intended to replace   (交換する予定)

In March 1925 he moved to Ayresome Park intended to replace Ian Dickson.

This was intended to replace the parish church, but that was opened in 1818.

The West Thames Street Bridge is intended to replace the Rector Street Bridge.

built to replace   (交換用に構築)

A Colonial Revival style house was built to replace it.

They were built to replace locomotive-hauled passenger trains.

The castle may have been built to replace the old Meggenhorn fort.

replace the old   (古いものを交換してください)

Custom belts were being manufactured to replace the old ones.

Either new plants are used or planted to replace the old plants.

The castle may have been built to replace the old Meggenhorn fort.

decided to replace   (交換することにしました)

She decided to replace the terms with "Nervous Illness" instead.

As a young child Max decided to replace his birth name with "Robert."

He also decided to replace some 8-pounders with a larger proportion of 12-pounders.

not replace   (交換しない)

Interpretation does not replace compilation completely.

Megan comforts her, and Lacey reassures Megan that Kate will not replace her.

We did not replace those balustrades but hope they can be added in the future.

replace the original

We aren't trying to replace the original; that's impossible anyway.

The station is undergoing renovation work to replace the original wall covering.

The Pinkerton Building was built in 1887 to replace the original school building.

used to replace

It is used to replace ' if you don't have a tile ending with '.

It can be built into a new building or used to replace an existing roof.

On 7 September 2004, a Russian helicopter was used to replace the aerial.

began to replace

Around 1960, tights and trousers began to replace corselets.

The codex began to replace the scroll almost as soon as it was invented.

These nurses gradually began to replace the employment of untrained paupers.

replace the existing

A new apron of will replace the existing .

The Hospital was built to replace the existing hospital at Camp Joe Holt.

The new transmitter would replace the existing AM transmitter at that location.

replace all

It is planned to replace all the electro mechanical meters with static ones.

Toyota also introduced a four-door rear access system called "Smart Cab" to replace all Xtra Cab models in E and G grade.

The "Finlandia"s large size meant she could replace all three steamers operated by Finland SS Co on the service to West Germany.

designed to replace

The R5 class was designed to replace Super 2000 cars, and its regulations were introduced in 2013.

The articulated units were designed to replace the earlier unsuccessful 1927 Stock, which were prone to derailments.

Some block heaters are designed to replace one of the engine's core plugs and therefore heat the engine via the coolant.

order to replace   (取り替える)

He resigned with Lavrio on October 5, 2017, in order to replace the injured Doron Lamb.

FUTURE FLEET 16 Vanhool-Kiepe Trolleybuses are on order to replace the existing fleet.

The Line 7 platforms were temporarily closed during September 2006 in order to replace the catenaries.

appointed to replace

Nationalist Edward Vardon was appointed to replace him.

George Poyser was appointed to replace him.

Bill Robinson was appointed to replace him.

hired to replace

Lester A hired worker that Zech hired to replace Bonzo.

Notre Dame coach Paul Mainieri was hired to replace him.

Rob Uytingco was hired to replace Morgan.

replace the injured

Barlow was the English president had stepped in to replace the injured Norma Shaw.

Barlow was the English president and stepped in to replace the injured Norma Shaw.

Barlow was the English president and had stepped in to replace the injured Norma Shaw.

replace the aging   (老化を取り替える)

They will replace the aging third generation Class 1000 trains.

The "Ōshio" was planned and built to replace the aging "Kuroshio".

To replace the aging M/23 officers uniform, the M/47 was introduced.

plans to replace

The band has no plans to replace him.

This is a development of earlier plans to replace them, known as HST2.

In the late 1980s, Lamborghini made plans to replace the aging Countach and Jalpa.

replace the previous

It was built to replace the previous stand which was gutted by a fire in the same year.

The cup would replace the previous trophy, Molloy Cup, which West Coast now held outright.

This restoration involved a new clock to replace the previous one dating from the early nineteenth century.

chosen to replace

Schadlow was chosen to replace Dina Powell as deputy national security advisor in January 2018.

Tetsuya Nomura was chosen to replace Amano because Nomura's designs were more adaptable to 3D graphics.

