Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

later replaced   (luego reemplazado)

The SCR-197 set was later replaced by the SCR-299.

Wall was later replaced as manager by Babs Keating.

Vélez was later replaced by newsman Felipe Arias.

then replaced   (luego reemplazado)

Brandon Kirsch then replaced him during that time.

The 727C was then replaced by the 737C in 1985.

A second Committee of Safety then replaced it.

eventually replaced   (finalmente reemplazado)

This approach eventually replaced all other systems.

They were eventually replaced by small mortars.

It was eventually replaced with Solo Talent.

removed and replaced   (eliminado y reemplazado)

Approximately of steel were removed and replaced.

In 2010, the panels were removed and replaced with new panels.

A Victorian-style porch was removed and replaced by another porch.

before being replaced   (antes de ser reemplazado)

He narrated episode 1 through 3 before being replaced by John Shrapnel.

She returned for the second season before being replaced by Sara Bareilles.

The C-82A saw limited production before being replaced by the Flying Boxcar.

demolished and replaced

The bridge was demolished and replaced about 2008.

The bridge was demolished and replaced in 1991.

In 1920 the original barn was demolished and replaced.

gradually replaced   (reemplazado gradualmente)

It was gradually replaced during World War II by "G.I."

In Western culture, the codex gradually replaced the scroll.

Artillery has since gradually replaced the use of frontal troops.

replaced by former

Nunes was replaced by former UFC fighter George Roop.

He was replaced by former Rainbow vocalist Ronnie James Dio.

He was replaced by former New Kingston Trio member Bill Zorn.

largely replaced

These industries have been largely replaced.

Britain as a toponym had by now largely replaced Albion in literary use.

They were largely replaced and absorbed by Bantu tribes as they migrated.

soon replaced

Andrew was soon replaced by another Andrew - A.J.

Gruber was soon replaced by Geoff Nicholls of Quartz.

Electric streetcars soon replaced the horsecar.

replaced the original

She replaced the original host of "Check, Please!

A new building constructed in 1926 replaced the original school.

Up to ten story guest wings replaced the original hotel in the 1950s.

replaced the old

A new school building replaced the old one in 2012.

Highway 90 replaced the old Highway from the late 60's.

They replaced the old rampart with a new better stone bulwark.

replaced by another   (reemplazado por otro)

Andrew was soon replaced by another Andrew - A.J.

That building was replaced by another in (1812, 1813–17?)

Dumas was replaced by another black man, Samuel Armstead.

subsequently replaced

He was subsequently replaced by Alejandro Gaxiola.

It was subsequently replaced by praziquantel.

He was subsequently replaced by Suriya.

not replaced

Therefore, as older branches die, they are not replaced.

Kelsey left the band and was not replaced.

He was not replaced by his team.

replaced by new

Many died every day, to be replaced by new arrivals.

Olson was replaced by new closer Matt Mantei in 1999.

In November 1992, "Fourscore" was replaced by new music.

replaced the previous

TRNSMT replaced the previous Scottish festival T in the Park.

It replaced the previous free version.

The second generation model replaced the previous model in 2005.

when he replaced   (cuando reemplazó)

She stayed on to work for Dudley Erwin when he replaced Aston as whip.

Liga defeat to SV Babelsberg 03, when he replaced Claus Costa at half-time.

He made his professional debut when he replaced Karleigh Osborne after 66 minutes of the 1–1 draw.

replaced the former

A new theater replaced the former Ward Theater in 1940.

The Thursday episode replaced the former Wednesday show.

The current facility replaced the former campus a few miles away.

replaced with new

In 2010, the panels were removed and replaced with new panels.

In 1895 the "Atlanta" two Scotch boilers were replaced with new ones.

It is then replaced with new lyrics with no reference to Stalin itself.

quickly replaced

The state quickly replaced its on-site monitor.

Arjuna quickly replaced those strings.

A tense coda would be quickly replaced with a reprise of waltz 2A.

temporarily replaced   (reemplazado temporalmente)

It was temporarily replaced by Steve Anthony.

He was temporarily replaced with Toomey, formerly of 12v Negative Earth.

Justin Shekoski of Saosin temporarily replaced Quinn on subsequent tours.

replaced an earlier

It is probable that it replaced an earlier building.

The building replaced an earlier mill on the same site.

It replaced an earlier scheme running from 2009 to 2013.

completely replaced

Brandenburgish is almost completely replaced by the Berlin regiolect.

However, the portable engine was never completely replaced by the traction engine.

During the summer of 2012 the floor was completely replaced, resurfaced, and repainted.

abolished and replaced

In 2017, it was abolished and replaced by the electoral district of Miller.

In 1974 the Boards were abolished and replaced by Regional Health Authorities.

