İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

when he resigned   (istifa ettiğinde)

He remained until December 2012 when he resigned.

Rockefeller served until 1973, when he resigned.

He held the position until May 1990, when he resigned.

resigned his seat   (koltuğunu istifa etti)

He resigned his seat in Congress on December 31, 1919.

He resigned his seat in the assembly in 1986.

He resigned his seat in October 1902, and died in 1908.

resigned his position   (görevinden istifa etti)

Zambrano resigned his position in November 2013.

In 1886, his father resigned his position as missionary.

A month later Turner resigned his position.

resigned his commission   (komisyonunu istifa etti)

On February 1, 1862, Meem resigned his commission.

Seward resigned his commission on June 1, 1865.

He resigned his commission and went to live in London.

until he resigned

He held his seat in each election until he resigned in February 1940.

Pistone was an FBI agent for 17 years, from 1969 until he resigned in 1986.

Russell was one of the best known patrons of the Congress, until he resigned in 1956.

resigned his post

Spitzer resigned his post effective March 17, 2008.

He resigned his post at Baylor in February 1954.

With a restored economy, and debts paid, he resigned his post.

resigned due

He resigned due to illness, and died on 14 July 1943.

NASA reported that he had resigned due to health reasons.

It resigned due to the 2009 Icelandic financial crisis protests.

resigned in protest   (protestoda istifa)

In response, the cabinet resigned in protest.

One faculty member resigned in protest.

In solidarity, both Benchley and Sherwood resigned in protest.

resigned to become   (olmak için istifa)

I, Lieut.-Col. Tucker having resigned to become brigade quartermaster.

In 1940, he resigned to become president of the Ottawa Electric Company.

On December 5, head coach Will Healy resigned to become the head coach at Charlotte.

resigned from office   (görevinden istifa)

Mekki resigned from office on 20 April 2013.

Pawloski resigned from office on Thursday, March 9, 2018.

On May 9, 2007 Mikhaylov resigned from office due to his age.

later resigned

He later resigned the post, and returned to Israel.

Ron Berger later resigned as CEO of Rentrak in 2000.

Fitzgibbon later resigned from the Defence portfolio.

then resigned

The remaining members of the board then resigned.

Austria then resigned after the Philippine Cup.

Thanom and Narong then resigned from their military positions.

subsequently resigned

He subsequently resigned from the force in 1962.

He subsequently resigned from the party in early 2017.

He subsequently resigned on 8 July 1939.

resigned following

Both Scott and Phillips resigned following the season.

Skrien resigned following the 1972 season.

Venables resigned following investigations into his financial activities.

resigned as head   (başkanlıktan istifa)

He resigned as head of government on 28 March 1912.

Prince Sihanouk resigned as head of state on 4 April.

After the season, Ross resigned as head coach.

resigned as manager

On 9 April 2019, Pioli resigned as manager.

He resigned as manager shortly afterwards.

She retired as player in 2015 and she resigned as manager in 2017.

resigned as president

In 1899, Walter Ross resigned as president, to be replaced by Charles Clement.

Isles resigned as president on the eve of his departure for London on Army business.

Frye resigned as president pro tempore due to ill health a couple of months before his death.

resigned to take

He has since resigned to take a church in Oklahoma.

Richardson, and SUNY, and/or who had resigned to take other posts or due to retirement.

He was created Baron Airedale on 17 July 1907 and resigned to take a seat in the House of Lords.

resigned because   (istifa etti çünkü)

In Castlewellan a Catholic soldier resigned because of intimidation.

Captain James Fairfax replaced Gaillard, who had resigned because of ill health.

Vandiver resigned because he considered it inappropriate behavior for young ladies.

resigned as leader

Robichaud was re-elected, and Van Horne resigned as leader.

Redmond resigned as leader of the party on December 6, 2017.

In 2015, Prokhorov resigned as leader of the party and left it.

eventually resigned

She eventually resigned from her position in 2015.

Flores, eventually resigned from the MLP and was made a judge.

Lotu-Iiga eventually resigned his council post in October 2009.

resigned before

One resigned before the Congress started (DE-al:McLane).

However, the minister resigned before she could be grilled.

However, the cabinet resigned before the grilling could take place.

resigned as chairman   (başkanlıktan istifa)

Budiman later in 2001 resigned as chairman of PRD.

On 31 August 2019, he resigned as chairman of Venstre.

He resigned as chairman and CEO of Renault on 24 January 2019.

resigned when   (istifa ettiğinde)

Daubney resigned when he became a father.

From 1876, the choir was conducted by Heinrich Link, but he resigned when boys were permitted to join.

Cheung subsequently resigned when Hong Kong anti-corruption committee launched criminal investigations against Cheung.

resigned shortly

Maruziva resigned shortly after in protest.

Elected city councilor in the opposition, she resigned shortly thereafter.

He resigned shortly after the investigation became public, in February 2012.

resigned as party

In March 1921, Bonar Law resigned as party leader due to ill-health.

However, he resigned as party leader on 16 October, following the 1940 federal election.

After his party received only 0.91% of votes in European Parliament election, he resigned as party president.

resigned his office

Maclagan resigned his office in 1908, possibly on grounds of ill health.

Gueron resigned his office in 1872, and proceeded to Jerusalem, where he died two years later.

Upon his election as lieutenant governor, Patton resigned his office as Pike County judge-executive.

resigned to run

He resigned to run for the 2007 French legislative election.

Ishak was regent from 1999 until 2003 when he resigned to run for the position of governor of East Kalimantan.

França assumed the office as governor in 6 April 2018 after Alckmin resigned to run for President of Brazil in the 2018 election.