Soon thereafter, however, the clerk of courts for the county died, and Coolidge was chosen to replace him.

replace the current

In 2018, PNIA intends to replace the current commentators with celebrities.

The Mass Start with 60 starters does not replace the current Mass Start with 30 starters.

In 2015 plans were announced for a new science campus which will replace the current one in 2025.

election to replace   (置き換える選挙)

Joan Huffman won the subsequent special election to replace Janek.

Field won the 1996 special election to replace Blanco on the PSC with 52 percent of 344,919 votes cast.

Fasi resigned in 1994 to run for governor, with Jeremy Harris winning the special election to replace him.

elected to replace

Bachir's older brother, Amine Gemayel was elected to replace him.

His son Vincent was elected to replace him as MP for Invercargill.

Bell, who was not well respected in Pittsburgh, was elected to replace him.

eventually replace

The building will eventually replace the temporary facilities that the wing is now operating in.

The Navy is also looking to eventually replace its F/A-18E/F Super Hornets with the F/A-XX program.

P&G did eventually replace the Labines the following year with writers Lloyd Gold and Christopher Dunn.

replace an earlier

The village church was built in 1702 to replace an earlier chapel.

It is a brick arch bridge completed in 1775, to replace an earlier wooden bridge.

It was created in 1964 to replace an earlier numbering scheme and ratified by the state legislature in 1970.

replace the former

The bridge was constructed in 1998 to replace the former Main Street Bridge built in 1923.

As of November 2019, there are preliminary plans to replace the former Nordstrom and Carson's spaces with Macy's.

The new mascot was chosen after a nearly year-long search to find a new mascot to replace the former Indian mascot.

planned to replace

It is planned to replace all the electro mechanical meters with static ones.

In late 2001, however, the station announced that it planned to replace Kerley.

Another deal with Fiat was planned to replace the Ferguson tractors distributed by BFE.

replace the older

The new missile was to replace the older liquid-fueled UR-100N which were entirely silo-based.

This huge network was modernised by the constant introduction of newer tramcars, to replace the older ones.

As of December 2018 Troopers are now starting to use the SIG Sauer P320 chambered in 9mm to replace the older P226 DAK pistols.

selected to replace

In 1957 the FD was selected to replace the Sharpie at the 1960 Olympic Games in Naples.

Meanwhile, speculation remained for months as it was unknown who would be selected to replace Galliano.

He was selected to replace Conall McDevitt as MLA for South Belfast and became an MLA on 16 September 2013.

sought to replace

Britain deliberately sought to replace the Spanish in economic and cultural affairs.

Because of this, the men sought to replace these weapons whenever an opportunity arose.

Kwan was nominated on March 22, and sought to replace Libby Davies as the Member of Parliament for the riding.

up to replace

Deputy Editor, Simon Byron, stepped up to replace him.

Yan Gomes was called up to replace Lind.

Abdur Rehman and Yasir Arafat were called up to replace them.

wanted to replace

Tanin wanted to replace the constitution with a huge statue of King Prajadhipok.

Thus he wanted to replace Portuguese and Malay with Dutch in the education system.

Reinsdorf wanted to replace the aging Comiskey Park, and sought public funds to do so.

created to replace

Joint Task Force-Alaska was created to replace ALCOM.

The MEID was created to replace ESNs, whose virgin form was exhausted in November 2008.

Carbide.c++ development tools family was created to replace CodeWarrior for Symbian OS as the primary development environment for Symbian OS.

candidate to replace

The Democratic Alliance designated Dan Plato as their candidate to replace her.

In December 2011, rumors again surfaced citing Ferentz as a potential candidate to replace Haley.

After the 2002 release of "Die Another Day", Scott was a candidate to replace Pierce Brosnan as James Bond.

made to replace

An effort was made to replace the Catholic Church altogether, with civic festivals replacing religious ones.

The Strada was made to replace the Fiat City, a pickup version of the Fiorino, a commercial derivative of the Fiat Uno.

When the decision was made to replace it, a deconsecration ceremony was held by a Buddhist official, and the shrine was dismantled.