The Politburo was abolished and replaced by a Presidium in 1952 at the 19th Congress.

down and replaced   (abajo y reemplazado)

In 2006, that house was torn down and replaced by a bank.

The old buildings were knocked down and replaced with said buildings.

Over the centuries forests have been cut down and replaced with bush.

replaced by more

Minor fittings, such as the handrails, were replaced by more GWR styles.

Later, Ekran satellites were replaced by more advanced Ekran-M series satellites.

It remained in use until 1902 when replaced by more modern Breech Loading (BL) guns.

turn replaced

They were in turn replaced by the 385 series engines.

Ayres was in turn replaced by Nicholas Waters in 2015.

(This was in turn replaced in the market by Microsoft Excel).

replaced all

This approach eventually replaced all other systems.

The police then replaced all Dome staff with armed undercover officers.

Millions of phones are replaced all over the world in favor for new ones.

now replaced

The courts are now replaced by a baseball stadium.

Planks are now replaced as needed with a recycled plastic product.

A new bridge has now replaced the old one and is open to the public.

replaced the earlier

It replaced the earlier and more narrow term Rādhān.

It replaced the earlier constitution of 1925.

It replaced the earlier Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906.

guns were replaced

The 57mm guns were replaced with machine guns.

In 1916 the 8.8 cm guns were replaced by three 10.5 cm SK L/45 naval guns.

In summer, her main guns were replaced with 18 Type 96 25-mm antiaircraft guns.

replaced by other   (reemplazado por otro)

250 Royal Marines were disembarked, later to be replaced by other British troops.

Dysprosium has relatively few applications where it cannot be replaced by other chemical elements.

Derivatives of methylphosphinic acid can have the phosphorus connected hydrogen atom replaced by other organic groups.

having replaced

His debut came against Slovakia, having replaced Rúben Pinto in the 73rd minute.

, Former F1 Driver David Coulthard is the President of the BRDC, having replaced Paddy Hopkirk.

The Bay is currently the mall's oldest anchor tenant, having replaced the Freimans store in 1973.

until replaced

These remained as a part of Yager Stadium until replaced in the early 2000s when Yager was renovated.

1 position, and he held that spot until replaced by Nick Price, who in 1994 became the first African ranked No.

A CPH railmotor connected with the "Riverina Express" and "South Mail" until replaced by a road coach in November 1983.

briefly replaced

Agnes Moorehead briefly replaced Barrymore in March 1949.

While Bruce was on holiday in August 2007, he was briefly replaced by Davina McCall.

The coffee flavour was briefly replaced with strawberry, but returned in early 2009.

fired and replaced

In 1994, Bugel was fired and replaced by Buddy Ryan.

While on location in Italy, Walsh was fired and replaced by Ramon Novarro.

Early in the 2008 season, Krivsky was fired and replaced by Walt Jocketty.

having been replaced

It is now obsolete, having been replaced by DASS2.

It is now out of print, having been replaced by the 2004 compilation "".

Cumbric is extinct, having been replaced by Goidelic and English speech.

engine was replaced

The engine was replaced with a Grob-built 2,500 cc unit of .

The F-14A's TF30 engine was replaced with the improved GE F110-GE-400 engine.

The large VDF engine was replaced in 1953 with the further developed D96 engine.

often replaced   (a menudo reemplazado)

This is often replaced, however, with a prayer.

In modern Greek, this is often replaced by the digraph .

He was often replaced by Josh Chapman on passing downs in 2008.

building was replaced

The original building was replaced in about 1678.

In the 16th century the gate building was replaced.

That building was replaced by another in (1812, 1813–17?)

now been replaced

It has now been replaced by Parkside Methodist church.

The early light source of a neon lamp has now been replaced with super-bright LEDs.

The once small windows in the chancel have now been replaced by large modern windows.

bridge was replaced

The bridge was replaced with an iron one in 1835.

The bridge was replaced between 2006 and 2008

In 1870, an earlier bridge was replaced with a new one.

replaced during

It was gradually replaced during World War II by "G.I."

These were replaced during the 1970–71 refit with two M22 units.

Windows were replaced during renovations in 1967 and after a 1981 fire.

replaced the older

From the beginning of the 1980s, MR-73 cars replaced the older MR-63 cars.

The Ship Sanitation Certificates replaced the older Deratting Certificates in 2007.

The 1538 school replaced the older School of the Vicars Choral, which was founded in 1234.

system was replaced

The original house system was replaced in 2003–2004 with form centres.

In that year the Foy-Breguet system was replaced with the Morse system.

However, following a coup in 1925 this system was replaced by a Presidential one.

replaced the injured

Agnew replaced the injured Paul Allott after the second Test.

Hongo replaced the injured Satoko Miyahara at the 2017 Four Continents Championships, finishing 10th.

