Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

research and development   (investigación y desarrollo)

They list it for urgent research and development.

Many acoustic scientists work in research and development.

Private-sector research and development (R&D) is negligible.

scientific research   (investigación científica)

He called for new scientific research in the field.

Finland is highly productive in scientific research.

Alumni have participated in scientific research.

research projects   (proyectos de investigación)

It also supports collaborative research projects.

The RGK is involved in a variety of research projects.

Fellows can pursue their individual research projects.

research interests   (Intereses de investigación)

His research interests concern world politics and Asia.

Yalden listed his research interests as:

Service design is also one of Forlizzi’s research interests.

research project   (proyecto de investigación)

The research project funding lasted for three years.

It was digitised as part of a research project in 2018.

He has directed the research project 'The return to the land.

research fellow   (compañero de investigación)

Since 1997 - leading research fellow of the Institute.

He subsequently returned to Queens' as a research fellow.

He is also a senior research fellow with Career Innovation.

research group

Liberles currently runs an active research group.

He has been inducted as head of the Canterbury HCI research group.

In 1987 he led a research group at The Max Planck Institute in Bonn.

research institute   (Instituto de Investigación)

The OIB is an interdisciplinary research institute.

A missionary research institute was established in 1989.

He proceeded to study traffic accidents at a research institute in Indiana University.

research focuses   (enfoques de investigación)

Taylor's research focuses on the magnetic monopole.

Her research focuses on the Łódź and Kraków ghettos.

Clancy's later research focuses on primate development.

research center

"n independent research center of publication and study."

National law college has set-up different law research center viz.

The Schauerman Library serves as the research center of the college.

medical research   (investigación médica)

Masturbators are sometimes used for medical research.

Brahmachary had pledged his body to medical research.

Kurt Kramer introduced a selenium photocell to medical research.

recent research   (investigación reciente)

More recent research indicate that he was of Irish origin.

Thompson’s recent research has focused on cellular metabolism.

More recent research by Eiluned Pearce, Chris Stringer, R.I.M.

conducted research   (investigación llevada a cabo)

Laurier Lapierre conducted research for the series.

He also conducted research into Australian history.

She conducted research in France the summer of 1927.

further research

It should not be eaten without further research.

The further research continued in Estonia.

However, there is no record of further research publications.

research papers   (trabajos de investigación)

It contains original and translated research papers.

He wrote forty-three research papers.

He has published about 200 research papers and holds 29 patents.

research assistant

Diya was working as a research assistant at the UOM.

He was a research assistant of Ulrich Karpen.

At Penn, he was research assistant to Richard Easterlin.

research team   (equipo de investigación)

Wulf's Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) research team.

from RWTH she joined the research team of Hy-4 project.

Now a research team led by their pilot, approaches Land-1.

extensive research   (extensa investigación)

The restaurant also conducts extensive research.

A product of her extensive research work in Mt.

This extensive research led to SHI's release of the DEMAND.

academic research

Nevertheless, it is a topic that lacks academic research.

The academic research of students focuses on applied topics.

At the same time academic research on ceramic membranes was conducted.

research program

SDI remained a research program and was never deployed.

Navy research program for transonic and supersonic flight.

He traveled to Nova Scotia for a research program in 1949.

research work   (trabajo de investigación)

His research work focuses on comets and cosmology.

A product of her extensive research work in Mt.

His main research work is on growth and contract theory.

research institutes

Fort Collins has a range of research institutes.

In addition, several research institutes operate on the campus.

Research is also a joint venture between research institutes in Ås.

cancer research   (Investigación sobre el cáncer)

1359, Tax check-offs for cancer research (2012) S.B.

in support of cancer research and development projects in Ethiopia.

In the 2016 fiscal year, the NCI funded $5.2 billion in cancer research.

research centers   (Centros de investigación)

Hampton University is home to 16 research centers.

AHUT has 12 provincial-level labs and research centers.

List of Iranian research centers

teaching and research   (enseñanza e investigación)

He set up a modern biochemistry department for teaching and research.

Currently, he continues his teaching and research in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Macpherson has won many prestigious awards for her teaching and research.

research associate   (investigador asociado)

In 1985 he returned to Yale as a research associate.

From 2008 to 2013 she was a research associate at E.R.

He worked as a research associate at the University of Cambridge.

research facility   (centro de investigación)

A research facility of INRA is also located on Ajaccio.

