Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

later renamed

This area was later renamed the Bight of Biafra.

The publication was later renamed "Taiwan News".

It was later renamed as Montour Falls, New York.

then renamed

The battery was then renamed — Battery "New Peck."

the school was then renamed Blackfriars Academy.

It was then renamed as Amazon Instant Video on Demand.

now renamed

It is now renamed and in Slovakia.

Herring continued to play with the group, now renamed The Dead, in 2003 and 2004.

It became there headquarters named Beneficial Plaza, now renamed Wilshire Park Place.

renamed itself

In 1920, the band renamed itself Sexteto Habanero.

The company renamed itself Télé-Capitale in 1974.

In 2010, it renamed itself Parkland Fuel Corporation.

company was renamed   (công ty được đổi tên)

In 1969, the company was renamed Aoki Corporation.

The company was renamed to HDC Young Chang in 2018.

The company was renamed Johnson Controls in 1974.

officially renamed

It was officially renamed in 1890 to Eisenkappel.

In 1840 it was officially renamed as Hackescher Markt.

On 1 June 1973, British Honduras was officially renamed Belize.

school was renamed   (trường được đổi tên)

In 1991, the school was renamed to its current name.

In 1952, the school was renamed Belmont Hills School.

The school was renamed as 'BAF Shaheen School' in 1980.

station was renamed   (trạm đã được đổi tên)

Subsequently, this station was renamed "Dalfsen".

In 1949 Chard station was renamed Chard Central.

The station was renamed to Eygelshoven on 22 May 1966.

subsequently renamed

The B-52 was subsequently renamed "In HARM's Way".

It was subsequently renamed to OASIS International.

The album was subsequently renamed This Is Our Night.

again renamed

The command was again renamed on October 20, 1997.

In 1986 it was again renamed as 'BAF Shaheen College Kurmitola'.

The party was again renamed the Freedom Conservative Party in June 2018.

club was renamed

In 2001 the club was renamed to Chance Odolena Voda.

The club was renamed Highfield for the 1991–92 season.

In 2003, club was renamed to "Shahdag-Samur".

renamed again

It was renamed again to its current title in 2008.

In 1999, it was renamed again to its present name.

It was renamed again in March 1933 to Hawthorne Boulevard.

renamed in honor

In 8 BC, it was renamed in honor of Augustus.

It was named Castelnuovo d'Asti, prior to being renamed in honor of John Bosco.

The complex was renamed in honor of former US Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison in 2013.

newly renamed

The Aggies played their home games at the newly renamed BB&T Stadium.

The Raptors played their home games at newly renamed Scotiabank Arena.

However, several new star players helped the newly renamed Red Sox improve almost immediately.

team was renamed   (đội được đổi tên)

In 2003, the team was renamed Atlético Veragüense.

In 2001, the team was renamed the Whitecaps.

This team was renamed later on to be Air21.

town was renamed   (thị trấn được đổi tên)

The following year, 1699, the town was renamed Williamsburg.

In 1918 the town was renamed to Sison honoring Senator Pedro Ma.

It was during this time that the town was renamed Wakamatsu (young pine).

soon renamed

Unveiled in the summer of 1961, the "MRD" was soon renamed.

They were soon renamed the "Rifle Corps".

It was soon renamed as the West Virginia Preparatory School.

renamed themselves

They renamed themselves Sexteto Típico Oriental.

The club renamed themselves back to Mladost in 1992.

The Mend renamed themselves as Race the Horizon.

building was renamed

The building was renamed Town Residences.

The building was renamed Polk Street School from 1948 to 1950.

The name of the building was renamed from Regions Center to UBS Tower.

ship was renamed

On 1 October 2002, the ship was renamed "BBC China".

On 28 August 1783 the ship was renamed "Tiger".

The ship was renamed "Somerset" in 1959.

before being renamed

5 Operational Training Unit RAF (OTU) before being renamed No.

The album was formerly known as "Worth Your While", before being renamed.

Speedball was promptly banned by Portman before being renamed as "Dogma".

eventually renamed

The software was eventually renamed "Lumena."

The store was eventually renamed.

The society was eventually renamed the Victorian Electrical Society.

renamed the company   (đổi tên công ty)

The couple renamed the company Paquin and set about building the business.

In 1915, Hughes became the sole owner and renamed the company Hughes Tool Company.

In 1893 Shibusawa renamed the company Oji Paper after the location of its first mill.

division was renamed

Subsequently, the division was renamed Havas Interactive.

In mid 2007, the company's publishing division was renamed to V.2 Play.

(In 2006–07 the first division was renamed from A' Ethniki to Super League).

stadium was renamed

The stadium was renamed for Jara in 2003.

The stadium was renamed to its current name in honor of this gift.

During the reconstruction new seats were added and the stadium was renamed to Brezno Arena.

renamed in honour   (đổi tên trong danh dự)

In 1999 the race was renamed in honour of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

The former British Methodist Episcopal Church in Niagara Falls, Ontario, was renamed in honour of Dett.

Skukuza, the main camp in the park and which was formerly called Sabi Bridge, was renamed in honour of him.

city was renamed

The city was renamed Schlotburg ("castle-town").

The city was renamed Karanduniash during this period.

In 1962, the city was renamed yet again to Eforie Sud.

renamed back   (đổi tên trở lại)

The award was subsequently renamed back to Engel/Findley.

It also was renamed back to FC Metallurg for that season.

The commune was renamed back to Le Plessis-Piquet in 1801.

district was renamed

The district was renamed Bang Rachan in 1939.

In 1939 the district was renamed U Thong.

The police district was renamed from Bodø Police District in 2002.

show was renamed   (chương trình đã được đổi tên)

In February 2001 the show was renamed "Extended Play".

For the second season, the show was renamed SOF: Special Ops Force.

After the 2009 season, the show was renamed "Inside West Coast Customs".

unit was renamed

The unit was renamed the "Indische Freiwilligen Legion der Waffen-SS".

The unit was renamed from No.

The unit was renamed No.