still remains   (まだ残っている)

Portacloy still remains a peaceful pleasant cove.

It still remains today on some online map services.

It still remains a property of the Sultan of Johor.

remains unknown   (不明のまま)

The exact origin of Khorasan wheat remains unknown.

Coalition invasion in March 2003 remains unknown.

The truth of Harborth's conjecture remains unknown .

remains the only   (唯一の)

Casio remains the only manufacturer to try this approach.

, he remains the only native of Monaco to have won the event.

He remains the only president to serve for more than two terms.

human remains   (人間の遺体)

Other human remains have also been found in the cave.

Both contained human remains and burial urns.

None, however, were found with human remains of that era.

remains today   (今日のままです)

Nothing remains today of these two constructions.

It still remains today on some online map services.

Only half of the structure remains today.

remains unclear   (はっきりしないまま)

It remains unclear who killed Günter von Drenkmann.

Thus, it remains unclear what his true beliefs were.

Hence it remains unclear why any of it is conscious.

remains the same

The religious aspect of Easter remains the same.

Core gameplay remains the same in Empress.

The regional digit remains the same.

remains open   (開いたまま)

The station closed in 1963 but the line remains open.

The possibility of other upgrades remains open.

Of these, only the United Church remains open.

remains in use

The bullpen car remains in use in Japanese baseball.

It remains in use as a parish church as of 2018.

But the name Pratu Phi remains in use by many people.

archaeological remains   (遺跡)

Sources of Birka are mainly archaeological remains.

Important archaeological remains of the Late Bronze Age (ca.

The archaeological remains of Baiae are also located in the "comune".

remains active

Sethna remains active in teaching and scholarship.

Azerbaijani diaspora organizations remains active.

She remains active in films, television and theatre.

remains the most   (一番残っている)

TVM remains the most popular channel in the country.

It remains the most famous entry in the MPD's records.

It remains the most destructive cotton pest in North America.

skeletal remains   (骸骨)

All skeletal remains were preserved in and cemented to the ground by calcite.

Thor then wraps his skeletal remains in a cape and disposes of them in the Sun.

They discovered the skeletal remains of one man who had been missing since 2007.

what remains

which is probably what remains of the ancient Sarasvati River.

Much of what remains of the western pediment is in the British Museum.

(#354) Take away the signs from Arithmetic & Algebra, & pray what remains?

remains intact   (無傷のまま)

The spire atop the building remains intact.

The swimming pool mural remains intact.

When detonated, the fuze/grenade body assembly remains intact.

all that remains

At Jimboomba, all that remains is the track.

The cloister of the monastery is all that remains nowadays.

A plaque is virtually all that remains of the radar station.

remains uncertain   (不確かなまま)

The precise title of this unit remains uncertain.

The origin of the treatise remains uncertain.

The original homeland of the Bastarnae remains uncertain.

remains largely

The station site remains largely undeveloped .

The format remains largely unchanged from previous seasons.

The format remains largely unchanged from the previous season.

remains were found

On Friday November 21, 2008, his remains were found.

No bird remains were found inside the engines.

Additional remains were found west of Holbrook, Arizona.

remains controversial   (物議を醸す)

The impact of the concession remains controversial.

The role of surgery in AIN syndrome remains controversial.

This question remains controversial.

remains popular

It remains popular throughout Turkey to this day.

It remains popular with climbers, especially in winter.

The pantomime version remains popular today.

remains unchanged   (変わらない)

The rest of the transmission remains unchanged.

This remains unchanged by the deceased's age.

The dance point system, which determines grade, remains unchanged.

remains an important

and remains an important transportation crossroad.

Lake Tanganyika remains an important trading point.

Football remains an important part of life in the area.

building remains

The spire atop the building remains intact.

The store building remains though long disused by the Bay.

No trace of the priory building remains.

contains the remains

The second contains the remains of Marley himself.

It contains the remains of many Croatian refugees.

remains found

If this is the case, then all remains found on the mainland were carried there.

The water level within the cave made the remains found to be in two different contexts.

The species is described from limited remains found in Stylos and in Vamos cave, Chania, west Crete.

fossil remains   (化石は残る)

The rock is rich in fossil remains from the Jurassic period.