An expanded library and research facility opened in 1994.

The magazine has been restored and converted into a research facility.

research institutions

Nagoya is one of the top research institutions in Japan.

It receives scientific support by a variety of German and foreign research institutions.

He developed a good reputation and made initial contacts with universities and research institutions.

current research

His current research deals with the Holocaust in the USSR.

Sympatry has been increasingly evidenced in current research.

It includes an introduction to SPS, current research and future prospects.

research activities

The research activities are focused on four core areas:

It is the heart of academic and research activities of BTKIT.

Teaching, demonstration and research activities were reviewed.

market research   (investigación de mercado)

Nielsen also conducts market research for the film industry through National Research Group (NRG).

Burr holds nine Internet technology patents in the areas of online advertising and market research.

A wide-eyed Meg Wheeler comes to New York City and takes a job in market research for a large firm.

conduct research   (investigacion de conducta)

He continued to conduct research for the rest of his life.

Technologies used to conduct research may not be fully understood.

Moreover, few industrial enterprises conduct research in Kazakhstan.

research suggests   (investigación sugiere)

However, recent research suggests that this might not be accurate.

Recent research suggests that "M. dorothea" is a synonym of "M. noctivagus".

Some research suggests video games may even increase players' attention capacities.

research centre

Kannara plantain research centre Kannara.

Kerevat has also been a notable research centre for entomology.

It is produced at the Fabrica research centre in Treviso, Italy.

historical research

Genealogy and historical research were her hobbies.

He later performed historical research in Siena and Rome.

Late in his life, V. A. Urechia concentrated on historical research.

research and education

It also requires human resources that provide labor, research and education.

The campus also includes a medical research complex as well as research and education focused space.

The ICAR is the apex body in agriculture and related allied fields, including research and education.

new research

The new research shows evidence for a maturation effect.

Many of his papers are the source of new research areas.

research interests include

His research interests include:

Her research interests include developing and validating climate models.

Her research interests include work-related law and feminist legal theory.

research and teaching

The materials in Kivike are free for research and teaching purposes.

KNTU is collaborating in research and teaching programs with many universities around the world.

Her research and teaching focus on the fields of European Integration, Governance, and Diffusion.

clinical research   (investigación clínica)

Mr. Vioreanu is highly involved in clinical research.

This includes basic, translational, and clinical research.

Those results have changed the course of clinical research in this field.

original research

Talwalkar continued original research right till the end.

Publishing formats include original research papers, feature articles and highlights.

Other reports all refer back to that report and there is no supporting original research.

research has shown   (La investigación ha mostrado)

Recent research has shown that Elizabeth remained in Edinburgh.

However, historical research has shown that none of these legends can be correct.

Further research has shown other observations made, but not interpreted cosmologically.

research groups

Physics research groups are usually so classified.

There are 8 research groups and 2 observing stations in YAO.

There are currently around 19 research groups at the institute.

research scientist   (investigador científico)

Previously Gaver was a research scientist at Apple Inc from 1987 to 1988.

He is a research scientist and a senior lecturer in Ayurvedic paediatrics.

She worked as a research scientist for American Cyanamid from 1951 to 1954.

education and research

ENSAIT chairs include four departments related to education and research.

Through "outreach, education and research", their mission is to people affected by LBD.

The TSKK focuses on education and research of the Konkani language, literature and culture.

research university

It is California's oldest private research university.

According to Thomson Reuters, Nagoya is the 5th best research university in Japan.

"Central University") is a private comprehensive research university in South Korea.

conducting research

Rodman began teaching and conducting research at Davis in 1972, and continued until 2006.

She began her position conducting research on child prostitution across the world in 1996.

After conducting research in the United States he habilitated also at the TU Munich in 1986.

research programs

-Work for creating other educational and research programs.

The College offers undergraduate, postgraduate and research programs.

A number of smaller research programs are also conducted in Harvard Forest.

s research

Comer’s research examines four overlapping areas of study.

Service design is also one of Forlizzi’s research interests.

A companion book was also published based on the film’s research.

s research

Comer’s research examines four overlapping areas of study.

Service design is also one of Forlizzi’s research interests.

A companion book was also published based on the film’s research.

research conducted

The research conducted covers:

The research conducted for CBT has been a topic of sustained controversy.

