resistance against   (に対する抵抗)

For resistance against "quantum" computers, see below.

During resistance against the French, I was Nguyen Thiet.

He led the Nandi resistance against British colonial rule.

resistance movement   (抵抗運動)

In response, a resistance movement developed.

During World War II, he worked in the resistance movement.

His entire family joined the Norwegian resistance movement.

armed resistance   (武装抵抗)

The Polish policy was met with armed resistance.

Martial law was imposed, and all armed resistance collapsed.

This campaign marked the beginning of Cossack armed resistance against the Red Army

little resistance   (抵抗が少ない)

The camp was taken with little resistance.

Smith collapsed in 3 rounds, having offered little resistance.

The Indigenous offered little resistance and casualties were minimal.

resistance group   (抵抗グループ)

The leader of the Zeth resistance group Ice Flame.

At this point, Vila formed a clandestine resistance group.

They collaborated with the resistance group centered on that led by .

resistance fighters

News of Culala's successful raid raised morale for resistance fighters.

Previous SOE intelligence suggested that there were resistance fighters in the area.

no resistance

There was no resistance made against the second posse.

The surprise led to virtually no resistance in other areas of Khuzestan.

Facing no resistance, al-Awhad took possession of Akhlat later that year.

strong resistance

These protests were met with strong resistance from the population majority.

His proposals for reform met strong resistance and defense of the status quo.

Although its marzaban Aparviz put up a strong resistance, he was forced to surrender.

resistance groups

This would become one of the first Cretan resistance groups.

By late 1943 the resistance groups began to fight amongst themselves.

Various resistance groups form in occupied Europe against the oppressive regime.

without resistance

On 21 January French and Malian troops entered Diabaly without resistance.

Rey was already in Muslim hands and Nishapur surrendered without resistance.

This abduction, which usually took place in the night, was not without resistance.

insulin resistance   (インスリン抵抗性)

High fat oxidation was responsible for the insulin resistance.

One of these is resistin which has been linked to obesity, insulin resistance, and Type 2 diabetes.

This stress is emerging as a potential cause of damage in hypoxia/ischemia, insulin resistance, and other disorders.

fierce resistance   (激しい抵抗)

Local tribes put up fierce resistance to the Spanish forces.

This time, however, he met with fierce resistance and ill-fortune.

Despite this, the charter provoked fierce resistance from the palace.

resistance fighter

Ultimately she is killed by Caprica Six to protect Anders, a resistance fighter.

As the company rehearses a play, Adam, a resistance fighter, bursts in and is hidden by the actors.

Bulajić was a resistance fighter in World War II having joined the Yugoslav Partisans group at the age of 13.

stiff resistance   (硬い抵抗)

The Persians put up stiff resistance but were defeated and surrendered.

On 7 June, they faced stiff resistance from the sepoys at the Flagstaff Tower.

On 25 July the Germans faced stiff resistance with a Soviet bridgehead west of Kalach.

antibiotic resistance   (抗生物質耐性)

Naturally occurring antibiotic resistance is common.

Her Ph.D. was on the mechanisms of multiple antibiotic resistance.

Her field of work is antibiotic resistance and bacterial evolvability.

corrosion resistance   (耐食性)

PREN alone is not an indicator of corrosion resistance.

Protective coatings ensure excellent corrosion resistance of metal parts.

These metals are used in applications where corrosion resistance is important.

electrical resistance

This creates electrical resistance, which must be overcome.

It also has high electrical resistance.

When various gases are passed over a polycrystalline ceramic, its electrical resistance changes.

resistance movements

His forces were considered the most effective of all the various Afghan resistance movements.

An early proponent of Texas independence, he took part in the 1812–1813 Magee, Gutiérrez and Toledo resistance movements.

The Greek Resistance, one of the most effective resistance movements in Europe, fought vehemently against the Nazis and their collaborators.

met with resistance

However, Alexander met with resistance at Gaza.

Initially, the idea of using ultrasound imaging was met with resistance.

When first established, the NFWW was met with resistance from others within the trade union movement.

resistance during

She worked with the Polish resistance during World War II.

Testing for resistance during an outbreak can help determine appropriate future choices.

He had survived the Holocaust and was a member of the Dutch resistance during World War II.

drug resistance

Additionally, drug resistance can be acquired through epigenetic mechanisms.

