Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

elected representatives   (representantes electos)

The Assembly consists of elected representatives.

The Council consists of elected representatives.

Furthermore, government should be carried on by elected representatives.

house of representatives   (Cámara de los Representantes)

Eventually, the CP won 19 of the 500 seats in the house of representatives.

A monarch-appointed senate with 100 members was established, equal in size to the house of representatives.

He was also a member of the State house of representatives 1810, 1812, 1820–1821, this time representing Tolland.

government representatives   (representantes del gobierno)

The meeting did not include Spanish or French government representatives.

In 1887, a Nisga'a chief traveled to Victoria to meet with provincial government representatives, demanding self-government.

In order to prevent civilian casualties, government representatives ordered the civilians in Lipkovo to evacuate the village.

other representatives   (otros representantes)

The other representatives from the 38th District for the 2014-2015 Legislative Session are:

The other representatives from the 30th District for the 2018-2019 Legislative Session are:

Tamar Valley Cannons, also based in Plymouth, are Devon's only other representatives in the National Leagues.

representatives from each   (representantes de cada)

The Parliament is composed of 25 representatives from each of the three provinces.

In 1920, a College Student Council was formed with representatives from each class year.

The Student Committee consists of elected representatives from each department plus elected members of the Student Board.

composed of representatives

The URHS board of directors is composed of representatives of 15 member groups.

They discussed the preparation of a peace treaty and an all-German government "composed of representatives of all democratic parties".

The Alliance, composed of representatives from each partnership sector, has been formed to give the revitalization effort formal structure.

included representatives

Participants included representatives of 13 tiger range countries.

These stakeholders included representatives from government, industry, and academic entities.

In a meeting, which included representatives from RIM and Movilnet, Hausmann and producer Yair Rosemberg refused to comply".

state representatives   (representantes estatales)

These people tried to resist when state representatives drew up an inventory of the property of churches and monasteries.

Under the terms of the constitution of 1816, state representatives served one years terms, meaning elections were held annually.

As of May, 2018, its state senator is Republican Judy Warnick, and its two state representatives are Republicans Matt Manweller and Tom Dent.

sent representatives

Only 70 of the approximately 700 Greek cities sent representatives.

That record was held until Miss World 2008 where 109 nations sent representatives.

In modern times, various Evangelical denominations sent representatives among the Syriac peoples.

representatives of all

The members of the council consist of representatives of all NITs and the MHRD.

The General Assembly is a biannual meeting of representatives of all member societies of FACS.

In very high dilutions inhibits the growth of representatives of all four groups of pneumococci in vitro.

representatives from all   (representantes de todos)

A new negotiation committee was set up in 1961 with representatives from all the above-mentioned denominations.

Prior to going, representatives from all three nations vowed to each other that they would never relinquish their faith.

A committee with representatives from all three municipalities was established in May 1983 to look into the possibilities for a bridge.

between representatives

Leadership of the association is mainly rotated between representatives of the affiliated media houses.

The consequence of the message of the patriarch was a clash between representatives of power and believers.

Until now was organized significant number of formal and informal meetings between representatives of two sides.

party representatives

The EBC also has a Board of Directors which includes party representatives.

It is from this group that members will be selected to represent the party were called upon to send forth party representatives.

He served as party secretary general, which was one of the key positions in party and one of the party representatives in the Parliament of Montenegro.

industry representatives

KRI has attracted industry representatives not only from ex-USSR countries, but also from abroad.

RoboNexus showcased advances in robotics for both industry representatives and the general public.

Pruitt has met with industry representatives almost daily while rarely meeting with environmentalists.

including representatives

Tens of thousands of mourners, including representatives of the governments of Tunisia and France, attended the funeral.

The board of directors consists of 80 persons, including representatives from each state affiliate, as well as at-large delegates.

Members of Congress also voiced their support for clemency, including representatives Bobby Scott, Gerald "Gerry" Connolly and Don Beyer.

attended by representatives

The event was attended by representatives of the Copyright Agency of Azerbaijan.

A dedication ceremony was held on April 29, 2010, and was attended by representatives for Gov.

This meeting was attended by representatives of Rhodesian-era parties including CAZ, UANC, ZANU-Ndonga and ZUM.

up of representatives

The CPhA Board of Directors is made up of representatives appointed by each Organizational Member.

FIFA's supreme body is the FIFA Congress, an assembly made up of representatives from each affiliated member association.

It is organized by a Committee made up of representatives of these institutions and by some people in a personal capacity.

representatives were elected

Provincial representatives were elected from among the city legislators.

Reapportioned from 1 representative to 2; both of the representatives were elected at large.

In Pomerania during elections three Polish representatives were elected to the Prussian Parliament.

number of representatives   (número de representantes)

This was necessary for the city council to accommodate the increased number of representatives.

This means Turkey would get the maximal number of representatives in the European Parliament, equal to Germany's.

The number of representatives of constituencies considered to be English-speaking and those considered to be French-speaking were made equal.

well as representatives   (bien como representantes)

as well as representatives from most major equipment manufacturers.

Again, the STX management as well as representatives of Korean Development Bank, were not willing to discuss.

The Arab delegation was to include Palestinian Arabs as well as representatives from five, pro-British, Arab regimes.

student representatives   (representantes estudiantiles)

Wang Senhao and other officials met with 33 student representatives.

The Student Council is a body of student representatives, headed by the School Captain.

at the department general assemblies, student representatives on department level are elected.