İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

search and rescue   (arama kurtarma)

She was used for law enforcement and search and rescue operations.

When the plane was overdue at Texarkana search and rescue was notified.

The remoteness of the region makes sources of search and rescue scarce.

rescue operations   (kurtarma operasyonları)

After the crash, the sandstorm hampered rescue operations.

She was used for law enforcement and search and rescue operations.

This design also makes it ideal for flood and ice rescue operations.

rescue mission   (kurtarma görevi)

On 8 December 1959, the lightship was the subject of a tragic rescue mission.

A search and rescue mission was quickly initiated by the United States Coast Guard.

Al and actor buddy Sal mount a rescue mission but are themselves knocked out by Boyd.

rescue operation   (kurtarma operasyonu)

It was Netra's first deployment in a disaster rescue operation.

In addition, Israel sent a large team to assist in the rescue operation.

The first multiple air-sea rescue operation occurred on December 18, 1939.

rescue efforts   (kurtarma çabaları)

Despite rescue efforts, he could not be saved from the power of the waves.

Collins survived for more than a week while rescue efforts were organized.

Initially, rescue efforts were led by the military and civilian employees within the building.

rescue team   (Kurtarma ekibi)

He was found by the local rescue team the following day.

Later, the rescue team is seen having a celebratory toast.

The rescue team included ten members:

rescue missions   (kurtarma görevleri)

The search and rescue missions were hampered by strong currents in flooded streets.

If necessary, the Squadron provides support in rescue missions in natural disasters.

At the same time, this system enables them to perform search and rescue missions more safely.

fire and rescue   (yangın ve kurtarma)

The director of fire and rescue (DSI) is a firefighter officer.

The airport is equipped with category 4 fire and rescue service.

The Ministry of Defence operates its own fire and rescue organisation.

attempt to rescue   (kurtarmaya teşebbüs)

Mothra enters Tokyo in an attempt to rescue the Cosmos, but is attacked by the JSDF.

One night, some guerrilla warriors break into Rajasena's palace in an attempt to rescue Tien.

"YMS-103", in an attempt to rescue survivors, struck two mines, blowing off her bow and stem.

rescue attempt   (kurtarma girişimi)

During a rescue attempt, another 31st Brigade unit was ambushed.

The pilot and a soldier were shot death during the rescue attempt.

(50) worked its way alongside the stranded "Augusta" in a rescue attempt.

rescue services   (kurtarma hizmetleri)

Fire and rescue services can support each other with additional resources.

Now all fire and rescue services have community based fire safety departments.

Policing and fire and rescue services are still provided across the county as a whole.

rescue teams   (kurtarma Takımı)

Joint military and police rescue teams rescued 3 Koreans and 9 Canadian nationals.

They carried eight helicopters and eight landing craft, as well as rescue teams and supplies.

Sixty-six rescue teams were sent to the affected region, along with about 200 ambulances and five helicopters.

rescue workers   (kurtarma işçileri)

Firemen and rescue workers can use ad hoc networks to communicate and rescue those injured.

He would later remark that the rescue workers who responded had described him as a "DOA" (dead on arrival).

Later, a second explosion killed the four rescue workers, said Ilie Păducel, mayor of the town of Petrila where the mine is located.

rescue effort   (kurtarma çabası)

Now he was now about to lead another rescue effort.

An air-and-sea rescue effort was initiated.

The siege ended after a rescue effort by the Indonesian Navy on 1 May 2011.

able to rescue   (kurtarabilir)

Charlie Buckton (Esther Anderson) is able to rescue Annie.

"Matadore" sank after "Golconda" was able to rescue her crew.

Making additional trips, they were able to rescue 167 "Cooper" survivors.

rescue service   (kurtarma Servisi)

The airport is equipped with category 4 fire and rescue service.

The head office of SMWS is in the Lane Cove National Park and offers 24-hour rescue service.

If no ambulance of the regular rescue service is available, they are alerted to peak coverage.

trying to rescue   (kurtarmaya çalışmak)

This led to Rogue trying to rescue Cody in Louisiana.

It's at this moment that people help Lee in trying to rescue the police officer.

Alpha, Bravo, and Cordova navigate through a Mexican ghetto & are captured after trying to rescue T.W.O.

rescue ship   (kurtarma gemisi)

The convoy was accompanied by a CAM ship, , and the rescue ship "Copeland".

She served mainly in home waters and in 1938 was assigned as rescue ship for the Home Fleet carriers.

JS Chiyoda (1983) JS "Chiyoda" (AS 405) was a submarine rescue ship of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force.

rescue work   (kurtarma işi)

He performed convoy, anti-submarine, and rescue work.

The entrances were opened again and the rescue work began.

Her first priority, as with all Coast Guard vessels, was search and rescue work.

rescue party   (kurtarma ekibi)

They were eventually found by a Royal Navy rescue party.

The "Enterprise" defeats the Romulan ships and a rescue party beams down.

He suggested that a rescue party pick up the escapees according to a prearranged plan.

order to rescue   (kurtarmak için sipariş)

After Waldron's death, Capelli gives the order to rescue Doctor Oppenheimer.

Bub and Bob have to finish 100 levels in the Cave of Monsters in order to rescue them.

The organization charteres the Aquarius in order to rescue people fleeing by sea from Libya and who risk drowning.

attempts to rescue   (kurtarma girişimleri)

In it, the player controls the knight Don as he attempts to rescue a princess from an evil witch.

In fear, the prince stumbled backwards and fell off the cliff despite the wolf's attempts to rescue him.

He follows the van to a warehouse south of Nykvarn, where he attempts to rescue Wu by boxing with the giant.

animal rescue   (hayvan kurtarma)

Surviving until the camp was liberated, she returned home to the Netherlands, married, had children, and became active in animal rescue.

In addition, Steele donates time and financial resources to numerous organizations, including daughter Kylie’s non-profit animal rescue, Rubicon Rescue.

It allows users to begin crowdfunding campaigns by creating pages and/or embed fundraising apps on their Facebook pages to raise money for causes such as medical care, memorials, and animal rescue causes.

hostage rescue   (rehine kurtarma)

Operations include hostage rescue, armed standoffs and bomb disposal.

Upon return in March 1980, the four planes soon found themselves in Egypt to support the ill-fated hostage rescue attempt.

It is designed for SWAT and special forces teams in hostile situations, particularly counter-terrorism and hostage rescue operations.

rescue helicopter   (kurtarma helikopteri)

It is home to the Department of Emergency Services rescue helicopter flights, No.

Her crew were taken off the vessel by the Air National Guard, by rescue helicopter.

Peterson recovered, but then observed a rescue helicopter that seemed to pose a collision threat.

mountain rescue   (dağ kurtarma)

The knot can be applied to emergency situations, such as mountain rescue.

SARF helicopters and RAF mountaineers often work together on mountain rescue incidents.

There are also small specialist units including police dogs, mountain rescue, and a bomb disposal team.

attempting to rescue   (kurtarmaya çalışmak)

In the chaos, Creed panicked, killing Janice Hollenback, the CIA mole they were attempting to rescue.

Most of the non-combat medals, including both of Sweeney's, were awarded for rescuing or attempting to rescue someone from drowning.

Zhou Enlai, leading the Central Special Task Units (CSTU) of the CCP, organized an action attempting to rescue Peng Pai but this failed.