Evidence from research conducted by Austrian pill testing service CheckIt!

senior research

He is also a senior research fellow with Career Innovation.

In 1993 obtained academical title of senior research fellow.

He joined Eli Lilly and Company as a senior research scientist later that year.

research facilities

The Beckman Institute hosts two major core research facilities.

ICI contributed the research facilities at Jealott's Hill in Berkshire.

These zones were surrounded by more than 240 private research facilities.

conducts research

Levine also conducts research in the field of dynamic games.

FPCE is affiliated with: GRECC conducts research in fall prevention.

The NBOME conducts research to monitor the quality of the COMLEX examinations.

other research   (otra investigacion)

These pertain to force, superconductivity, and other research.

He is also involved in funding a number of other research enterprises.

Aside from the work of Adams several other research projects have been undertaken at Kulubnarti.

research studies

This population has been subject to research studies.

The research studies are published as WIDER working papers.

IAE de Lille participates in the management research studies.

postdoctoral research   (investigación postdoctoral)

He has done postdoctoral research at Yale University and the NEC Research Institute.

In 2017 she was appointed a postdoctoral research associate at University of Arizona.

From 1994 to 1998 he was a postdoctoral research associate at University of Southampton.

own research

Norad finances NGOs and does its own research and projects.

The essay sets out an epistemological program for Friedman's own research.

He set up his own research outfit with Columbia Pictures as an initial client.

applied research   (investigación aplicada)

The research includes both basic and applied research of lack of feasibility.

IBRE focuses on measurements and applied research concerning the Brazilian economy.

Doctor Algernop Krieger (Lucky Yates), is the head of the ISIS applied research department.

research focused

Early research focused on the causes of cancer.

Fossil energy research focused on ways to burn coal cleaner.

Her research focused on learning and memory in pre-verbal infants.

basic research

Fuller did basic research on polymers at Bell Labs.

Duffy is concerned about cuts to basic research funding.

GM fish are widely used in basic research in genetics and development.

genealogical research

It also has a collection of resources for genealogical research.

Individuals conduct genealogical research for a number of reasons.

The library often hosts classes on historical and genealogical research.

areas of research

Gibney produces 3-minute guides to new areas of research.

His areas of research were descriptive geometry and synthetic geometry.

Grants are made in all areas of research, in both science and the humanities.

research station   (estación de investigación)

There is a 1.6 km road that connects the research station to the coast.

The research station was constructed during three summer months in 1957.

A research station conducted by Sydney University is located on the cay.

main research   (investigación principal)

Globevnik's main research interest is complex analysis.

His main research work is on growth and contract theory.

His main research was in algebraic geometry.

field research

At the age of 18, he conducted field research in northern Karelia.

Proyecto Tití's programs combine field research, education and community programs.

Boas's empirical field research, however, led him to argue against this comparison.

more research

Finally, more research in these areas is needed.

The genus is rare and needs much more research.

Merck kept up doing even more research and screening.

area of research

This area of research is known as parallel computing.

Her area of research was Spanish and Puerto Rican history.

Pomology has been an important area of research for centuries.

research areas

Many of his papers are the source of new research areas.

His research areas include: Interfacial phenomena and surfactants.

cell research

Heller supported embryonic stem cell research and categorized himself as pro-choice.

He supports adult stem cell research but opposes human embryonic stem cell research.

biomedical research   (investigación biomédica)

CID has been used for a number of applications in biomedical research.

The Foundation currently focuses on biomedical research and philanthropy.

The school also serves as the center for biomedical research at Drexel University.

years of research

Five years of research were spent on the game.

Over 90 years of research were lost.

The arson destroyed 20 years of research and plant and book collections.

science research

Conferences are important events for computer science research.

A large part of research is conducted by science research institutes with semi-controlled by the Government.

In 1952, Alice and David Schwartz founded the science research and manufacturing company Bio-Rad Laboratories.

research articles

She retired in 2008 with over 110 research articles to her name.

He wrote or edited 12 books and published 186 research articles.

Jaeger is author of several research articles in leading academic journals.

doing research

I worked there for 21 months, doing research in electroplating."

And that’s really how I became an urban sociologist—by doing research.

He is doing research for Edgestream LP, in addition to his academic work.

independent research

"n independent research center of publication and study."

Buy-side and independent research are generally unregulated.

In 1933 the preserve became an independent research institution.

major research   (investigación importante)

NISL is building the advanced credentialing system based on two major research findings.

