 and 2005.

remained in charge

He remained in charge until March 1968.

Greisert remained in charge of II Gruppe of JG 2 until 8 May 1942.

He remained in charge until 1930.

digital signal remained   (señal digital permaneció)

The station's digital signal remained on VHF channel 7.

The station's digital signal remained on its pre-transition VHF channel 7.

The station's digital signal remained on its pre-transition UHF channel 44.

remained an active

Robins remained an active feminist throughout her life.

Kimmarie remained an active influence in her niece's life.

At the same time, Cánovas remained an active man of letters.

ship remained

The ship remained in the area until late July.

In 2009, the ship remained registered with Kotram as the "Kotrando".

The ship remained suspended until the gasbags were inflated with hydrogen.

remained unknown

At the time, the cause of the fire remained unknown.

The fate of the submarine remained unknown for years.

The whereabouts of Horn remained unknown.

remained outside   (permaneció afuera)

Florence became a rate collector and remained outside politics.

The military unit's weapons artisans remained outside the corps.

A few municipally owned services remained outside of GPO control.

remained in effect

These changes remained in effect until 8 December.

This measure remained in effect until the service frequency had sufficiently increased.

This order was strengthened in 1977 and remained in effect until 2003, when it was rescinded.

remained in command

He remained in command of "Farragut" until 1901.

However, many Tigrayan officers remained in command positions.

They remained in command until the winter when the fleet returned to Britain.

remained unpublished   (permaneció inédito)

The full score remained unpublished until 1966.

Three months passed by and the book remained unpublished.

This work remained unpublished till 1830.

remained standing

Only the walls of the facade remained standing.

Only the blackened walls remained standing.

Portions of the fort remained standing until 1840, when they were blown down during a windstorm.

remained a part

The song has remained a part of Legion heritage since.

The unit remained a part of the 187th RCT until April 4, 1951.

However, it still remained a part of its parent clinic, Otolaryngology.

remained inactive

The lighthouse remained inactive until the 1990s.

Following this event, he remained inactive within the promotion.

She remained inactive until on 8 May 1918, when she was ordered to return to Sault Ste.

name remained

Despite this, the Corporation's name remained unchanged.

This name remained with the company for nearly 100 years.

The cemetery was eventually removed, but the name remained.

remained unreleased

The album remained unreleased for 27 years.

It remained unreleased until it was finally issued on March 25, 1995, by Drag City.

"Fields Are Full of Your Kind" remained unreleased until the deluxe edition of "Woodface".

remained largely unchanged   (permaneció en gran medida sin cambios)

The station remained largely unchanged for decades.

However, most conditions within the prison remained largely unchanged.

Trotha's policy remained largely unchanged until its revocation in November 1905.

remained unfinished   (permaneció sin terminar)

Many of his works remained unfinished or unpublished.

A third part, Secretary of St. Innocent, remained unfinished.

In this unstable political climate David's work remained unfinished.

remained without

Cobequid remained without a fort.)

By September 1, more than 400,000 customers in the state remained without power.

By the day after the storm, about 3,000 remained without electricity on the island.

remained committed

He remained committed to Catholicism.

Leibniz remained committed to Trinitarian Christianity throughout his life.

Feminists, who remained committed to fighting sexism, formed the Redstockings.

remained the most   (siguió siendo el más)

It remained the most accurate world map for the next three centuries.

Euripides’ Medea has remained the most frequently performed Greek tragedy through the 20th century.

remained the most blogged about artist on the internet, according to MP3 blog aggregator The Hype Machine.

remained in power

Balaguer remained in power as president for 12 years.

The Company remained in power until his death in 1443.

He remained in power for 9 years until 2008.

team remained   (el equipo permaneció)

However, the focus of the team remained on veteran superstar Jaromir Jagr.

The team remained successful on the field under Peter and won the World Series in both 1981 and 1988.

The team remained undefeated before facing the Duquesne Athletic Club for a 12–6 loss at Exposition Park.

line remained

The line remained open for milk traffic until 1973.

The line remained open for milk traffic until 1970.

remained till

In 1628 he was sent to England, where he remained till 1632.

However, a few Zamindaris remained till India's independence in 1947.

Which remained till 1947.

club remained

Despite this, the club remained in 4th position.

Until the end of the 2005–06 season, the club remained in the County Combination.

With the exception of a brief resurgence in the nineteen seventies, the club remained almost dormant.

remained available   (permaneció disponible)

Parts and repair service remained available for several years longer.

