İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

nature reserve   (doğa rezervi)

It is located in a nature reserve and birding area.

The raised bog is protected as a nature reserve.

In 1965, an 84000-dunam nature reserve was declared.

reserve team   (yedek takım)

Since June 2017, it is the reserve team of CD Ebro.

He was the reserve team's second highest tackler.

If, however, a reserve team is playing in the 3.

injured reserve   (yaralı rezerv)

He was placed on injured reserve on March 6, 2019.

He was placed on injured reserve on March 5, 2019.

He was placed on injured reserve on July 24, 2018.

placed in reserve   (rezerve edilmiş)

In the late 1920s she was placed in reserve at Rosyth.

The ship was again placed in reserve from 1927 until 1933.

Afterwards, she was placed in reserve.

reserve list   (yedek liste)

He was placed on the injured reserve list on September 1.

He was placed on the injured reserve list on November 19.

He was placed on the injured reserve list on December 28.

reserve side

due to the rule that no reserve side who wins the I.F.C.

A reserve side can't compete in the S.F.C.

On 16 January 2019, in the same capacity, he joined the reserve side.

reserve teams

The supporters would also form the reserve teams for a third try.

FC Köln's first and reserve teams.

This was the first edition without reserve teams since the 2002–03 season.

injured reserve list

He was placed on the injured reserve list on September 1.

He was placed on the injured reserve list on November 19.

He was placed on the injured reserve list on December 28.

held in reserve

On July 30, at the Battle of the Crater, the Seventh was held in reserve.

Bohemond organised the cavalry into six squadrons, with his own held in reserve.

The base closed in late 1943 but was held in reserve for the duration of the war.

reserve units

The satellite was equipped with 3 TV transponders (including reserve units).

ConAC also reorganized its reserve units under the wing base organization system in June 1949.

The preparedness of the reserve units must be taken care of, and reserve duty should only entail training.

biosphere reserve   (biyosfer rezervi)

The biosphere reserve status was removed in 2017.

Siberut was recognized as a biosphere reserve in 1981.

It was declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO in May 2009.

reserve force

Hill is a volunteer on the city's police reserve force.

Bedouin tribes served as a reserve force in the Mamluk military.

Some are former cadets, many have former regular or reserve force service.

reserve grade

But I’m here now - ‘JT’ is coaching reserve grade".

1993 saw Crossan playing reserve grade for the Rabbitohs.

Runciman won 2 reserve grade premierships with Canterbury in 1998 and 2000.

reserve funds

In 2005, the total reserve funds held by Pennsylvania public school districts was $1.9 billion.

Pennsylvania school district reserve funds are divided into two categories – designated and undesignated.

reserve unit

In the Canadian Forces, an armoury is a place where a reserve unit trains, meets, and parades.

HMCS Montcalm HMCS "Montcalm" is a reserve unit of the Royal Canadian Navy based in Quebec City, Quebec.

The name "Calpe" was reused in 1965 when the Royal Navy Reserve formed its only HQ reserve unit in Gibraltar.

reserve officer

Each CCC camp was administered by a U.S. Army reserve officer.

Some special branches carry out their own reserve officer training.

He served as a reserve officer in the Syrian Army from 1959 to 1960.

forest reserve

The forest reserve consists of two mountains that are surrounded by villages.

A forest reserve with an area of is situated at the extreme northwest of the plateau.

Maquipucuna Maquipucuna is a 6,000 hectare (14,820 acre) cloud forest reserve in Ecuador.

reserve squad   (yedek kadro)

"For the reserve squad of Ajax see: Jong Ajax."

Cocu began in the AZ reserve squad but was soon added to the first team.

However, Horn only made appearances for the reserve squad in those two seasons.

reserve forces

Some fought for the reserve forces alongside Spanish troops.

National defence is based on reserve forces and mobilisation forces.

There, he organized the reserve forces who retreated from the cowshed and the men from the northern positions for defense.

reserve player   (yedek oyuncu)

He was a reserve player and did not play in a match.

Every team was allowed to nominate one reserve player.

She was a travelling reserve player for the team during the 2012 Summer Olympics.

reserve status

The biosphere reserve status was removed in 2017.

The ship is currently laid up and in reserve status.

York Landing received official reserve status in 1989.

game reserve

Stevenson-Hamilton served the game reserve for 44 years from 1902 to 1946.

The local government was planning to build a 5-star eco-lodge and a game reserve.

