İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

law requires   (yasa gerektirir)

City law requires that all short-term rentals be registered.

She writes, "The law requires conformity to its own notion of 'nature'.

Kuwaiti law requires the government to include at least one elected lawmaker.

requires more   (daha fazlasını gerektirir)

However, assault requires more than words alone.

However, this requires more danger and does damage to the forest.

Fiber that has been beat longer generally requires more time to drain.

requires students   (öğrenci gerektirir)

This test requires students to read four passages and answer questions about what they just read.

Conrad Weiser High School requires students to complete a research paper, an oral presentation and a Portfolio/Product.

This area of knowledge requires students to be able to perform experimental work to acquire the expected technical experimental skills.

requires no   (hayır gerektirir)

It requires no more than a reporter and a laptop.

This technique requires no tooth preparation.

The metal to metal multi-plate clutch requires no lubrication.

program requires

The program requires competitive admission and acceptance.

The program requires 70% of that subsidy to go to carriers who offer passenger service to the communities.

This program requires that manufacturers design and implement periodic assessments of their programs' effectiveness.

requires all   (hepsini gerektirir)

Chaminade requires all students to participate in community service projects annually.

The Bulgarian film industry law requires all children's films to be dubbed, not subtitled.

Grameen America requires all loans to be used to start or expand income-generating businesses.

requires the use

SYBR Green requires the use of a blue-light transilluminator.

Trap shooting requires the use of a target throwing device(s).

Quantizing the Proca action requires the use of second class constraints.

requires only   (sadece gerektirir)

This variation requires only one sliding shoe.

It requires only a rudimentary grasp of the police system of driving.

A delta system requires only a conductor for each of the three phases.

only requires   (sadece gerektirir)

It only requires WebGL enabled browsers.

For example, a bow with 80% let-off only requires to hold at full draw.

It is self-limiting and usually only requires use of moisturizer creams.

usually requires

Changing the schema usually requires planning.

This usually requires active temperature stabilization.

This phase usually requires administration of the CTC Youth Survey .

often requires   (sıklıkla gerektirir)

As such the direct reaction often requires high temperatures.

Throwing these very large pots often requires two or three men.

In practice this measurement of V50 often requires 1–2 vest panels and 10–20 shots.

requires each

The school also requires each student to have participated in at least 10 hours of community service.

The New York Election Law defines the structure of political parties and requires each party to have county committees.

The state requires each district to have a three-year special education plan to meet the unique needs of its special education students.

system requires

The system requires custom polyhedral dice.

A delta system requires only a conductor for each of the three phases.

The system requires a seal between the yoke and valve to prevent leakage.

requires less   (daha az gerektirir)

Water stored in bulk containers requires less space than water stored in smaller bottles.

This flange is less expensive than a weld neck and requires less accuracy when cutting pipe to length.

In defense of APL use, APL requires less coding to type in, and keyboard mappings become memorized over time.

requires at least

Currently, Pakyong requires at least 5km (5,000m).

The life cycle is heteroxenous (requires at least two hosts).

Pembine High School requires at least 25 credits in core courses to graduate.

process requires

This process requires one pass over the whole database.

Due process requires notice of the proceedings and an opportunity to be heard.

The process requires oxygen (air) and is accelerated by the presence of trace metals.

requires that all

City law requires that all short-term rentals be registered.

The Union requires that all parties participate out of a conscious egoism.

Islam is the state religion of Saudi Arabia and its law requires that all citizens be Muslims.

requires the player   (oyuncu gerektirir)

Manual drilling requires the player to correct the deviation of the drill head.

The game requires the player to attack the Seiddab base, which is protected by three rings of defense.

The gameplay requires the player to lead a nation by finding a balance of military, diplomacy and economy.

typically requires

Therefore, each application typically requires noise of a specific color.

Implementing ERP typically requires changes in existing business processes.

Slavery typically requires a shortage of labor and a surplus of land to be viable.

generally requires

Fiber that has been beat longer generally requires more time to drain.

This generally requires that the piping and fitting are the same (or compatible) material.

Finishing generally requires the use of a smooth faced contact wheel and fine grade abrasives.

program requires students

program requires students to complete coursework in various mediums of visual art, but provides ample opportunity to take classes outside of the department.

requires both

A logic gate requires both a p-FET and an n-FET.

The third requires both hands to play in unison two octaves apart.

It has a two phase life-cycle that requires both pedunculate oak and Turkey oak.

state requires   (devlet gerektirir)

The state requires each district to have a three-year special education plan to meet the unique needs of its special education students.

still requires   (hala gerekli)

Nonetheless, this method still requires further testing.

However, the marriage still requires consent for the wedding to legally take place.

This trail, although the "easiest" of the routes, still requires the use of ice axe and crampons.

method requires

The method requires sensitivity on the parts of the writer and the reader.

This method requires a statistical framework for the data generation process.

The choice of one or the other method requires predetermination for typical cases.

requires additional

Diatomaceous earth – also requires additional water to be added.

Bounds checking can prevent buffer overflows, but requires additional code and processing time.

During interim periods, Oregon's governor determines when a state agency requires additional funds.

because it requires   (çünkü gerektirir)

The man robbed a 72-year-old bicyclist at gunpoint, but had trouble riding the bike because it requires special shoes.

Keg beer was replacing traditional cask ale in all parts of the UK, primarily because it requires less care to handle.

Women have been known to avoid becoming pregnant because it requires blood and medical examinations that they would rather avoid.

requires special

Also it then is the only CPU that requires special low-power features.

Handling and storage of these anchors requires special equipment and procedures.

This is true especially in experimental research where highly advanced equipment requires special skills.

requires a minimum

However, TVP requires a minimum of one single or album to have been released per artists.

The University requires a minimum of Silver, but through its design and review process seeks to achieve higher levels.

While considered moderately hardy, this angelfish thrives in pristine water conditions and requires a minimum tank size of 100 gallons.

game requires

This game requires two players, a referee and three playing sets.

The game requires a checkerboard and checkers, eight pieces of each colour.

Unlike previous mainline entries, this game requires a constant online connection.

requires little   (az gerektirir)

How the scheme works requires little study.

It has very high reliability and requires little maintenance during its service life.

Because it requires little equipment, "street craps" can be played in informal settings.