Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

remove all   (eliminar todo)

He decided to remove all of the younger boys from the school.

Cambridge Analytica was subsequently asked to remove all the data.

Then, a special effects test was conducted to remove all those people.

used to remove   (solía quitar)

It is commonly used to remove rust rings from a cornea.

They are also used to remove foreign bodies.

After pounding, winnowing may be used to remove the chaff.

surgery to remove   (cirugía para remover)

Brenda also decides not to have surgery to remove the cancer.

An abdominal blood clot led to surgery to remove most of his intestines.

On September 12, 2001, Aku underwent surgery to remove his kidney cancer.

not remove   (no quitar)

It does not remove a member from office.

Dialysis will not remove Cefixime in significant quantities.

The specialist could not remove the spirits from their house.

order to remove   (orden para eliminar)

Because of this the road was modified and extended by , in order to remove such steep sections.

The Supreme Court quashed the division's order to remove O'Hara and suspend the track's license.

During the voyage, attempts are made on the life of Laurence in order to remove him from Temeraire.

decided to remove

He decided to remove all of the younger boys from the school.

He decided to remove the killing aspect, concentrate on the relationship.

In the mid-1970s the Coast Guard decided to remove the Fresnel lens and test a DCB airport style beacon.

attempt to remove   (intento de eliminar)

An attempt to remove the section of line here was made, but not completed.

However, X and two associates later attempt to remove Banton from the hospital by cutting the power.

The hosts will attempt to remove as many parasitoids as possible to prevent them from spreading to nearby nests.

decision to remove   (decisión de eliminar)

He launched an appeal against the decision to remove him as national treasurer.

On Olympus, she pleaded against Athena's decision to remove the gods from Earth's affairs.

In 2003 the Youth Justice Board made the decision to remove the juvenile population from Onley.

able to remove   (capaz de eliminar)

The dentist is able to remove the bad tooth from Del's mouth.

The Doom Patrol defeat Larsen and are able to remove his powers.

Somehow, Marcello is able to remove the bullets and save Simone.

attempted to remove

Alley attempted to remove Kouandété from the army, though to no avail.

Constantine also attempted to remove Maxentius' influence on Rome's urban landscape.

Thus ugly laws were methods by which lawmakers attempted to remove the poor from sight.

difficult to remove

Thus it would be difficult to remove it without harming the animal.

Vinyl baseboard is glued with adhesive and can be difficult to remove or to replace.

In practice, it can be quite difficult to remove a director by a resolution in general meeting.

tried to remove

When opponents tried to remove the sign, workers prevented them from doing so.

The conservatives tried to remove Hall's endorsement for his seat, but failed.

In 2003, in the midst of his tenure, he tried to remove the word "race" from the Constitution of France, unsuccessfully.

attempts to remove

Eddie attempts to remove Richie's nasal hair (at Richie's request) using a pair of pliers.

In the 1930s, three failed attempts to remove Vargas and his supporters from power occurred.

Freenet attempts to remove the possibility of any group imposing its beliefs or values on any data.

voted to remove

After Talisman withdrew from Sudan, the General Assembly voted to remove it from the divestment list.

On 7 March 2006, after four months of deliberations, the impeachment jury voted to remove Ibarra from office.

As the result of these disagreements, the AJPW executive board voted to remove Misawa from the presidential position on May 28.

operation to remove   (operación para eliminar)

She had been undergoing an operation to remove a tumor.

In August 2016, vocalist Alan Nimmo underwent an operation to remove polyps from his vocal chords.

Tara Lo (Jing Lusi) died in episode 27 after having an operation to remove part of her brain tumour.

required to remove

In some cases, surgery was required to remove the ulcer.

This results in a large amount of traction force required to remove the suture.

The bent end of the safety pin increases the force required to remove it, reducing the risk of accidental arming.