İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

upon request   (talep üzerine)

Other countries may join upon request and a submitted proposal.

GWA has traveling exhibits and speakers available upon request.

The airport is staffed upon request.

own request   (kendi isteği)

On 8 October 1994 he was relieved of his post by his own request.

In May 2006 Kuhn left the "Bankhaus Bauer AG" at his own request.

On 22 February 2016 the party's registration was cancelled at its own request.

request was denied   (istek reddedildi)

In August 2015, Actavis' request was denied.

While this did make his ambitions clear, his request was denied.

The request was denied, and he took legal measures to re-appeal.

request was granted   (istek verildi)

This request was granted on March 27 by the DIMAYOR.

The request was granted four years later.

His request was granted, and he retained his Austrian citizenship.

transfer request   (aktarım isteği)

In July Sakho handed-in a transfer request to West Ham.

Ten days later, amid interest from Cardiff City, he submitted a transfer request.

The midfielder left the training ground and immediately asked for a transfer request.

formal request

Penn later sent a formal request to the NSAC, asking them to investigate.

In 1987 after a formal request of its chairman Omar Fontana, Brazilian government took over Transbrasil management.

He continued to play for Bolton when circumstances permitted it, but when the club made a formal request for his services the RAF refused.

request stop   (durdurma isteği)

It became a request stop in the 1950s.

The journey time was nine minutes, although Glasson was a request stop.

There is a request stop at .

made a request

The Government of the FPR Yugoslavia made a request for his extradition on 29 August 1951.

Bracegirdle made a request to be buried in Westminster Abbey, a wish that would be fulfilled.

Simms made a request to enforce his mandate or strip the Super champion Ronald "Winky" Wright.

upon the request   (istek üzerine)

Bush was moved to act upon the request.

The "Ramayana" was written upon the request of the Boraha king Mahamanikya (Mahamanikpha, 1411–1436).

It also meets at such times as the President deems necessary or upon the request of any other of its members.

denied the request

Kennedy thought that the crime was so brutal that he denied the request.

The state initially denied the request, claiming that the execution protocol was secret.

However, the Food and Civil Supplies Department denied the request, stating that these records were private.

s request   (s isteği)

Walking alone, Becky rejects Jack’s request for her services.

Along with this came the school’s request for Rosa to organize it.

Brisson sent five missionary priests in 1882, to fulfill Bishop Leonard’s request.

written request   (yazılı talep)

Exclusivity will be granted only upon a written request.

Parents who suspect their child is eligible make a written request for a multidisciplinary evaluation to the building principal.

On his deathbed, unable to speak owing to advanced laryngeal cancer, Huxley made a written request to his wife Laura for "LSD, 100 µg, intramuscular."

s request   (isteği)

Walking alone, Becky rejects Jack’s request for her services.

Along with this came the school’s request for Rosa to organize it.

Brisson sent five missionary priests in 1882, to fulfill Bishop Leonard’s request.

request was made

In the same year a similar request was made of Exeter Chiefs.

He sat on the Earl's household council and at his request was made Vice-Treasurer of Ireland.

The request was made by Mr. Frank Rowlett, who was the chief of the Intelligence Division from 1945 to 1947.

extradition request   (iade talebi)

The extradition request was not contested.

New Mexico governor McDonald denied the extradition request.

The Land of North Rhine-Westphalia then made a formal extradition request.

following a request

(In 1963, following a request from the 16th Karmapa, the Tibetan Government in Exile lifted the ban.)

At the age of 20 Mileikowsky began promoting Zionism in the Siberia region, following a request to do so by the Zionist leader Yechiel Chlenov.

The development was carried on following a request of the Croatian Army for a new infantry rifle to update the individual equipment to NATO standards.

request for proposals

The Air Force issued a request for proposals in November 1969.

In September 2015, NJTPA put out a request for proposals to begin the process.

In 2016 the city put out a request for proposals for a new performing arts center.