meet the requirements   (要件を満たす)

Those provisions proved inadequate to meet the requirements.

Mac warns Steve to "wash them out fast" if cadets cannot meet the requirements.

As a result, certain tests were eliminated because they failed to meet the requirements.

graduation requirements   (卒業要件)

Among Pennsylvania's 500 public school districts, graduation requirements widely vary.

Hopkins' one-room Latin grammar school history is still reflected in its graduation requirements.

The courses count towards high school graduation requirements and towards earning a college degree.

surplus to requirements   (要件に対する余剰)

Trofense after being deemed surplus to requirements by União.

He said that, "I'm pretty much surplus to requirements at Blackburn.

It was built on reclaimed railway land, which was surplus to requirements.

legal requirements

Techniques such as pixelisation are used to satisfy legal requirements.

From 1968 to 1978 upon meeting the legal requirements for retirement, Professor.

The department also checks that schools are meeting necessary legal requirements.

minimum requirements

Due to the title's low minimum requirements, it was able to be played on computers with weaker processing power.

ADA also sets minimum requirements for space layout in order to facilitate wheelchair securement on public transport.

The minimum requirements for a magic cube are: All rows, columns, pillars, and 4 triagonals must sum to the same value.

eligibility requirements   (受給資格要件)

Scholars are selected based on a set of eligibility requirements.

Some services are available to all; some have eligibility requirements.

These rules include stringent eligibility requirements, which were overhauled in 2004.

specific requirements

The site also engages trade experts who match companies according to their specific requirements.

There are no specific requirements for the types of fly ash that may be used in flowable fill mixtures.

Some slots have specific requirements, such as an odd or even number, or dice values less or greater than some number.

reporting requirements

Also, regulatory haven poses less strict reporting requirements and trading restrictions.

11002), and is subject to strict reporting requirements by facilities which produce, store, or use it in significant quantities.

safety requirements

The platform is compliant with the most stringent safety requirements.

Another NOK 250,000 was invested from 1 October 2004 to keep meet safety requirements.

There were some compromises necessary to comply with modern building codes and safety requirements.

other requirements   (その他の要件)

Contrib includes packages which do comply with the DFSG but fail other requirements.

Uniformity, sterility and other requirements are needed to maintain Good Manufacturing Practices.

The proposed measure, according to the text, requires substantial compliance with these and other requirements.

certain requirements   (特定の要件)

To work in any of these settings, certain requirements must be met.

The direct object of a "bǎ" construction must meet certain requirements as well.

Matrices, subject to certain requirements tend to form groups known as matrix groups.

meeting the requirements

Brezhnev's award was revoked posthumously in 1989 for not meeting the requirements for the award.

It then required significant redevelopment to become an all-seater stadium, meeting the requirements of the Taylor Report.

There are a number of colleges and schools meeting the requirements of not only the city but the region and country as well.

regulatory requirements

There may be statutory or regulatory requirements for specific content.

Healthcare facilities have detailed technological and regulatory requirements.

Many other regulatory requirements surround any public offering and they vary according to jurisdiction.

technical requirements

In order to use these protected names on the label, strict geographical and technical requirements must be met.

Several essential prerequisites, including legal, administrative and technical requirements, have been fulfilled.

They live in houses and flats that are lit for comfort, not to fulfil the technical requirements of an ageing webcam.

school graduation requirements   (学校卒業要件)

The courses count towards high school graduation requirements and towards earning a college degree.

new requirements

These characteristics impose new requirements on software over Internet.

New competitions with new requirements brought a wider variety of performers to drag pageantry.

It included new requirements on early detection technology and plans that protect against drinking water contamination.

energy requirements

The host organism derives some or all of its energy requirements from the algae.

Their metabolic rate is low and as a result, their food and energy requirements are limited.

One of the problems of drought-feeding was to find the minimum energy requirements of the animal.

system requirements

The system requirements were high for the time: an Intel 286 with 2 MB memory running Windows 3.0.

Subpart B includes quality system requirements, an important component of which are design controls (21 CFR 820.30).

