gained a reputation   (評判を得た)

Franco quickly gained a reputation as a good officer.

Bilotti soon gained a reputation for violence.

Mingus gained a reputation as a bass prodigy.

developed a reputation   (評判を築いた)

They quickly developed a reputation for having fun.

He developed a reputation as a maverick lawyer.

He quickly developed a reputation for his fast and thorough work.

international reputation   (国際的な評判)

Today, his international reputation is well established.

Paul Kogerman won international reputation with his work on oil shale.

In the 1950s A. C. Bang won an international reputation for its mink furs.

earned a reputation   (評判を得た)

He soon earned a reputation as a good-fielding first baseman.

), and he has earned a reputation for violence and brutality.

Indian Queen earned a reputation for winning over long distances.

good reputation   (良い評判)

He enjoyed a good reputation in his country.

Czech hockey school has a good reputation.

The medicine enjoyed a good reputation locally and overseas.

reputation among

Wild had a frightening reputation among Southerners.

Ochino's reputation among Protestants was low.

Recently, the tower's reputation among Czechs has improved.

established a reputation

There, he established a reputation as a formidable debater.

Webb, like his predecessor, established a reputation as a maverick MP.

He soon established a reputation as a player of eccentric character parts.

high reputation

Skinner knew Beanes and the high reputation he had.

Bulgarian rugby has not traditionally enjoyed a high reputation.

The two also have a high reputation among students for their respective stature and personality.

acquired a reputation

In Burma, Blair acquired a reputation as an outsider.

They rarely lost and acquired a reputation as fierce warriors.

He quickly acquired a reputation as one of the finest instrumentalists in Venice.

bad reputation

Due to this bad reputation, the car wasn't very popular in Sweden.

One cause of his bad reputation may have been his lack of language skills.

This part of the city is the poorest area of Budapest with a bad reputation.

national reputation   (国民の評判)

This case brought him more than ever into national reputation.

His national reputation began to grow.

Middleport Park Bowling Club has a national reputation and has won several national trophies.

established his reputation

These works established his reputation.

He established his reputation as a critic by his independent novels.

Newman first established his reputation in the industry as an assistant director at MGM.

built a reputation

They built a reputation on solid club work.

Herring has built a reputation as an innovative and successful coach.

He quickly built a reputation as an activist among the Black community in Los Angeles.

great reputation   (大評判)

It is making itself a great reputation for quality."

He made a great reputation in old men's parts.

This work enjoyed a great reputation during the Middle Ages.

strong reputation

The brand also gained a strong reputation for quality at the expense of other brands.

Channel 4 has a strong reputation for history programmes and real-life documentaries.

Malang has a strong reputation throughout Indonesia as a center for higher education and learning.

reputation grew

As her reputation grew, so did the amount of money she was making.

As a consequence of these trips abroad, his continental reputation grew.

Over the next seven years, his reputation grew and Lowe became widely and favorably known.

s reputation

Zainab Pasha’s reputation was actually known after the Tobacco Protest.

This is due in large part to Artemis’s reputation as a protector of wildlife.

Powell developed new educational products that built upon the "Britannica"s reputation.

growing reputation

With her growing reputation, the Soviet authorities did not ignore her.

These years also saw the growing reputation of "Being and Time" outside Germany.

The growing reputation of Le Neve's pack in 1697 prompted Sir Horatio Pettus Bt.

s reputation

Zainab Pasha’s reputation was actually known after the Tobacco Protest.

This is due in large part to Artemis’s reputation as a protector of wildlife.

Kelso is alarmed by their arrival, as he knows of Harry’s reputation as a cold-blooded killer.

poor reputation

The mine had a poor reputation with the saying ″on boiling mine payday″, meaning never.

Faced with high maintenance costs and a poor reputation, Alcatraz closed on March 21, 1963.

Tandon motorcycles suffered from a poor reputation as regards design, materials and build quality, enjoying only limited popularity.

gaining a reputation

He served for 26 years, gaining a reputation as one of the court's most prolific justices.

His Daggers career got off to an indifferent start with Ogogo gaining a reputation for getting sent off.

In the early 1930s, he supported the music scene in San Francisco, gaining a reputation as an adept amateur concert singer himself.

excellent reputation

Because of this long tradition, their workmanship and quality has an excellent reputation.

During this period, the abbey maintained an excellent reputation for the virtue of its canons.

The column had an excellent reputation, and was one of the few such columns in the professional magazines.

made his reputation

With these collections, Cummings made his reputation as an avant garde poet.

Stoddart made his reputation in club cricket and was playing for Middlesex by 1885.

Between several works he has made, his treatise on the Eucharist has made his reputation immortal.