No fossil remains of dodo-like birds have ever been found on the island.

The Cleveland Shale along Euclid Creek is known to contain limited fossil remains.

remains a mystery

Who Latrobe played in that game remains a mystery.

The actual cause of death remains a mystery.

The ownership of the codex before Nowell remains a mystery.

remains constant   (一定のまま)

Similarly, Julia sets have the same rules, except where formula_145 remains constant.

The money supply remains constant in wage units and the rate of interest is unaffected.

After one iteration, the number of extraordinary points on the surface remains constant.

now remains

Only an impression on the satin lining now remains.

Little of the wartime station now remains.

Very little of the castle now remains.

little remains   (ほとんど残っていない)

Very little remains of the former Fern Hill Station.

The church foundation is medieval but little remains.

Very little remains of Western Aramaic.

remains were buried

His remains were buried in the West Terrace Cemetery.

Volta's remains were buried in Camnago Volta.

His remains were buried again in a small cemetery in Fanano.

remains the largest

To date, this remains the largest crowd in World Series history.

England remains the largest single Anglican province, with 26 million members.

That figure remains the largest crowd to watch a sporting event in Spartanburg.

remains a popular

While this remains a popular legend, the story is not true.

Blood type remains a popular form of divination from physiology.

It remains a popular song in the Gap Band's repertoire to this day.

remains in place   (そのまま残っている)

The parent colony often still remains in place.

Once "local" status has been achieved it remains in place for life.

the censure remains in place.

remains were interred

His remains were interred at the West Terrace Cemetery.

Her remains were interred in the village of heroes in Crimea.

His remains were interred at Golden Haven Memorial, Las Piñas.

remains unreleased

This version remains unreleased on any Heart album.

The album recorded for Island remains unreleased.

As of 2020, the third season remains unreleased.

remains very

illumos remains very closely involved with OpenZFS.

The rivalry between both sets of fans remains very strong.

The song remains very popular in Ireland, particularly in Dublin.

remains relatively   (比較的残っている)

Contemporary Acoma culture remains relatively closed, however.

GTL is viable provided gas remains relatively cheaper than oil.

This area of study in general, however, remains relatively unexplored.

whose remains

Its origin is in a very large tree, whose remains still existed in 1910.

The ceremony also honored the five victims whose remains were never found.

The name refer to the large bog that existed in this area in the past, and whose remains are still visible.

nothing remains

They are scrupulous about its removal that nothing remains of it.

A Saxon church stood on the site but nothing remains of that structure.

The parlour would have been next to the chapter house but nothing remains of it.

remains an active

Ludwig remains an active influence in the music industry.

Carla Ching remains an active theatre artist and teacher.

He remains an active participant in Departmental activities.

remains unsolved

The secret of the life-giving solution remains unsolved.

To this day, the case remains unsolved.

His case remains unsolved to this day.

remains so

In the end, the park remained undeveloped, and remains so today.

The area became predominantly African-American, and remains so today.

With a dun, the hair color itself is one solid shade and remains so for life.

remains were moved

Later on, his remains were moved to Zhangzhou.

In January 1865, the soldiers' remains were moved to the military cemetery.

Later Bede's remains were moved to a shrine in the Galilee Chapel at Durham Cathedral in 1370.

remains a major   (メジャーのまま)

Seth remains a major shareholder in the company.

He remains a major influence on musicians and composers.

Poverty remains a major limitation to the city's development.

work remains   (仕事が残っている)

Regardless of how one classifies it, his work remains deeply original.

Leavitt's work remains the definitive history of Noah Webster and his legacy.

Other notable work remains "Granuaile", which features Connolly's soaring soprano voice.

remains were transferred

In January 1980 his remains were transferred to El Escorial in Spain.

In 1782, her remains were transferred to St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna.

Her remains were transferred to New Cathedral Cemetery on February 6, 1882.

cremated remains

Her cremated remains were buried in Calvary Cemetery in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

True to his final wish, an attempt was made to launch his cremated remains into space.

