news reports   (ニュースレポート)

The media call Max "The Good Samaritan" in news reports.

In general, it is not allowed in formal speech, such as news reports.

Jon Snow gave news reports on "That's Not My Name" and "I Kissed A Girl".

media reports   (メディア報道)

As per media reports he died in a road accident.

Meanwhile, his promotion comes from various media reports.

Some media reports have even given a full-load displacement of .

press reports   (プレスレポート)

Australian press reports suggested it could be held in Vietnam.

80 were killed and more than 150 injured according to press reports.

According to press reports, the door to the closet was kept unlocked.

annual reports   (年間報告)

Historical circulation based upon Gannett's annual reports.

It is a 100-page document which gives annual reports of the school.

Somewhat similar annual reports are the Indices of Economic Freedom and the Global Competitiveness Report.

reports indicated

Initial reports indicated he might have suffered a heart attack.

Chinese reports indicated that it was about 120 miles from the sea.

Further reports indicated that the FCC would likely oppose the merger.

no reports

There were no reports in 2011 of anti-Semitic acts.

Therefore, there were no reports of damage or deaths.

There are no reports of eruptions in historical times.

newspaper reports

Myongjo is used in newspaper reports and in books.

Both performances were successful, according to the newspaper reports.

The reporter behind the newspaper reports is Janet Lawton, Craig's fiancée.

intelligence reports   (インテリジェンスレポート)

US intelligence reports indicated that he was killed by US troops in 2001.

Aware of this order from intelligence reports, Churchill urged Wavell to seize the initiative.

Mümin passed intelligence reports from the Greek occupation headquarters to the Ankara government.

reports suggested   (提案されたレポート)

Some reports suggested that BBS was behind the attack.

Later reports suggested the injury could be season-threatening.

Initial reports suggested a sandstorm might have been to blame.

reports indicate

Some reports indicate that it can also climb trees.

Initial reports indicate at least an structure is to be added.

New reports indicate that on 29 June 2015, arrested a pickpocket Jeffery Gale.

weather reports

Her main role was to provide daily weather reports.

Instead, these weather reports are done from inside the main news studio.

Xiaowei has weather reports, traffic updates, music requests, news snippets.

reports directly

Additionally, the 20th Comptroller Squadron reports directly to the wing commander.

The holder of the position reports directly to the lady of the house or sometimes to the housekeeper.

The Commissioner of Police serves as the commander of the HKPF and reports directly to the Secretary for Security.

other reports   (その他の報告)

According to other reports, she left Blaque to join a Christian ministry.

The State Auditor and Inspector must also make other reports as the Governor may direct.

According to other reports, US$300 million were invested in Senegal's water partnership.

case reports   (症例報告)

Mortality is rare, but case reports do exist.

There are case reports of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease presenting with expressive aphasia.

According to recent case reports, use of vacuum aspiration can also lead to intrauterine adhesions.

several reports

Boitelle edited several reports, including:

Nonetheless, several reports noted some impact of the phenomenon on humans and environment.

There were several reports of 50 people killed in Beijing, a hundred miles from the epicenter.

reports stated

Initial reports stated that the bombing was a suicide attack.

Media reports stated that some people were locked in the hold.

Contemporary reports stated the "Myola" sunk off Sydney Heads.

official reports

They do everything they can to block Fuhrman's access to official reports.

The 12th, 13th divisions of the Army are judged as incapacitated in official reports.

But one of the commissioners, the botanist Antoine Laurent de Jussieu took exception to the official reports.

published reports

In November 2009, published reports indicated Runyan was interested in running.

However, the division had been growing for years, with published reports as early as 1883.

The earliest published reports dated 1993 were performed by Network Wizards owner Mark K. Lottor.

police reports

No police reports have been filed by the accusers.

Churchill opposed exaggerated claims and collected favorable police reports from key cities.

"Some of the evidence has basically been hidden within the police reports," Mæland concluded.

initial reports   (初期報告)

While initial reports suggested that he would produce "Achchamundu!

According to initial reports, all forty seven survived, and there were no serious injuries.

Its initial reports of an armoured advance was initially discounted by ANZAC Corps headquarters.

conflicting reports

However, conflicting reports, such as "Kerrang!

There are conflicting reports on the resulting actions.

There were conflicting reports as to the play's reception at Maly.

reports suggest   (レポートが示唆する)

Media reports suggest that the debate was often drowned out by cheering and jeering.

Some reports suggest the recovery of the Irish pork market would take up to a decade.

News reports suggest that much of his former wealth has been redistributed to other Russian oligarchs.

received reports

At 12:46p.m., San Bruno police received reports of a shooter at the YouTube headquarters.

During this time he received reports, smuggled over the Lithuanian border, on the Russian pogroms.

Hirohito said he only received reports about military operations after the military commanders made detailed decisions.

research reports

Each includes historical photographs, research reports, maps and other unique materials.

In the series “DIW Berlin: Policy Advice Compact” these research reports will be published.

Over the years BISG has published many research reports in response to the needs of its members.

many reports

There are not many reports on the ecology and the feeding habits of these nudibranchs.

There are many reports of primates making or using tools, both in the wild or when captive.

In October and December 2018, there came many reports of chupacabras suspects in Manipur, India.

numerous reports

Krajewska left behind numerous reports and a detailed diary.

His suggestion was supported by numerous reports and inquiries.

There have been numerous reports of data in transit being intercepted in recent years.

reports surfaced   (レポートが浮上)

On November 12, reports surfaced that Rossa officially signed on to judge the show.

On 3 March 2019, reports surfaced that then-boyfriend and manager Mandla "Mampintsha" Maphumulo had physically assaulted her.

