İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

repeatedly attacked   (defalarca saldırıya uğradı)

They then repeatedly attacked him with a Taser.

The Sentinelese have repeatedly attacked approaching vessels.

From 233 on, the Alamanni repeatedly attacked the Roman limes fortifications.

repeatedly denied   (defalarca reddedildi)

Miller repeatedly denied that he injected plutonium.

The Swiss bank has repeatedly denied the allegations.

The government has repeatedly denied the validity of their claims.

repeatedly stated   (tekrar tekrar belirtildi)

Throughout the crisis, Turkey had repeatedly stated that it would be upset if the Jupiter missiles were removed.

She has repeatedly stated that she feels Trump is damaging the economy through acting in an unpredictable manner.

The Church has repeatedly stated that for the sinner there is no other system of redemption from sin but confession.

repeatedly called   (tekrar tekrar çağırdı)

All repeatedly called upon Arjuna to rescue them.

It has been repeatedly called, "NASA's finest hour".

He has repeatedly called for France to withdraw from NATO.

repeatedly asked   (tekrar tekrar sordu)

Arnold repeatedly asked for command of West Point, and Washington finally agreed in August.

Fages repeatedly asked the friars running mission Santa Clara to grant Eulalia hospitality there.

Kasab repeatedly asked the interrogators to turn the camera off and warned them he would not speak otherwise.

repeatedly tried   (defalarca denedi)

He repeatedly tried other pens, but none ever displaced the Montblanc.

The Adilshahi army repeatedly tried to break through the defenses of the pass, but were repeatedly repulsed.

Throughout her stay on the "Gnat", the crew repeatedly tried to use her as a gundog, each time resulting in a failure.