reporting period   (報告期間)

weekly, and summarize the results for the prescribed reporting period.

During the reporting period the volume of production of the main enterprise of JSC «SSGPO» amounted to KZT 128.3 billion tenge.

For all sales-based charts (ranking both albums and tracks), "Billboard" and Nielsen changed the chart reporting period to cover the first seven days of an album's release.

reporting name

SS-N-23 NATO reporting name SS-N-23 Skiff can refer to:

It is also known by its NATO reporting name SS-1b Scud-A.

It is also known by its NATO reporting name SS-1C Scud-B.

investigative reporting   (調査報告)

She was awarded an Emmy for investigative reporting on 48 Hours.

The paper and its writers have won numerous awards for investigative reporting.

Under Sharpe, two Gerald Loeb Awards were won by the paper for investigative reporting.

reporting requirements

Also, regulatory haven poses less strict reporting requirements and trading restrictions.

11002), and is subject to strict reporting requirements by facilities which produce, store, or use it in significant quantities.

financial reporting   (財務報告)

The terms "accounting" and "financial reporting" are often used as synonyms.

Tax depreciation is commonly calculated differently than depreciation for financial reporting.

The most widely adopted accounting information systems are auditing and financial reporting modules.

news reporting

His news reporting on NBC's Today show, won a Peabody in 1973.

The committee looked to root our bias in news reporting and editing.

Metromedia helped WCBM establish a reputation for radio news reporting.

population reporting

The majority of the inhabitants practiced traditional beliefs, with 81.93% of the population reporting that belief, 6.8% practiced Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity, 5.7% were Protestants, and 3.12% were Muslim.

reporting directly

As part of her work, She will be reporting directly to Bola Adesola CEO, Nigeria and West Africa.

Fatico designated Gotti as acting capo, reporting directly to Gambino underboss Aniello Dellacroce.

Frank Corbi assumed the position of acting leader of the Baltimore operation, reporting directly to Gallo.

during the reporting

According to a 2012 report by the U.S. Department of Labor, "Togo made a minimal advancement in efforts to eliminate the worst forms of child labor" in 2011, with local child labor committees expanding their efforts "by tracking the return of trafficking victims and improved coordination by sharing information with government officials during the reporting period".

began reporting

The newspaper began reporting the Fodder Scam in 1992.

In February 2016, Doğan moved to and began reporting from Nusaybin.

Many people witnessed the crash, and news sources began reporting on the incident within minutes.

not reporting

Those not reporting voluntarily were hunted down.

However, only counseling, and not reporting, is possible in 1350.

Montaño died on the day before the 2012 Mexican general election but was not reporting on the election.

reporting system

He was suspended for 72 hours for "misuse of the reporting system".

Lengyel had used the in-game reporting system for reporting players for supposedly invalid reasons.

YouTube has built in a user reporting system in order to counteract the growing trend of hate speech.