remote areas   (遠隔地)

JVs served in remote areas such as Nulato, Alaska.

Its aim is to promote health and education in remote areas.

For remote areas, aluminum towers may be placed by helicopters.

remote control   (リモコン)

Whoever has the remote control controls Gigantor.

A remote control was used to interact with the unit.

These devices allow remote control as well as live view.

remote sensing   (リモートセンシング)

Hussey is trained in climatic geomorphology and remote sensing.

His research spans a wide arena of remote sensing applications.

Mapping radars are used to scan a large region for remote sensing and geography applications.

remote location   (遠隔地)

have brought more people to this remote location.

The ruins are well-preserved due to the remote location.

Their remote location means there is also no electricity.

more remote   (より離れた)

Old Sormovo is more remote from the historical centre.

The more remote beaches can only be reached via dirt roads.

It did well in cities and larger towns but fared poorly in more remote areas.

remote area   (辺ぴな地域)

Until the fifteenth century, Kulubnarti was a remote area.

It was discontinued primarily due to its location in a remote area of Japan.

For nearly 200 years, this remote area of the island has been called "Money Cove".

remote locations   (遠隔地)

Transfer of content between remote locations was slow and had limited capacity.

Boxing was not sanctioned by most English cities, which is why remote locations were required.

His exploratory trips to various remote locations in India triggered his passion for photography.

most remote   (最も遠い)

the most remote inhabited island in the United Kingdom.

Baker Island is one of the most remote U.S. equatorial possessions.

Unlike most remote procedure call systems, each door has only one server procedure.

remote village   (遠隔村)

The school was in a remote village in Oaş, Pășunea Mare.

Two persons, namely Ajay and Prem come to a remote village.

Malapattam was a traditionally isolated and remote village.

remote island   (離島)

Many pirates search for his mountain of gold hidden on a remote island.

Jimmy Sparks lives with his uncle, Dr. Bob Brilliant, on a remote island.

Recently first described in 1996, it is found only in this remote island of Australia.

remote villages   (遠隔集落)

Although less widespread, it is still spoken in some remote villages of the Of district itself.

Her paintings document the clothes and lifestyle of the local people living in remote villages in Northern Italy.

A reward of £200 was unsuccessfully offered for Koko, who was forced to flee from the British, hiding in remote villages.

remote regions   (遠隔地)

Tree rings must be obtained from nature, frequently from remote regions.

The design was intended to be used by the SASR to patrol remote regions of Australia.

What little aid reached the remote regions of Aceh province trickled in primarily by boat and air.

remote parts   (リモート部品)

Gunn cut a number of well used tracks and erected huts in the more remote parts of his run.

Acidic deposits have been detected in glacial ice thousands of years old in remote parts of the globe.

Dogs have to be on the leash around the lawn but they are allowed off the leash in remote parts of the park.

remote controlled   (リモコン)

Their knowledge of remote controlled cars is used in "Eleven".

This procedure is remote controlled.

The main station in Ankara had 12 Transmitters, remote controlled.

remote access   (リモートアクセス)

This feature allows traffic managers remote access from a PC, laptop or dedicated control room.

ARA slowly disappeared in the late 1990s when TCP/IP took over the vast majority of networking needs, notably remote access.

As of 2006, and Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) was made available to the public for remote access of the library's holdings.

remote rural   (遠隔田舎)

The conflict escalated in the 1990s, mainly in remote rural areas.

The CCC often provided the only paid work, as many reservations were in remote rural areas.

The funeral, although in a remote rural area, was attended by hundreds of thousands of people.

remote communities   (リモートコミュニティ)

South Star sells fresh medicines and goods in remote communities.

The research conducted by the commission covered nearly all national territories affected by the internal conflict, with an emphasis on remote communities.

In 2008, Fairfax founded the Tim Fairfax Family Foundation in a bid to support people in rural and remote communities throughout Queensland and the Northern Territory.

very remote   (非常に遠い)

Some of these crosses are at very remote places.

The women reached very remote places, recording folk tales, riddles, customs, and recipes.

He believed that the chapel and the village were based in a very remote and narrow location.

remote part   (遠隔部)

In 2007, Jones undertook a pioneering expedition to a remote part of South East Greenland.

Rosalyn (Janice de Belen) just got word that her Ate Rowena (Gina Alajar) died in a remote part of her province.

The 14th Dalai Lama was born on 6 July 1935 on a straw mat in a cowshed to a farmer's family in a remote part of Tibet.

remote mountain   (遠い山)

The military airdropped the exhumed bodies over open water or remote mountain locations.

The film tells a story of group of co-workers who go to a remote mountain forest in Hungary, where they become victims of murderous attacks.

His photographic work included an image of funeral pyres on the Ganges River in India and of the remote mountain town of Adjuntas, Puerto Rico.

remote controls   (リモコン)

After remote controls were invented, digital adjustments became common.

These "remote controls" can also be used for the interactive design of the show.

Rolling code technology is also used on car remote controls and with some internet protocols for secure sites.