İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

not require   (gerektirmeyen)

The extension did not require any ports be opened.

But these formulas do not require that condition.

Unlike regular cakes, Tiffin does not require baking.

does not require   (gerektirmez)

Unlike regular cakes, Tiffin does not require baking.

Freemasonry does not require a Masonic funeral.

As such, overdose usually does not require treatment.

did not require   (gerektirmedi)

The extension did not require any ports be opened.

However, her role did not require her to sing.

They also desired, but did not require, a range of and a speed of .

require more   (daha fazlasını gerektir)

Large diatoms require more carbon uptake than smaller diatoms.

In particular, larger instances will require more time to solve.

Most VCR designs require more than one signal to be coupled to the head drum.

require the use   (kullanımını gerektir)

They may require the use of ear and eye protection.

The remaining guidelines require the use of dynamic code analysis.

VMware vMotion and svMotion require the use of vCenter and ESXi hosts.

often require   (sıklıkla gerektirir)

Non-LED backlights often require higher voltages (I.E.

They often require high levels of training and education.

Abandoned chromium production sites often require environmental cleanup.

require additional   (ek gerekli)

Symptomatic malunion may require additional surgery.

A physicist would typically require additional and relevant training.

Some authors require additional restrictions on the measure, as described below.

require special   (özel gerektir)

Some of these houses require special upgrades.

Some robots may require special parts in order to be used.

The boranes are also highly flammable and require special care when handling.

require less   (daha az gerek)

STCs are more efficient and require less maintenance.

Other theories require less common minerals such as mackinawite or greigite.

The F-35 is designed to require less maintenance than earlier stealth aircraft.

usually require   (genellikle gerektirir)

In particular, real-time strategy and MOBA games usually require the use of a mouse.

IDI engines are also more difficult to start and usually require the use of glow plugs.

Such programs usually require some additional information to be specified with the request.

require all   (hepsini gerektir)

However, it would require all data transmission to send eight bits when seven could suffice.

He also introduced a bill to require all public land in Nevada to be sold by auction if put up for sale.

The policy was soon changed to require all voters to show their face, even if they did not carry photo ID.

require no   (hayır gerektirmez)

They are passive, and require no magic points to remain active.

Those foods resist bacterial contamination and require no cooking.

They require no specific driver.

generally require   (genellikle gerektirir)

These reactions generally require catalysts.

Such reactions generally require a catalyst, such as copper.

They generally require a fixed address to accept delivery of supplies.

only require   (sadece gerekli)

On 27 August 1974 the public timetable was reduced to only require two ships.

These types of machines only require one robot to load and unload cores and have a 30% shorter cycle time.

The "excepters", who took the former position, argued that the articles only require the "matter" of the creeds be believed.

typically require   (genellikle gerektirir)

A physicist would typically require additional and relevant training.

Large buildings such as skyscrapers typically require deep foundations.

Spring cereals typically require more irrigation and yield less than winter cereals.

require only   (sadece gerek)

slugs require only 25 grains of powder.

A large majority of liver injuries are minor and require only observation.

Most hash table implementations require only amortized constant time on average.

still require   (hala gerekli)

Some airlines still require passport from CTA citizens.

However, the individual studies still require careful critical appraisal.

A notable number of later RISC-style designs still require the consideration of branch delay.

states require   (devletler gerektirir)

Several states require people to provide their names to the police.

Currently, several cities and states require police to inform citizens of their right to deny a search.

Several states require that all parties consent when one party wants to record a telephone conversation.

require further   (daha fazlasını gerektir)

However, some programmes may require further training.

They added that the matter "may require further investigation by the directors".

In addition specialty fire-rated walls such as a High Challenge Fire Wall would require further distinctions.

require different   (farklı gerektirir)

These amendments require different levels of approval.

Other types of yeast infections require different dosing.

Different times require different images.

require at least   (en azından gerektir)

One would require at least half the faculty in a chronically poor performing school be dismissed.

Many programs require at least three years of undergraduate education, and more are requiring a bachelor's degree.

He was still expected to require at least six months in hospital, but was released in May and returned to New Zealand.

require the player   (oyuncuya ihtiyaç duymak)

Some obstacles require the player to crouch or jump.

Some sections require the player to strafe, crouch, or jump.

The game also contains dungeons that require the player to fight enemies.

require surgery   (ameliyat gerektir)

Severe tracheomalacia may require surgery.

Larvae within or near the eye will sometimes require surgery for removal.

Serious cases may require surgery to remove the troublesome disk contents.

require much   (çok gerek)

The outfits worn during initiation require much attention.

Although its coat is long, it does not require much grooming.

It does not require much light.

require large   (büyük ihtiyaç)

These problems might require large amounts of time or an inordinate amount of space.

Species that feed on pods or seeds require large conical teeth for chewing their food.

Since ponds require large areas, they may not be practical in proximity to towns where land is expensive.

require high   (yüksek talep etmek)

They often require high levels of training and education.

As well, some coal gasification technologies do not require high pressures.

They are chemically resistant and require high temperature to react even with oxygen.

bill would require   (fatura gerektirecek)

The bill would require a provider to disclose personal information of a user only if a court order has been issued, as specified, and certain other conditions have been satisfied.

This bill would require a state constitutional amendment, which under Virginia law requires it to pass the General Assembly in two consecutive sessions and then be voted on in a referendum in fall 2021.

does require   (gerektirir)

Traveling between Guam and the States through a foreign point, however, does require a passport.

The high lipophilicity of the active site does require low polarity of the central scaffold of the coxibs.

A free market does not require the existence of competition, however it does require a framework that allows new market entrants.

regulations require   (düzenlemeler gerektirir)

British regulations require notices on the document to specify a level of classification ("TOP SECRET", e.g.)

FDA regulations require that at least one double seam can per seamer must be visually inspected every 30 minutes.

International regulations require that the captain and terminal master agree on a detailed plan before operations begin.

require a visa   (vize istemek)

However, usually this case is only possible if Brazil does not require a visa from the other nationality.

systems require   (sistemler gerektirir)

Radar systems require angular measurement.

Dual-processor systems require Socket F+ for the Quad FX platform.

Video editing systems require very high data transfer rates and very low latency.

enough to require   (gerektirecek kadar)

So most US-developed games by this point grew large enough to require multi-loading.

The damage to the forward torpedo tubes was serious enough to require the submarine to return to her base.

Once pressurised, a large lamp could burn for some hours before the pressure fell enough to require more pumping.