Djourou replaced the injured Mikaël Silvestre and this was his only appearance in the 2009–10 campaign.

not be replaced

SMART-S 3D search radars will not be replaced by SMART-S MK2.

Dysprosium has relatively few applications where it cannot be replaced by other chemical elements.

Sapheosaurs, like other sphenodonts, had acrodont teeth which grew directly from the bone and could not be replaced.

replaced by buses

The last streetcars ran in 1948, replaced by buses.

Both services were replaced by buses.

Motor traffic in the city grew significantly and in 1972 the trams were replaced by buses.

replaced with more

At the same time the old undershot wheels were replaced with more efficient breast shot wheels.

Heavily Democratic Bloomington was cut out of the district and replaced with more conservative-leaning Terre Haute.

The ships radial lifeboat davits were also gradually replaced with more modern luffing davits when circumstances allowed.

replaced by promotional

He was replaced by promotional newcomer Ricky Simón.

He was replaced by promotional newcomer David Zawada.

Meek was replaced by promotional newcomer Oliver Enkamp.

building replaced

A new school building replaced the old one in 2012.

The building replaced an earlier mill on the same site.

The current building replaced the brick building in 1883.

effectively replaced

It effectively replaced the aged O and G classes still working on lighter parts of the network.

This effectively replaced what was previously known as Especially for Youth, offered through BYU.

When Troost died on January 21, 1934, Speer effectively replaced him as the Party's chief architect.

mostly replaced

Reverse vending machines have mostly replaced human staff.

By 1954, those unreliable methods were mostly replaced by magnetic core memory.

Typically used for on-chip connections; in chip-to-chip usage mostly replaced by XAUI.

sacked and replaced   (despedido y reemplazado)

Manager Martin Jol was sacked and replaced by Frank de Boer.

On 17 October, however, he was sacked and replaced by Levir Culpi.

On 29 October 2018, Lopetegui was sacked and replaced by Santiago Solari.

officially replaced

In early 2002, Kerley was officially replaced by Antonio Mora.

He officially replaced Patrick Matthews, the previous bass guitarist of The Vines, in 2006.

It was officially replaced circa 2000 with "The Power of the Bills", although "Shout" remains in use.

expelled and replaced

Germans remaining in the town were expelled and replaced with Poles.

The House of Orange was expelled and replaced by the Batavian Republic, a French satellite state.

Most of the Muslim population were expelled and replaced by Christians from neighbouring villages.

immediately replaced

It was immediately replaced with the present structure.

He was immediately replaced by Vice-president B. J. Habibie.

Securing approval, he then immediately replaced Stevens with Mary Nelson Winslow.

replaced when   (reemplazado cuando)

Improvised grenades were replaced when manufactured versions became available.

These tip seals also help lower the friction and can be replaced when worn down.

As in any air gun the air seals wear during use and have to be replaced when leaks occur.

finally replaced   (finalmente reemplazado)

The temporary bridges weren't finally replaced until 21 May 1950.

The peach baskets were used until 1906 when they were finally replaced by metal hoops with backboards.

In the first cabinet change after Bashar al-Assad, Imady was finally replaced by Dr. Ghassan al-Rifa'i.

injury and replaced

However, he was forced out due to injury and replaced by Raphael Davis.

Mall Dini was withdrawn the following day due to injury and replaced by Just A Par.

However, Roop was forced out of the bout with an injury and replaced by Daniel Pineda.

when it replaced   (cuando se reemplazó)

The Grand Am was reintroduced in 1985 when it replaced the Pontiac Phoenix.

Iten was the headquarters of the former Elgeyo-Marakwet District since 1966, when it replaced Tambach.

It existed from 1496, when it replaced an earlier castle on the island, until it was demolished in the 1820s.

replaced by modern

Should Greek and Latin be replaced by modern languages?

The buildings were eventually replaced by modern school buildings.

The old wooden cars were removed in 2013, and replaced by modern cars.

again replaced

Kaipara was recreated in 1978, and again replaced by Rodney in 1996.

The studio also hired him to write the script for "Aquaman", but he was again replaced.

In the 1990s and the years following, the buildings of the 1950s and 1960s were again replaced by postmodern buildings.

largely been replaced

It has largely been replaced by SATA in newer systems.

This technology has largely been replaced with light emitting diode displays.

These forms of handrail have largely been replaced with fabric-and-rubber railings.

ultimately replaced

Sawmills ultimately replaced the mining activity in Jayville.

They were ultimately replaced by the team, and as such, formed the event's 19-team peloton.

However, Keto Shimizu ultimately replaced Guggenheim as co-showrunner, to serve alongside Klemmer for this season.

replaced most   (reemplazado más)

Containers later replaced most piggyback service.

Apartments replaced most of the former storefronts.