The power station and reservoir lake are planned to occupy approximately , within the game reserve.

natural reserve   (doğal rezerv)

As a natural reserve, it also has unique environmental and scenic value to the city.

There is a joint name for the contiguous natural reserve area: Pasvik–Inari Trilateral Park.

The Canche and its valley have been incorporated into a national natural reserve since 1987.

remained in reserve

150th Brigade remained in reserve during the attack on 14 April.

She remained in reserve at Philadelphia until 1934 when she was scrapped.

On 31 July XXXVI Corps, already deployed behind First Army, was put under Debeney’s command, although it remained in reserve.

reserve located

Palas Valley is a potential biosphere reserve located in Kohistan District of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

John Henry Kirby State Forest The John Henry Kirby State Forest is a forest reserve located in Tyler County, Texas.

Cole Harbour 30 Cole Harbour 30 is a Mi'kmaq reserve located in Nova Scotia, Canada, in the Halifax Regional Municipality.

reserve fleet   (yedek filo)

Destroyer Squadron Fifteen was founded in 1920 as a reserve fleet unit.

Following the war, "Llewellyn" became the guard ship for the Royal Canadian Navy reserve fleet at Halifax.

"Orca" then was decommissioned on 31 October 1947 and joined the reserve fleet in San Francisco, California.

commission in reserve

Placed in commission in reserve at Norfolk on 17 August, she was towed to Baltimore on 14 October, thence to Philadelphia on 29 November.

national nature reserve   (ulusal doğa rezervi)

In July 2017 Mei Neftoach was declared a national nature reserve.

In the northern part of Veľké Leváre the national nature reserve Abrod is situated.

In addition to being a national nature reserve (NNR), the marshes hold several other conservation designations.

within the reserve

Recorded within the reserve are over a hundred types of bird species.

A 200m 'snorkel trail' within the reserve starts and finishes in Island Bay.

As the populations expand within the reserve, so do their agricultural operations.

strategic reserve

A strategic reserve can be: Examples of commodity reserves:

Fifteen divisions were in the process of formation in Germany, but there was no strategic reserve.

Stalin placed Field Marshal Semyon Timoshenko in command and transferred five armies out of the strategic reserve to Timoshenko.

reserve driver

He had joined Red Bull in 2009 as a test driver and was promoted to reserve driver for the following year.

On August 29, 2019, it was announced that Marcus Ericsson had been called up by Alfa Romeo to be on reserve driver duty at the F1 race at Spa.

While racing in the DTM, Albers continued to be a test and reserve driver for Minardi's Formula One interests, and also drove the team's two-seater Formula One cars.

wildlife reserve

Recently the island has been created as a wildlife reserve.

The area was designated as a national wildlife reserve in 1972.

As of 2018, the area includes oxidation ponds and a wildlife reserve.

reserve role   (yedek rol)

He played a reserve role as a freshman, then started for his last three years.

After missing three weeks, Marve returned to his reserve role with the Boilermakers.

In the sixth game he returned to a reserve role, after being passed on the depth chart by rookie Michael Gallup.

another reserve   (başka bir rezerv)

On 25 July 2014 he signed for another reserve team, UD Almería B.

On 19 July 2011, Fraile joined another reserve team, Getafe CF B in Segunda División B.

In mid-June 2011, after suffering relegation, Vidal joined another reserve team also in that tier, Almería B.

marine reserve

The 164,200-square-mile (425,300-square-kilometer) marine reserve contains eight coral atolls including Kanton.

In 2015, it again partnered with the British Government and also with the Pew Charitable Trusts for the creation of a marine reserve around the Pitcairn Islands.

Fishing, swimming, diving and collecting organisms are strictly prohibited in the marine reserve and a permit must be obtained from the AFCD before conducting research there.

local nature reserve

Poynton Coppice is a designated local nature reserve.

It was declared a local nature reserve in March 2002.

There is a local nature reserve at Seven Acres Country Park.

reserve goalkeeper

FC Nürnberg, where he continued to serve as reserve goalkeeper.

She was the reserve goalkeeper for the team during the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Walker was selected as a reserve goalkeeper in the Scotland squad for UEFA Euro 1996.

reserve is located

The reserve is located on the west slope of the West Andes.

The reserve is located to the south of the Gwydir Highway on the Old Grafton Road.

The reserve is located in the Cholistan Desert, 36 km east of Bhawalpur in Punjab, Pakistan.