İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

extensive repairs   (kapsamlı onarımlar)

The bridge has undergone extensive repairs in 2009-10.

America's entry into World War I saw "Terry" undergoing extensive repairs at Charleston.

Artisans from China performed extensive repairs on the archway and repainted its decorations.

repairs were made   (onarım yapıldı)

Provisional repairs were made in autumn 2004.

Additional repairs were made in 1930.

On June 1, 1896 temporary repairs were made to "Choctaw" in Sault Ste.

major repairs   (büyük onarımlar)

6.7% of these dwellings are in need of major repairs.

It required major repairs before re-opening.

Sakdiphonlasep also commissioned major repairs of the palace.

temporary repairs   (geçici onarımlar)

She surfaced for further temporary repairs.

Hanna" was sent to Detroit, Michigan for temporary repairs.

Permission was given for temporary repairs to be carried out.

underwent repairs

She underwent repairs in 1802.

She underwent repairs at the Washington Navy Yard from 25 October to 30 December 1823.

While she underwent repairs, "PGM-18" proceeded without her to Guam and then to Ulithi.

emergency repairs   (acil onarımlar)

The vessel proceeded to St John's next day to conduct emergency repairs.

The bridge was closed for emergency repairs, and traffic was detoured over I-72.

In November the government announced it had approved contracts for emergency repairs.

undergoing repairs   (onarımdan geçiyor)

"Winged Arrow" spent almost a month undergoing repairs at San Francisco.

She was later salvaged, but was still undergoing repairs when the war ended.

repairs were completed

Nevertheless, repairs were completed in the span of two weeks.

The Royal Navy towed her to Devonport where the repairs were completed.

With this money repairs were completed and three new classrooms were constructed.

minor repairs

St. Giles' church building received only minor repairs during the 17th and 18th centuries.

However, after minor repairs and taking on provisions, she headed back to blockade duty off the Georgia coast.

The bridge was closed for four to five days, first for inspection, then to repair the panels, as well as other minor repairs.

making repairs

The weather deteriorated, and the ship was rolling, making repairs difficult.

Lieutenant Maynard remained at Ocracoke for several more days, making repairs and burying the dead.

The player is given a budget which is to be used on buying tanks, making repairs and using different weapons.

make repairs   (onarım yapmak)

In competition, skaters are allowed three minutes to make repairs to their skates.

Their piloting radar antenna later fails, and two crewmen go outside to make repairs.

Page and his mechanic Ari Davis struggled to make repairs and keep the locomotive running.

repairs were carried

Further repairs were carried out in 1974, including the removal of floors.

The "Heimgar" was in dock for fifty days whilst repairs were carried out for both the collision damage and the storm damage.

Significant firebox repairs were carried out in 2000 and then it ran again until 2010 when it was withdrawn, being in need of a new boiler.

necessary repairs   (gerekli onarımlar)

To pay for the necessary repairs "Young Nicholas"s master sold part of her cargo.

The EPA eventually reimbursed the condo association $2,460 for the necessary repairs.

In 2011 Kew launched a £15m public appeal to address necessary repairs to the Temperate House.