To honor them, he has their cremated remains turned into diamonds to carry into battle.

mortal remains   (死すべき遺骨)

His mortal remains have not been found.

He blessed the grave and the mortal remains of Brian Dillon were lowered to rest.

Sudhindra died in 1623 and his mortal remains are enshrined in Navabrindavana in Hampi.

remains were cremated

His remains were cremated and scattered at sea.

His remains were cremated at the Cheras crematorium in Malaysia.

Her remains were cremated at the Panteón Español in Mexico City.

remains part

It remains part of the Royal collection at the British Library.

It remains part of the Crown Estate.

It remains part of the provincial highway system under its new designation.

remains available   (利用可能なまま)

Today, the drug remains available only in France.

However, the drug remains available in some countries.

As of 2019, only the RX400 link receiver remains available from Eddystone Broadcast.

name remains

The corporate name remains as Virtual Piggy.

There is a part of town still called Kottar, so the old name remains.

The name remains in use today for a block point at the 243.852 kilometre post.

only remains   (残っているだけ)

One of the only remains of the second walls is the Halle Gate.

A cairn and plaque at Labine Point are the only remains of Port Radium.

Today the only remains are crumbling walls by the entrance to Wraxall House.

remains were discovered

Its remains were discovered in Tanzania between 1907 and 1912.

Their buried remains were discovered in Kanchanaburi province many years later.

Their remains were discovered in the Wilmcote Limestone quarries during the nineteenth century.

remains within

It remains within the Solar System, orbiting the Sun.

Ambion Hill remains within the revised registered battlefield.

In this topology, a portion of the coil remains within the gap at all times.

remains were later

His remains were later removed to the Western Cemetery.

His remains were later transferred to the Zentralfriedhof.

His remains were later transferred to Santa Maria in Publicolis.

house remains

Much of the house remains unaltered from that time.

The house remains in private ownership.

The station house remains, the platforms have been demolished.

remains are interred

His remains are interred in the Maribor Cathedral.

His remains are interred at the Church of Santa Inés in Mexico City.

He died in 1974 and his remains are interred in the Fortaleza Cathedral.

found the remains

More recently, excavations have found the remains of a representative Roman administrative building.

In the pit were found the remains of some forty horses along with Cannonballs, Clubs and Large Buttons.

In the early 1950s, divers found the remains of a shipwreck in Cape Gelidonya, off the coast of Turkey.

site remains   (サイトのまま)

The site remains a focus for archaeological study.

The station site remains largely undeveloped .

Part of the bomb storage site remains also.

remains closed

The sector between Higo-Ōzu and Aso remains closed.

However, the mountain remains closed to hikers until today.

Main market remains closed every Friday.

remains a member

Nevertheless, it remains a member of the Forum.

He remains a member of Haiti Action Committee.

Mount remains a member of the board of directors of the IANTD.

other remains   (その他の遺物)

A 5,000-square-foot private home now sits on one lot, while the other remains undeveloped.

The other remains outside until a police car comes drifting from the right hand side of the arena.

There are visible remains of the 12th-century church of St Adamnan and other remains were found by a survey in the 1950s.

remains in operation   (稼働中)

Today both halves of the garage remains in operation.

Of these, only Eastland remains in operation.

It remains in operation as the Jerusalem Uniting Church.

station remains   (駅のまま)

The active light station remains in the hands of the U.S. Coast Guard.

The station remains silent while it constructs its post-repack facility on assigned displacement channel 7.

remains true

PSUAD remains true to the same teaching structure implemented in Paris.

The DPA remains true to its original objectives and has also added other activities in support of Dartmoor and its inhabitants.

Despite his success Ostermeier still remains true to the gritty, in-yer-face realism he became known for during his time at the Barracke.

no remains

At that time, no remains of human ancestors had yet been identified.

The re-located halt was demolished shortly after closure and no remains are now visible.

A limited archeological dig by Columbia University archaeology graduate students turned up no remains.

area remains

The adjacent area remains an open field with trees at the edge.

This area remains the center of Tokyo's financial and business district.

Only 12% of the Atlantic Forest's original area remains and only 7% is well conserved.

remains of several

On streets and alleyways throughout the village were the remains of several columns.