The problem of drug resistance in malaria has driven efforts to develop vaccines.

The plague bacterium could develop drug resistance and again become a major health threat.

local resistance

A local resistance movement soon emerged.

Damascus was captured with little local resistance on 24 July 1920.

By 1925 there was local resistance, for example in the Kazakh Republic by Nikolai Yezhov.

passive resistance   (受動的抵抗)

2018 ECUA Headquarters: Suhor was arrested for trespass and passive resistance on 22 February.

During the 1933 election, he recommended passive resistance and abstention, rather than ideological combat, as methods of raising awareness at the top.

From Irving Stowe, Jim Bohlen learned of a form of passive resistance, "bearing witness", where objectionable activity is protested simply by mere presence.

heavy resistance

The Canadians met heavy resistance and captured Falaise on 16 August.

But, on May 8, Grant met heavy resistance at the famous Battle of Spotsylvania Courthouse.

After making gains north of the capital, they met heavy resistance by Taliban forces inside Kabul.

high resistance

The design is a burying variety, and once well set can develop high resistance.

This misnamed juniper species could be worked with immediately after felling, and it has high resistance to rot and wood worms.

The persistence of these compounds is due to the high resistance to oxidation, reduction, addition, elimination and electrophilic substitution.

air resistance

For the Hyperloop concept to work on Earth, low-pressure tubes are required to reduce air resistance.

Other than air resistance, there is no wasted energy from cycling while standing, if it is done correctly.

If anything, because of the decreased air resistance, the top speed of the car also increased accordingly.

underground resistance

After the war broke out, Boniecki joined the Polish underground resistance.

When the Nazi Party came to power in 1933, he joined the underground resistance.

They begin by selling bootleg chocolate, and go on to join an underground resistance organization.

disease resistance   (耐病性)

Potashes are substances that contain potassium which promotes disease resistance and helps to build starches and sugars.

Many became exaptations, taking on new functions like participating in cell division, protein routing, and even disease resistance.

Due to its inability to reproduce sexually, there is no possibility of increasing the plant's genetic diversity to promote disease resistance.

much resistance

At the time, the U.S. fighters simply could not put up much resistance.

The government in Batavia (Jakarta) did not, on the whole, offer much resistance.

Armies of Germany and Austria-Hungary then started to occupy the land without much resistance.

resistance leader

Kei has fallen in love with a draft resistance leader, Frankie Suzuki.

During her travels she met with then-detained resistance leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

He was the brother of Abdul Haq, a well-known resistance leader against the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

resistance members

Along with thirteen other resistance members, they headed to Mersa Matruh, Egypt.

All of works excluding Jaeger were made by resistance members active against their occupants.

As a doctor Ivan Sosnin forged health certificates to exempt several resistance members from forced labour.

rolling resistance

Typical values for the coefficient of rolling resistance are 0.001.

The smooth rail and reduced rolling resistance allowed larger cars to be used in all weather.

Generally the force of rolling resistance is less than that associated with kinetic friction.

water resistance

Trichomes are small protuberances that create water resistance.

Its streamlined shape helps it to reduce water resistance whilst swimming.

Gelatin dynamites containing nitroglycerine have a degree of water resistance.

nonviolent resistance   (非暴力的抵抗)

Throughout his career, Ginzburg advocated nonviolent resistance.

Its supporters used mass nonviolent resistance and civil disobedience to achieve their aims.

They often form part of a larger campaign of nonviolent resistance, often also called civil resistance.

resistance forces

He developed a particularly strong relationship with the Palestinians and the Fatah resistance forces.

After expanding his influence outside the valley, Massoud increased his resistance forces to 13,000 fighters by 1989.

When the resistance forces gave the signal, the buildings of the ghetto and the German warehouses at its edge were set ablaze.

organized resistance

He supported "organized resistance to organized resistance."

This time, the Dzungarian feudal lords had to face more a organized resistance.

initial resistance   (初期抵抗)

After initial resistance, the terms were eventually accepted.

There was some initial resistance to the country music format.

Despite much initial resistance, the area has been free of street peddlers since that time.

further resistance

Graham's force then advanced to Tokar, encountering no further resistance.

Eventually Kidd decided that further resistance was useless and ceased firing.

He capitulated only when further resistance had become impossible and useless."