Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

without requiring   (sin requerir)

without requiring major work to the rest of the aircraft.

without requiring the active participation of the implementer.

Urine drug screenings can be given at the discretion of police, without requiring a search warrant.

law requiring   (ley que requiere)

Authorities do not always respect the law requiring search warrants.

There is no law requiring that public buildings be wheelchair-accessible.

Uruguay has a sanctioned law requiring that the state give priority to Free Software.

requiring all   (requiriendo todo)

Congress enacted legislation requiring all tankers to be double-hulled as of 2015.

After the shooting, the school began requiring all students to have transparent backpacks.

On December 5, 1972, the FAA issued emergency rules requiring all passengers and their carry-on baggage to be screened.

not requiring

This carries the advantage of not requiring the participation of a confederate.

Privates who are trained for tasks not requiring special skills serve for 6 months.

not requiring passengers to change plane en route) on the Kangaroo Route: British Airways and Qantas.

requiring only   (requiriendo solo)

requiring only one abnormal copy) FH in a 2003 report.

Bit arrays are very fast, requiring only formula_153 time.

Sluka is easy to fly aircraft requiring only basic skills to handle.

requiring more

Double-arm pantographs are usually heavier, requiring more power to raise and lower, but may also be more fault-tolerant.

NARTREK Cadet consists of a series of four achievement levels in rocketry, each requiring more skill to complete than the previous one.

Hawker Siddeley invested GB£35 million in tooling and, requiring more capital, received a GB£35 million loan from the West German government.

thus requiring

All these effects contribute a rise in tolerance thus requiring a larger dosage to achieve the same effect.

The "new legal order" did not depend on the Constitution, thus requiring a "reappointment" of the Head of State.

Conversely, a column with a low reflux ratio must have a large number of stages, thus requiring a taller column.

legislation requiring   (legislación que requiere)

Congress enacted legislation requiring all tankers to be double-hulled as of 2015.

Modification of the voting system is a significant change of legislation requiring 3/5 of the deputies' votes.

There may be national legislation requiring a certificate of competency or license from the person in command of a dive boat.

laws requiring

States passed laws requiring its use.

The European Union first introduced laws requiring GMO's to be labelled in 1997.

Not until 1856 in Denmark and 1923 in Norway were there laws requiring surnames.

requiring the use

The solution is highly sensitive to air, requiring the use of air-free techniques.

The alchemist can transform into a golden eagle, requiring the use of spell energy.

It has been successfully challenged in courts, requiring the use of English as well as French in the province.

requiring no

The SkyRanger R60 is a vertical take-off and landing VTOL quadcopter requiring no launch equipment.

This form of transportation is therefore completely hydraulically driven, requiring no outside energy source.

RCLs were among the simplest craft to assemble, requiring no riveting and being composed of relatively light subsections.

requiring surgery   (que requiere cirugía)

During the 2011 season Finley suffered a knee injury requiring surgery.

Doctors diagnosed the problem as a bony growth between his fifth and sixth vertebrae, requiring surgery.

However, she developed hip problems requiring surgery to correct and forcing her to retire from basketball.

requiring the player   (requiriendo al jugador)

Transmigration is a core game mechanic, requiring the player to die and be reborn as part of the experience.

Microgames become more complex as the game progresses, with later microgames sometimes requiring the player to fully rotate their system.

A game is played on a map which is broken up into regions, each requiring the player to buy a permit in order to build within that region.