removed from office   (オフィスから削除)

Eusebius demanded that Eutyches be removed from office.

Many public officials were removed from office as a result.

Wahid was impeached and removed from office four months later.

later removed   (後で削除)

They were later removed during her 2019 overhaul.

His remains were later removed to the Western Cemetery.

Labs was later removed from Google Calendar.

removed and replaced   (取り外して交換)

Approximately of steel were removed and replaced.

In 2010, the panels were removed and replaced with new panels.

A Victorian-style porch was removed and replaced by another porch.

once removed

This term relates to a first cousin once removed.

He is a first cousin, once removed, of Prof. Mr. Soenario, S.H.

In 1905, he married his fifth cousin once removed, Eleanor Roosevelt.

removed during

They were later removed during her 2019 overhaul.

The original sundial column was removed during 1773.

The ticker is removed during trails and weather forecasts.

then removed

The bagels are then removed and allowed to cool.

The statue of Moses was then removed.

The paper is then removed and the amount of moisture is measured.

cousin once removed   (いとこが削除されました)

This term relates to a first cousin once removed.

In 1905, he married his fifth cousin once removed, Eleanor Roosevelt.

Grand Duke Nicholas was the first cousin once removed of Tsar Nicholas II.

removed all

In June 2007, Hotwire removed all airfare booking fees.

The robbers removed all of $133.97 from the cash register.

The of 1935 removed all effective power from the Prussian government.

far removed

She had to create and interpret a character that was "very different" and far removed from herself.

Together, these gave a sound far removed from her initial folk roots and much closer to ordinary rock.

There was no battle action at the fort since the western United States was far removed from the Civil War.

removed when   (削除されたとき)

The pylon was removed when the sign was relocated.

B units are removed when XIII is activated to XIIIa.

The cooldown will be removed when the full price is paid.

not removed

The sterilized microorganisms are not removed from the water.

However, these seats were not removed until the 2014 election.

It was not removed until 1954, 13 years after its destruction in 1941.

forcibly removed   (強制的に削除)

They were beaten and forcibly removed by OMON.

He succeeded in reaching Wawel, but was forcibly removed by Polish nobles.

In all, between 20,000 and 50,000 people in the region will be forcibly removed.

not be removed

The kinetic energy of the ground state cannot be removed.

They can not be removed or changed.

This prosecutorial role can not be removed from her by the Scottish Parliament.

completely removed

At some point the police inspector was completely removed from the list of service ranks.

The foot-rating system was completely removed for 6th Mix, and replaced by the "Groove Radar".

By harvesting these shellfish the nitrogen they retained is completely removed from the system.

subsequently removed

The commercial's ahistorical additions were subsequently removed.

The paywall was subsequently removed on the night of 4 April 2016.

The "Herald" subsequently removed his byline from the online edition.

removed before

Headphones must be removed before boarding.

The slipcase has to be removed before the album cover is shown.

Members of the board may be removed before their term is complete.

removed due

This class name was removed due to shrinking the number of classes of each form.

The Zippyisms were removed due to copyright issues, but the DOCTOR program remains.

The video reached nearly 1 million views before it was removed due to copyright issues.

removed from service   (サービスから削除されました)

The last horse-drawn cab was removed from service in 1947.

"Hyak" was removed from service in 1906.

radio broadcast stations were captured and removed from service.

eventually removed

However, MTV eventually removed the episode entirely.

The bloodstain was eventually removed in the 20th century.

The cemetery was eventually removed, but the name remained.

removed to make   (削除する)

In 1975 the old Hall was removed to make way for the new Minimay Memorial Hall.

In the 1985 Season the two water slides were removed to make a difference on the pier.

In 1962 the statue was removed to make way for the installation of new radar equipment.

guns were removed

In 1938-1939 all of Fort Strong's four remaining 10-inch guns were removed and scrapped.

These guns were removed in 1919; one was scrapped and one remains as a memorial in Ansonia, Connecticut.

These guns were removed in January 1918 when the boats were declared obsolete and resumed training duties.

removed from power   (電源から削除)

In many places the local landrats were removed from power.

The campaign was successful and Singh was removed from power.

Finally on 12 March 1967, Sukarno was officially removed from power by the MPRS.

removed because   (削除されたため)

Some papers formerly included in the News Archive have been removed because of copyright issues.

In 2010 it had to be removed because its fragments were disintegrating after spending several years on the roof.

Complaints were issued in the press, but the company insisted that the bread was removed because of lack of sales.

easily removed

This surface glue can be easily removed, using a cabinet scraper or cold water.

When an inner cover is used, the top cover is more easily removed from the hive.

This allows the cleaner to break down the dirt and oils to be more easily removed.

finally removed   (最終的に削除されました)

The label "chiefless and landless" was finally removed.

His relics were finally removed in 849 and divided between Alba and Ireland.

AppleTalk support was finally removed from the MacOS in Mac OS X v10.6 in 2009.

removed from all   (すべてから削除されました)

Shortly after, they were removed from all spreadsheets.

The word "Classic" was removed from all Coca-Cola products by 2011.

In 2013 he was removed from all committees of Bangladesh Awami League.

surgically removed

After it was surgically removed, Carreira made a full recovery.

There is some debate as to whether dewclaws should be surgically removed.

In June 2011, he had a benign tumor from his brainstem surgically removed.

quickly removed

The wings can be quickly removed for ground transport or storage.

However, after a negative start Mészöly was quickly removed from his position.

It was decided that Hope must be quickly removed as governor without raising suspicion.

removed most   (ほとんど削除された)

The O'Leary's removed most of the furniture and eventually it was sold to Captain Edward Dicks.

After the fall of the Ming Dynasty, the rulers of the Qing removed most of the service buildings.

Ismael Pasha removed most privileges other than the right to appoint a local governor (Vekylis), whose powers however became nominal.

temporarily removed   (一時的に削除された)

The Khreptovitch Library was temporarily removed to Kyiv (Kiev) during the war.

From 7 February to 19 February 2014 the channel was temporarily removed from Sky.

In the game revision of March 13, 2007, the "trigger images" were temporarily removed.

tracks were removed

The tracks were removed in the 1960s.

In the 1950s, the tracks were removed and replaced by the Queensway.

The last train ran on October 11, 1937, and tracks were removed by summer 1938.

removed without

A choccie nut bar has been removed without payment!")"

No trees may be removed without consent.

The prosthetics can be removed without harming the jellyfish.

before being removed

He also retired Gordy Coleman on a groundout before being removed from the game.

This section of road was incorporated into Route 24 in 1927, before being removed by 1992.

He was a member of ICC International Panel of Umpires before being removed from the Panel in July 2016.

designation was removed

The NY 439 designation was removed entirely .

The route remained unchanged until January 1, 1970, when the designation was removed.

This portion of road would become Route 58 in 1953 (the Route 58 designation was removed in the 1990s).

removed through

In 1998, the remaining herd was sold to the Nuuk municipality and removed through hunting.

The excavated rock was removed through Hoffman number 3 mine, and dumped on the slate banks.

Remaining non-diamond inclusions are removed through laser drilling and filling of the voids produced.

twice removed

She was eventually succeeded by her first cousin twice removed, James VI of Scotland.

She later became the third wife of Saw Shwe Khet, her much older half cousin, twice removed.

For example a second granduncle is a male first cousin twice removed that comes from a previous generation.