In the northeast section, apparently the main camp area, are the remains of several buildings and heavy equipment.

Fredriksberg today has a townscape where remains of several different historical epochs still play significant roles.

visible remains

Nothing visible remains of the mansion.

The only visible remains, other than earthworks, is a stone arch.

The only visible remains of line is the tram depot, on the outskirts of Altdorf.

remains unresolved

This situation remains unresolved as of season 2.

The aforementioned land dispute remains unresolved.

An evolutionary reason for the phobia remains unresolved.

line remains

The station closed in 1963 but the line remains open.

The line remains in regular use by passenger traffic.

The line remains electrified at 12 kV 25 Hz AC north of Matawan.

animal remains   (動物の遺体)

Grave goods include metalwork, ceramics and animal remains.

Specifically, plant and animal remains are also called ecofacts.

While at Saqqara he made the significant discovery of a "zoo" of mummified animal remains.

remains highly

His legal advocacy remains highly controversial.

The incident remains highly controversial.

The distribution of income and wealth remains highly skewed.

remains standing

The Golden Gate Bridge remains standing initially.

If it remains standing, that signifies that the omens were favorable.

Only the northern wall remains standing with pilasters in the northeast corner.

remains the highest

His match-saving innings remains the highest score by a No.

This remains the highest score in any 40 overs List A match played in England.

This remains the highest rated episode of a soap in British television history.

remains the last   (最後のまま)

"From Now On" remains the last studio album by Robin S. to date.

To date, this remains the last song by a girl group to top the U.S. charts.

"Sparf" remains the last direct opinion of the Court on jury nullification.

plant remains

All appear to be saprotrophic, growing on dead wood or plant remains.

To date, the Lachine plant remains closed and ADF is looking for a buyer.

Species appear to be saprotrophic, growing on dead wood or plant remains.

remains were exhumed

The remains were exhumed and reinterred.

As part of this process, her remains were exhumed and examined.

In 1860, his remains were exhumed and re-buried at Kavumba, Busiro.

church remains

Only a small Baptist church remains in the area.

Only a Baptist church remains in the area.

Nothing of this earlier church remains.

case remains   (症例は残る)

Whether or not this is the case remains to be seen.

Kenyan police say the case remains under investigation.

The case remains as an unsolved closed case.

remains high

Today, emigration from the Dominican Republic remains high.

Despite this failure, his reputation among the Armenian people remains high.

Demand remains high, and consequently, black market cocaine is quite expensive.

remains visible

Their benchmark remains visible at the tower door.

It is made-up of a number of ancient, unimproved meadows and the old ridge and furrow remains visible.

The tower was later used by the Department of Survey; it collapsed on 27 November 2015, with the remains visible today.

fossilized remains

The Hills contain examples of fossilized remains of Mesozoic era cold seeps.

The fossilized remains were found in sediments approximately 16–19 million years old.

Unfossilized or partially fossilized remains can include bones, exoskeletons, nests, skin imprints, or fecal deposits.

although it remains   (残っていますが)

No bones were found at the site, although it remains possible that Eric's burial might be elsewhere on the Stainmore moors.

The lodges flourished under his successor Alexander I, although it remains unknown whether Alexander himself was an initiate.

Only at the two highest ISO sensitivities of 12,800 and 25,600 is the brightness noise easily visible, although it remains fine-grained.

remains are among

These remains are among the oldest hominid remains ever found.

These forts were central to his empire and their remains are among the foremost sources of information about his rule.

remains important

Steam distillation remains important in certain industrial sectors.

Unlike most North American cities, water transportation remains important.

Still, the case remains important in the development of the implied freedom.

structure remains

The rustic structure remains in its intended use.

Only half of the structure remains today.

The dam structure remains.

remains were returned

His remains were returned to New Brunswick for burial.

Kaytor's remains were returned to her home state of Illinois for burial.

His remains were returned to Rome and he was buried in Santa Maria Maggiore.

system remains

This system remains in use as of 1999.

The base price of the system remains the same as the first generation, starting at around $999.

The system remains today, and continues to be built upon the foundations set in place by him then.