The larger original controller remained available as an optional accessory.

It remained available on the Internet without maintenance for three years beyond that.

remained in control   (permaneció en control)

Washington remained in control for most of the fight.

He temporarily remained in control of Arras and Douai.

For more than a century, the Seleucids remained in control of the region.

remained low

His stock remained low for a generation after his death.

Though power remained low, the antenna stood at a height of .

Overall production of the XT remained low throughout its lifespan.

city remained

Much of the city remained rubble until at least 1720.

But most institutions of the city remained closed to African Americans.

The city remained under Venice until 1479, when the Ottomans recaptured it.

although he remained   (aunque él permaneció)

Therefore; although he remained in prison for two years until his friends broke him out, his execution was avoided.

In 1933 he accepted the chair of economics at the University of Adelaide, although he remained at UWA through 1934.

As a result, Boas resigned as the AAA's representative to the NRC, although he remained an active member of the AAA.

remained essentially   (permaneció esencialmente)

The plot remained essentially the same as in the play and previous film versions.

Still the country remained essentially Dutch, and few British settlers were attracted to it.

The design of the Ravens uniform has remained essentially unchanged since the team's inaugural season in 1996.

remained virtually

The road remained virtually unchanged for nearly 30 years.

Since then, the island has remained virtually uninhabited.

These buildings remained virtually unchanged until the residential college system was instated in 1957.

remained almost

Delphi itself remained almost uninhabited for centuries.

The house remained almost untouched.

The society's badge has remained almost unchanged since its first use.

school remained   (la escuela permaneció)

The school remained open until the end of the year.

The school remained on the Shreveport Highway until 1915.

The school remained at the current Toa Payoh Campus until todady.

remained unbeaten

This time she scored 9.5 points and again remained unbeaten.

Valegro remained unbeaten since CDI Kapellen in January 2012.

Their form faded later in the season, but they remained unbeaten.

system remained

This system remained in place until the single "2.

The system remained in production until 1998.

However, the system remained in place until the end of the war.

only remained   (solo permaneció)

They were tyrannical despots who only remained together so they could keep their power.

He only remained in office for two years before he was replaced by Tibor Gašpar in 2012.

This act was intended to motivate new cultivation, but it only remained in effect for about 20 years.

company remained   (la compañía permaneció)

The company remained in operation until the 1980s.

That company remained separate from Oriola.

The French operations of the company remained as "Franco-Belge".

remained operational

The ride in Japan remained operational until May 31, 2016.

SPADATS remained operational until about 1980 at Cheyenne Mountain.

The airfield opened in 1943 and remained operational for the rest of the war.

remained only   (permaneció solo)

Here, however, he remained only a few months.

Even so, the theory still remained only a reasonable speculation.

But it remained only until 1924.

remained childless   (permaneció sin hijos)

The marriage seems to have remained childless.

His first marriage, with Hildegard, remained childless.

But the marriage remained childless and eventually failed.

remained separate

That company remained separate from Oriola.

Despite their proximity, the stations remained separate for 91 years.

The two sides came under a single owner in 1941, but the units remained separate.

remained a popular

Gospel music remained a popular component of country music.

Catherine has remained a popular biographical subject to the present day.

The Pellicano remained a popular aircraft locally though production numbers are uncertain.

division remained

This division remained in place until the 1350s, when the Sufid dynasty took power in Khwarezm.

The division remained on the central sector of the Eastern Front until November 1943, when it was disbanded.

The division remained in Northern Italy while its men were demobilised, with the division finally disbanded in early March 1919.

remained undefeated

The Capidolls remained undefeated for more than a year.

The draw in Perth meant that St Johnstone remained undefeated at home in Europe.

He remained undefeated for two years, until losing by decision to Takumi Nakayama in 2004.

remained off

The patient has remained off antiretroviral therapy.

"General Greene" remained off San Domingo for the following six months.

She remained off Okinawa until sailing north toward Japan on 14 August 1945.

work remained   (el trabajo permaneció)

This work remained unpublished till 1830.

Significant work remained to be done to complete the decipherment.

In this unstable political climate David's work remained unfinished.

remained true

However, Mihailović remained true to his principles.

This remained true as more types of object were added in the sequels.

Rural peoples remained true to traditions of the chain dance and ballads.

remained more

Elsewhere the stela gravestone remained more common.

The political system of the Federal Republic remained more or less unchanged.

On average, the Nian groups in Henan remained more similar to mere bandits than the Nian in Anhui.