Bugzilla's release timeline: Bugzilla's system requirements include: Currently supported database systems are MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and SQLite.

training requirements

that of fulfilling the particular training requirements of modern day business.

The STCW training requirements concern the seafarers, the people at the sharp end.

The design team visited three of the academies to learn of their training requirements.

operational requirements

However, further advances in these technologies are needed to meet the full range of operational requirements.

These vessels gave the Navy the capability it needed at a time when operational requirements were growing rapidly.

In the past, these governments dictated airfares, route networks, and other operational requirements for each airline.

requirements set

Component companies must meet a number of requirements set out by the BLSE.

The guidelines provide ways to comply with the requirements set out by the OHS Regulation.

As with the clinical studies, the participants must first meet requirements set by the center.

requirements and towards

The courses count towards high school graduation requirements and towards earning a college degree.

performance requirements   (性能要件)

A choice is made on the basis of perceived performance requirements.

The performance requirements vary for buildings of different functions.

First, projectors must conform to the strict performance requirements of the DCI specification.

following requirements

The system must satisfy the following requirements:

The CAF has established the following requirements for stadiums:

Below is a list of players/managers who fulfill one or more of the following requirements;<br> 1.

power requirements

They are delivered in standard 19-inch rack units to aid in planning for cooling and power requirements.

In a conventional automobile the geared transmission delivers different discrete engine speed-torque power requirements to the wheels.

The standard also allows for an optional auxiliary power interface (1 off 28 VDC and either 115/200 VAC or 270 VDC) for stores with more demanding power requirements.

licensing requirements

He co-sponsored companion legislation to increase medical and licensing requirements of abortion providers.

Debian is another Linux distribution known for strict licensing requirements and adherence to free software principles.

Land surveyors are not considered to be engineers, and have their own professional associations and licensing requirements.

all the requirements

The arena meets all the requirements for holding official international matches.

Holdsworth cites a case from 1292 which seems to fulfill all the requirements of "res adiratae".

The Hungarian Academy of Sciences has found that Esperanto fulfills all the requirements of a living language.

met the requirements

In February 2020, David Rolde's campaign met the requirements for recognition.

It was Mr. Love who set up a surveying course that met the requirements of the Victorian Board of Surveying requirements.

The memo formally directed them to exercise their enforcement discretion on behalf of individuals who met the requirements.

additional requirements

These changes were relatively minor and included additional requirements for non-licensed asbestos work.

Several states within the US have additional requirements that must be met when wetland alteration is proposed.

The offer may include additional requirements, such as attaining a particular grade in the Sixth Term Examination Paper.

basic requirements

"His book strikes me as deficient in many of the basic requirements.

Such text compilations should also basic requirements for an overview text compiled by a human.

Before judges and Justices can be elected, they must meet certain basic requirements, such as residency and citizenship.

visa requirements

Czech Republic declared it won't do either until the visa requirements by Canada are lifted.

Both countries also agreed to scrap visa requirements for diplomatic and official passport holders.

The government set a registry deadline for 31 March 1947 and imposed strict travel visa requirements.

all requirements

Under special circumstances, certain players may be deemed eligible for induction even though they have not met all requirements.

The Jardine company pushed inland up the Yangtsze River on which a specially designed fleet was built to meet all requirements of the river trade.

He earned an undergraduate degree in philosophy from Howard University and completed all requirements except the thesis for a master's in philosophy.

capital requirements   (資本要件)

Basel I categorized assets into five risk buckets, and mandated minimum capital requirements for each.

Regulators in each country have some discretion on how they implement capital requirements in their jurisdiction.

Lead bank to engage in such asset sales relate inter alia to over exposure, regulatory capital requirements, liquidity, and arbitrage.

entry requirements   (入学要件)

The entry requirements depend on the program and the level of entrance.

It accepted only boys and its only entry requirements were that pupils could read and write.

The entry requirements for diver training depend on the specific training involved, but generally include medical fitness to dive.

academic requirements

She completed all academic requirements and is now working on her master's thesis.

Practical, technical, and academic requirements for becoming an architect vary by jurisdiction.

Graduate students may only use this program in order to fulfill academic requirements of their program.