usually reserved   (通常予約)

"The smaller of the two stands, usually reserved for visiting fans."

It has limited night operations capability, usually reserved to helicopters.

This arrangement is usually reserved for very small diameter piping or parts.

reserved seat   (予約席)

It is a reserved seat for the Scheduled Caste (SC).

reserved the right   (権利を留保した)

The Assembly, however, reserved the right to formally approve the successor.

FIVB reserved the right to seed the hosts as head of pool A regardless of the World Ranking.

FIVB reserved the right to seed the hosts as head of Pool A regardless of the World Ranking.

reserved for women

Basketry was an art reserved for women.

The seat was reserved for women during the 2011 SGPC Elections.

Some seats in the Union Committees are reserved for women, non-Muslim minorities, and young citizens.

reserved seats

A total of seven lists comprising 67 candidates will compete for the reserved seats.

The five reserved seats are separated one for each governorate of: Baghdad, Duhok, Erbil, Kirkuk and Nineveh.

The elections were historic as it was the first time the parliamentary elections had reserved seats for the Assyrian minority.

normally reserved

A crane is installed at the deck space normally reserved for missiles.

His skin is painted white, which was normally reserved for depicting women.

Over a short period, Hope takes on duties normally reserved for Superman and gains a following.

more reserved

The EVP was more reserved towards the CPN.

Some reviewers were more reserved.

Where Caroline is more academic, Christina is "less driven and more reserved".

reserved only   (予約のみ)

Stepping on "Senior Knoll" is also reserved only for upperclassman.

The motorway network totals with additional reserved only for motor traffic.

Due to high toxicity, melarsoprol is reserved only for the most dangerous cases.

seats reserved

It received 7.25% of the votes, and accordingly was allocated 3 of the 45 additional seats reserved for women.

Bal Thackeray got seats reserved in engineering colleges for the children of these Kashmiri Pandits in Maharashtra.

Hayes' wife and daughter mistakenly sat in seats reserved for white customers in a shoe store in Rome, Georgia, 1942.