His voluminous monograph of "Azerbaijan Carpet" is his major research works in this field.

Bolton has worked on a series of major research projects focusing on Pacific anthropology.

research laboratory   (laboratorio de investigación)

A research laboratory was constructed in 1928.

The research laboratory was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1976.

Sea urchin eggs are transparent and can be manipulated easily in the research laboratory.

stem cell research   (investigación con células madre)

Heller supported embryonic stem cell research and categorized himself as pro-choice.

He supports adult stem cell research but opposes human embryonic stem cell research.

international research

Until today he has led a high number of international research projects.

He is actively taking part in the local and international research and academic organizations.

Luthe also engaged in multiple regional and international research partnerships and events, e.g.

did research

During that time, he taught and did research at MIT.

During her studies she did research on Sint Maarten.

He did research on superstitious and unfounded beliefs.

research shows   (estudios muestran)

The new research shows evidence for a maturation effect.

Recent research shows fugal lectins are able to inhibit larval development.

His research shows that the death toll from democide is far greater than the death toll from war.

interdisciplinary research   (investigación interdisciplinaria)

The OIB is an interdisciplinary research institute.

Selected, significant topics of interdisciplinary research by NAI as of 2008:

Many institutions are conducting interdisciplinary research on vulnerability.

research purposes

There is an important geological area for fossils for research purposes.

In 2004, CIIT built a cluster-based supercomputer for research purposes.

Curium-248 is favored for research purposes because of its long half-life.

published research

Weinzierl has published research on taxation.

He subsequently published research about the hippie movement.

He has published research on taxation.

research centres   (centros de investigación)

It has five research centres in India viz.

Acadia has over 15 research centres and 6 research chairs.

His research centres on heterocyclic compounds containing nitrogen.

research funding

Duffy is concerned about cuts to basic research funding.

also allocate research funding of direct interest to them.

As of 2008, RSMAS receives $50 million in annual external research funding.

research vessel   (buque de investigación)

He was assigned to the research vessel Terra Nova.

The school operates the "F.G. Walton Smith" research vessel.

She follows the naming of , China's first polar research vessel.

archaeological research

The city is a world centre of archaeological research.

The journal publishes archaeological research in and around Europe.

Further professional archaeological research needs be done in this site.

research paper

The work might be an invention, a research paper, a new technology, or a development project.

Maluuba published a research paper learning dialogue policies with deep reinforcement learning.

In 2013, a research paper was published that further refined planet mass boundaries for the star.

research grants   (becas de investigacion)

He got five research grants from the National Science Foundation.

During her time at Howard University there was a 30 - 40% cut to federal research grants.

NABS has awarded more than $100,000 in research grants on studies of cavity-nesting birds.

research institution

The School also works as a research institution.

In 1991 it became a research institution.

In 1933 the preserve became an independent research institution.

research methods

He led the development of clinically grounded research methods.

Performance Studies tends to concentrate on a mix of research methods.

Authors also provided some popular research methods about quaternary geology.

research findings   (resultados de la investigación)

• Tooth mobility: a review of clinbical aspects and research findings.

Rachel's Brain dealt with brain research findings,intellectual history and hubris.

It includes detailed information on research findings and their methodological basis.

research laboratories

ESA_LAB@ refers to research laboratories at universities.

As of 2016, over 300 research laboratories worldwide utilize CytoViva technology.

The Bumin Campus also houses research laboratories of the Dong-A University Museum.

several research

In addition, several research institutes operate on the campus.

Murthy's invention can be noted by his several research patents.

The school operates several research centers, institutes, and initiatives.

research are available   (la investigación está disponible)

The records for genealogical research are available at the state archive "Statny Archiv in Nitra, Slovakia"

research community   (comunidad de investigación)

ICOS is a state-of-the-art facility for the European research community.

The fishing and scientific research community of Bamfield lies on its farther shore.

Menon has held several professional leadership roles as an active member of the marketing research community.

public research   (investigación pública)

Bugat played an active role in bringing public research to practical application.

The Lanterman House History Center and Archive is available for public research by appointment.

Max Fisher's papers are available for public research at the Walter P. Reuther Library in Detroit, Michigan.

research has focused

His research has focused on molecular photonics.

His research has focused on dynamic corporate finance.

His research has focused on the immunotherapy of cancer.