In July 2017, reports surfaced in Iraqi media claiming Cantlie had been killed in an airstrike sometime during the battle of Mosul.

reports were not

These reports were not used to persecute individuals or accuse them of crimes.

While picket boats spotted the attack force, poor radio reception meant that most of their reports were not received.

Reports in 2006 suggested that the LF-A concept car had received the green-light for production, however these reports were not officially confirmed.

series of reports

He also wrote and broadcast a series of reports for senior citizens.

In 2005 Lassche made a series of reports about the Netherlands's Foreign Law.

So did former president Herbert C. Hoover in a series of reports penned in 1947.

district reports

The district reports all incomes and costs within the district.

In 2009, the district reports employing over 190 teachers with a starting salary of $40,000 for 180 days of pupil instruction.

During the British era, the loss of small patches of lands to cyclones was cataloged in several district reports, gazetteers, and other documents.

following reports   (以下のレポート)

However, in 1985 Monsanto halted development and withdrew the drug worldwide following reports of liver toxicity.

In 1994 the Student Union withdrew their support following reports that Forge's activities were no longer student orientated.

He investigates a pharmaceutical company promoting a defective drug following reports of falsified test results by university labs.

reports emerged

In 2009, reports emerged of a new missile named the PDV.

On 8 March, reports emerged Tahrir al-Sham released 50 Jund al-Aqsa members.

In the days after the crash, news reports emerged that up to 800 people had died.

financial reports   (財務報告)

HART was required to provide quarterly financial reports to the Council.

Fiona contacts Kamal and asks him to fax her some information on Kip's financial reports.

Programming include news and financial reports in collaboration with Class News and Class CNBC.

reports claimed

Some reports claimed an attacker had knives fastened to his knees.

Eyewitness reports claimed that the entire market, containing 100 shops, was destroyed in the explosions.

technical reports

This was later denied by Nakheel and independent technical reports as wholly inaccurate.

He has published over 130 articles and book chapters and more than 50 technical reports.

As well as published scientific papers and technical reports, books he authored or edited include:

reports state   (状態を報告する)

Most reports state the total amounted to 5,220 to 5,673 Jews.

Press reports state that hundreds of bystanders refrained from intervening.

Other reports state that 21 soldiers were killed and 90 wounded in the fighting.

first reports

The first reports of the Monster appeared in 1788.

The first reports were made of a station on this frequency in 1973.

María Elena watched the first reports of Holly's death on television.

early reports

Similarly, early reports of 12 gunmen were also later shown to be incorrect.

Similarly, early reports of twelve gunmen were also later shown to be incorrect.

Astronomers now generally regard all the early reports of detection as erroneous.

number of reports   (レポート数)

In 2013 it was reported that the camp was experiencing an increasing number of reports of crime.

A number of reports concerning this incident are contained in canonical hadith books, traced back to various Companions.

A number of reports cast doubt on the ability of the Tanzanian economy and electrification schemes to absorb the dam's demand.

unconfirmed reports

There were also unconfirmed reports of bodies buried in Loxahatchee.

There are also unconfirmed reports of the downing of 10 more Tomcats.

According to unconfirmed reports in February 2015, he was being held in a secret detention area.

false reports

The government based its decision on allegations that the newspaper published "false reports and false statements .

This, however, caused the waters to be muddied as many false reports and offers of information were made by people seeking a share of the reward.

A series of disputed discussions and decisions, followed by several confusing and false reports of air attacks, delayed the authorization of the sortie.

contemporary reports

There are various contemporary reports about the battle.

Although contemporary reports named Hamilton's companion only as "Mr. Price" or "young Mr.

The many contemporary reports of slave treatment at Mount Vernon are varied and conflicting.

later reports

later reports revealed that at least 5 people had been injured while the typhoon made its first landfall.

She tells him she will try to ascertain the fates of the captured agents and later reports back that B.A.

However, later reports state that the cruiser has been docked at Sevmash since 1999 without any activity.

according to reports

No fighting had been witnessed in the area in several days according to reports.

The Redskins chose not to re-sign Landry, according to reports his departure from the team was mutual.

The main issue of discontent was the lack of a bypass, which, according to reports, should have already been built.

reports say

Other reports say she wrote, "we need to start a girl riot."

Some reports say he was 14, others 16.

His body was then burned (although some reports say he was burned alive).

investigative reports

She reported on-air, presenting investigative reports and national current affairs.

N. P. Rajendran has prepared numerous investigative reports, which have won him several awards.

investigative reports have started calling into question whether the modern-day slot-machine is addictive.

various reports

Banks proceeded to print various reports, among which included "Bierce et al.

Lucet was the author of various reports or proposals to the Assembly or the Senate.

CIHI produces various reports to support policy makers and health systems research.

special reports

There are special reports for LEED submittal forms included.

Publishing formats are original research papers, short reports, reviews, current concepts, special reports, and editorials.

Furthermore, Chopra lists 59 print media reports, 11 radio or television shows, and a bibliography of media sources, special reports, books and letters.

earlier reports

The arrest of Mammadov contradicted earlier reports of the fire being caused by a short-circuit.

There had been earlier reports that Indonesia might seek to host the summit if Thailand could not.

By 20 August 1823 reports were appearing in "The Times" confirming earlier reports that Poyais was a fraud.

traffic reports

News were broadcast every hour throughout the day, with weather forecast and traffic reports.

It also provides traffic reports on weekday mornings and afternoons; as well as sports segments nightly.

A KCBS direct mail piece claimed, "More people rely on her morning traffic reports on KCBS than on any other station."